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Healthcare Officials Fear Massive Second-Wave Of Covid-19 After 19+ States Report Spikes In Cases

Weeks after stay-at-home orders have been lifted across the nation fears of an even worse second-wave of Covid-19 appear after 20+ states report record numbers of hospitalizations within this past week. Many scientists and health care experts are already claiming that states will have to go back under shut down within the next few months if the curve continues to increase at the rate that it is. 

The emphasis on re-closing these states lies in the fact that many of these experts strongly believe a second wave of the coronavirus will hit the US much harder than the first time; America’s now lost over 115,000 citizens, for comparison around 116,000 American lives were lost during World War 1. 

“The pandemic is far from over. More than 115,000 Americans have died from coronavirus, and hundreds more are dying from the virus every day. Covid’s not taking a summer vacation, it’s actually having new opportunities to spread,” said Dr. William Schaffner, an infectious diseases expert and professor at Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

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The biggest concern over a second shutdown is the economic impact, as of right now more than 44 million Americans have lost their jobs since March when this pandemic initially began. Unfortunately, the fear over shutting down the economy again is driving the decision making in the White House, as more states and cities are continuing to open. 

Health care experts have been quick to point out that places like Hong Kong, China, and Singapore, have all had to endure a second wave of shutdowns due to new cases of Covid reappearing after they reopened. Japan’s second largest island, Hokkaido, also reopened too prematurely leading to a resurgence in cases, however, after their second shutdown they completely eradicated the island of the virus. 

If American citizens want to avoid a second shutting down of the economy, they simply need to continue to abide by the CDC’s health and safety guidelines, regardless of what establishments are reopening in their particular state. This virus is still very much a pandemic issue especially in America, which has been one of the most impacted countries in the world due to its casual response to the virus. 

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“People must observe the safety guidelines, social distancing must be observed. Face coverings in key places must be observed. We’ve got to take action now so that we avoid a shutdown in the future,” said top White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow.

The more recent spikes in cases are likely due to the many Memorial Day Weekend gatherings that occurred a few weeks ago based on the timeline of how this virus works and moves; hence the emphasis on continuing to wear a mask and socially distant. 

The economic impact of a second-wave of shutdowns will likely destroy a majority of our economy unless our federal government takes more direct action to fund the proper resources and facilities to help combat this virus. However, we can still continue to do our part in remaining vigilant and protecting ourselves and loved ones from potential infection.