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Study Finds Sleeping “Sweet Spot” Helps Older Adults Maintain Cognitive Performance

According to a new study published, there is a "sweet spot" during sleep that can help maintain cognitive performance. Among the 100 participants who were tested for cognitive decline and early Alzheimer's disease, those who slept between five and a half to seven and a half hours retain cognitive behavior. Those who slept over or under that time frame experienced a cognitive decline. The findings could go a long way towards improving both the brain functionality and sleep habits of patients suffering from Alzheimer's.

Dr. Fauci Tells America To ‘Go Out There And Enjoy Halloween’

Speaking with CNN's State of the Union, Dr. Anthony Fauci gave his approval for families to go trick-or-treating this year, while also urging unvaccinated to consider the benefits of receiving the shot. While the CDC issued some guidelines for continued safety practices on Halloween, some may not be as necessary as they were this time last year.

Study Says Merck COVID-19 Pill Cuts Risks Of Hospitalization, Death In Half

Merck & Co. and Ridgeback Biotherapeutics announced that a study has shown their experimental COVID-19 pill cuts the risk of hospitalization and death by 50%. The pharmaceutical companies have submitted an application for emergency use to the FDA, and could produce up to 10 million courses by the end of 2021.

How The Northeast Can Prevent A Covid-19 Surge This Winter According To Dr. Fauci 

Dr. Anthony Fauci recently spoke on CNN to advise the Northeast on the best ways to prevent a wave of Covid-19 this fall and winter season. The South is currently enduring multiple waves and spikes on infection, but Fauci believes those in the Northeast can get ahead of it. 

‘I Am The One’; How One Woman Turned A Cancer Diagnosis Into An Opportunity To Teach Women How To Find Their Voice | Viki Zarkin

“As girls we’re raised to believe that these individuals in white coats have the authority and knowledge to know what’s best for us, and that sort of blind trust we have to individuals in power, especially men, sticks with us. It can be intimidating to tell a doctor ‘I really don’t like what we’re doing and would like to discuss other options,’ but at the end of the day, that simple sentence could save your life.”