How An Author And Reiki Master Is Giving Positivity And Empowerment To Those In Dark Places...

In a world full of sadness and anger, Reiki Master and Wellness Inspired CEO Paula Vail is looking to switch up the mood by bringing fresh attitudes and a more positive outlook into those struggling with their inner turmoils.

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The phrase “happiness is fleeting” is one that has become more profound in recent times. The joys of life can be difficult to maintain with surrounding anger, anxiety, and despair growing evermore stronger — emitting from both personal challenges and world events — despite our best and noble efforts to push them back. 

Still, even the darkest moments cannot erase the glimmer of light and hope that better days are ahead if the idea of gratitude and compassion is held onto. Author and Reiki expert Paula Vail has slowly become the bringer of that necessary light for many. As the founder of Wellness Inspired, Vail’s mission is simple – to promote more positive energy and better treatment of the mind, body, and soul. 

While it may sound like a daunting task to “transform” yourself into a more mentally conscious person, the process can be as easy as waking up and smelling the roses. “Everyday is temporary, tomorrow’s going to be a new day. [You have to] know and realize that we will get through this, we will get through this together. Many times challenges can open up doors that we didn’t realize were available to us. Something I have always done which has helped me in my challenging times in my life is just take a few moments every morning and think of something I am grateful for,” Vail said. 

“That’s a tone of gratitude, it can set the tone of your whole day and it can be something as simple as food in the refrigerator — which many people don’t have — [or] it can be a pillow to lay our head on at night. I believe that has really made a difference in my life to take a few moments every morning and think of something, someone, or a pet, something that I’m grateful for, and it sets the tone of my day.”

“[Reiki] is a little different, but yet those are all kind of connected because they can put you in a relaxed mode and our body heals and does more when we are relaxed, when we are breathing slowly. But it works in line with all of those, it works in line with meditation [and] crystals.””

Vail was first introduced to Reiki, a form of energy healing, as a way to help her beloved and gravely ill dog. “I learned Reiki about 14 years ago now. It was to help a pet, a white german shepherd that I had had her whole life, and she just [was loved with] all my heart. She was 13, she was ill, [she] had a tumor removed and wasn’t doing well. Someone said to me I should learn Reiki. I did, [and] it helped her immensely. I had her [for] two more years, but it was life changing.”

Vail would eventually become a certified Reiki practitioner and teacher, along with possessing the title of a Level III Master in Serenity Vibration Healing. While Reiki is a unique type of therapy that sees energy flowing from the hands of the practitioner into the client — reducing stress, promoting relaxation, and healing both spiritually and physically in the meanwhile — Vail noted that it can also work in conjunction with other practices like meditation. 

Vail emphasized that the abilities and benefits of Reiki are also scientifically proven to be effective. “It’s just amazing, and Reiki is actually very scientifically based as well, there’s a lot of scientific evidence behind Reiki. Our luminous energy fields actually tell our DNA what to do.”

However, Reiki would only be the start for Vail, and would end up acting as a door into the greater world of promoting a healthy body, mind, and outlook. “I was approached and asked to do a radio show about Reiki. But over the years I have broadened my scope, and my [radio] show is now called ‘Elevating Your Life.'”

“Wellness Inspired is more motivation, inspiration, information, sharing, caring, and compassion with others. I would say it’s like a circle. I have Reiki, I have my motivation, I have inspiration, I have doing humanitarian work. It’s a broad spectrum of what Wellness Inspired is because wellness is in so many areas. It’s in us emotionally, it’s in us physically, it’s in our energy, it’s in our thoughts.”

Vail would also utilize writing as an outlet to continue her approach to positivity, which cultivated in her authoring of “Why Am I So Happy?,” which teaches readers the tools needed to find a happier life. “My theme is just to be a motivation and inspiration for others.” In 2021 her book was awarded the Bronze medal in the Self Help category by the Global Book Association.

“There was a year I didn’t even take my coat off at school, I was so bullied. Then one day it just kind of came to me, ‘Love me or don’t. I’m just gonna be me. I’m gonna be weird Paula,’ and that actually really set me free.”

