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Doctor Holding Coronavirus Vaccine Syringe

Vaccine Providers Pledge 240 Million Covid-19 Vaccine Doses By The End Of March 

Johnson & Johnson has joined Pfizer and Moderna in their commitment to the US to provide a total of 240 million vaccine doses by the end of March.
Older Woman Getting Covid Vaccine

Vaccines Could be Available to the General Public in April, Fauci Says

The general public may be granted access to Covid-19 vaccines as soon as April and the country may be able to have most Americans inoculated by the middle or end of the summer, Dr. Anthony Fauci said this week.

Scientists Want To Use Artificial Intelligence To ‘Predict The Next Coronavirus’

A team of scientists are working to use artificial intelligence (AI) to work out when another novel coronavirus could emerge. The researchers are using a combination of fundamental biology as well as machine learning to get a better grasp over where these viruses come from. 
Syrigne of Covid Vaccine

UK Study Seeks to Find Efficacy of Combining Vaccines

Scientists in the UK have begun the world’s first ever study to examine whether different coronavirus vaccines can be used together safely for two-dose regimens, a tactic which could potentially provide extra flexibility and even boost protection against the virus if approved.

How CBD Has Changed The Way We Look At Cannabis And Improving Our Health

Casco Bay Hemp is a top CBD retailer working to advance the industry by helping other businesses break into the market.

For as long as most of us can remember the prohibition on cannabis has existed due to misconceptions of its use leading to violence, addiction, poor mental health, and crime. Overdramatized media portrayals of hemp use have wrongfully taught the world that it is immoral and dangerous, however, over the past few years that stigma has slowly begun to dwindle with the rise in popularity of Cannabidiol, more commonly known as CBD. Read More…