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Good News For Gamers

Video games have long held a reputation by some as being one of the main causes of increased violence and crime in the world with Grand Theft Auto being one of most often named games for this theory, something that has been disputed several times over. However there is some good news for gamers.
COVID Virus Causes Deaths

The US Reports 2,100 Covid-19 Deaths In A Single Day 

Over 2,100 deaths were reported in the US this past Tuesday, marking the highest one-day coronavirus death toll the nation has reported since May. The highest Covid-19 death tally in a single day for the US was 2,603 back in April, however, the country hasn’t come close to that number since, until now. 
World Health Organization

Secret Recordings Highlight Differences in Internal and External Announcements by WHO

The Associated Press has obtained this recording, along with several others, that shows that while they were being praised by governments for the way they were handling the crisis, internally it was not as clear-cut.
Positive Coronavirus

Over 900 Clinic Staff Members In The Midwest Got Covid-19 Within Two Weeks 

More than 900 staff members working within the Midwest’s Mayo Clinic system have been diagnosed with the coronavirus within the past two weeks alone. That’s about 30% of the total number of cases that have appeared in the area since March.

US To Hit 8 Million Covid-19 Cases As Daily Rates Of Infection Surpass 50,000

Experts are warning for a tough and long winter in the US as daily Covid-19 infections surpass 50,000 and the death toll nears 220,000.

Dr. Anthony Fauci is just one of the nation’s top public health officials urging Americans and government workers to implement stricter health and safety guidelines as we approach the winter as a means of avoiding yet another massive wave of infection and death.  Read More…