Vail’s being one with serenity, energy, and confidence didn’t come easily. Her sense of gratitude did, however, thanks to a near-death experience from the minute she came into the world. She was born prematurely — weighing less than three pounds — and wasn’t supposed to survive the night. “My whole life I’ve been very grateful for that, so that’s been a big part of my viewpoints.” There was then a time when she was outcasted at school, unable to fit in until she accepted who her true self was. 

Vail’s greatest challenge would come during her years of running a restaurant, when her husband became ill and sadly passed away at the age of 34. “My whole life changed,” she reminisced, knowing that in order to keep moving forward while caring for her children, she couldn’t let the negative and depressing thoughts overtake her.

“I had to think to myself, ‘Okay, am I gonna be angry the rest of my life, or am I gonna be grateful I had him in my life.’ So I’ve had different situations over my lifetime where I’ve gone and thought, ‘I have a choice right now where to go.’ So it’s really inspired me to share with others that we go through challenges, but we can get through those challenges, we can move on.”

“I really believe in opening up to manifestation, and to what comes ahead. I’ve always said to my students and others, ‘Have your goals, have what your striving [and] working for in this hand, but in the other hand, have it wide open to what may come to you that you could not even have imagined, that you may not even have dreamed of. Keep that door open as well as what you do on your path of your goal because you can discover a passion in your life that you didn’t even realize you had.’ Everyday’s a choice. Our thoughts are what creates a lot of what happens in our lives.”

The idea of manifestation plays a particularly important role in Vail’s teachings. She explained a manifestation can take place in numerous forms, from meeting a particular person to making a strong connection. However, the end goal should always be to capitalize on the opportunities that come your way. “I really believe in always being aware and open to opportunities or signs.”

“I’ve always said to students it’s like we’re in this manifestation flow, we’re in this river. We’re just in this beautiful, warm flow [with the] waves, [and] it feels so good. Then [obstacles] come to us in life, [whether it’s] like rocks in the river, or knots, or sticks. We hit those and they hurt. But we continue to flow, and we will get back to that warm, contentful flow.”

One of the most frequent challenges a person will face are the negative people around them. Unfortunately, that kind of toxicity can be a frequent, unavoidable staple in an everyday life that can also affect the attitudes and energies of those around the negative person. However, Vail reassured there is a way around being taken down to the blues by ensuring that your “vibration levels” are high and bursting with positiveness. 

“I would say we can be in charge of ourselves, our own heart, our own mind, so when we have that mindset of, ‘I am grateful, I’m not alone, I am loved,’ it affects the energy that we have. I call it our energy bubble. There’s going to be the toxic out there, but if our core focus is the knowing that we are awesome, [and that] everyone is their own unique special beauty [and] everyone is love, [it can help combat the toxic].” Vail explained that different emotions can result in different energy levels. 

“When we have a positive energy field, when we have gratitude, compassion, and love, we raise our vibration level. Someone in a toxic energy bubble, they may have fear, anger, those low vibration energies and that holds us down into low vibration,” she said, adding that because those with high energy vibrations are positive and energetic, they aren’t affected by the toxicity that’s occurring outside their field. 

That’s why taking a few minutes to begin the day by being thankful and reflecting on the bountifulness of our lives — from our families to our shelters — can play such a huge role in not only our attitudes, but preventing us from being affected by others around us who may be projecting more negative emotions. “Those all keep us in a high energy vibration and we couldn’t be more protected.”

Unfortunately, Vail explained that having a positive energy field won’t simply stop the negative people in our life from being an undesirable influence — no matter how much we may try — forcing us to be content with what we are able to affect. “It doesn’t change what others do and knowing that we can’t change how others behave or think or speak. We can only change what’s in us and how we feel [when we] look at things.” 

“When we have challenges in our life, we can look at that challenge, accept what it is, realize it’s there, and then we can — with compassion — figure out what we can do, do what we can, and move on and let it go. And it can’t hang on us. We’ve looked at it, we’ve done what we can, [and realized] some situations we can control [and] some we can’t. And knowing that, that’s a huge release for us as well.”

To learn more about Wellness Inspired, you can visit their website by clicking here.