How Hemp Oil Is Revolutionizing The Way We Relieve Pain

World-renowned plastic reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Chaiyasate, was tired of traditional pain relief balms barely alleviating his daily muscle pains from performing surgery, so he created his own.

MyCutis Pain Relief CBD Balm

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Regardless of what you do for work, most of us can relate to the experience of either being behind a desk for eight hours, or being on your feet for the entirety of your work day. Whether you’re a doctor, accountant, waiter, secretary, etc. you know what it’s like to clock out at the end of your shift rubbing your neck, feet, or back as a means of relieving whatever tension that built up during the day.

Hemp oil and Cannabidiol (more commonly known as CBD) has grown immensely in popularity within the past few years for the multitude of health benefits they offer. Beyond that, there’s a whole slew of products out there that now contain hemp oil and CBD, making it universally accessible for anyone to try themselves. Hemp oil and CBD are of course derived from the hemp plant, which is also what marijuana is harvested from. However, hemp oil is characterized as having an extremely low percentage of THC in it; THC is the chemical that causes the mind-altering “high” one experiences when they ingest marijuana. Hemp oil has such a low percentage of THC that it’s able to be legally distributed everywhere, and won’t result in any psychoactive effects. 

One of the biggest benefits hemp oil has proven to be effective in is relieving chronic pain. Scientifically speaking, hemp oil is full of nutrients and can therefore be consumed. Some people even use it in their cooking, but many mainly use it for relieving any ailments they may have. Several studies have shown that CBD, the main biochemical substance present in hemp oil, contains a variety of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that have proven to relieve stress, anxiety, and physical body pains as well. 

In terms of relieving physical pains, CBD has proven to contain amazing anti-inflammatory properties, and thus, hemp oil has a more immediate effect on any inflammation that the body may be experiencing. The restorative elements of hemp oil are also what allow it to be used topically, as well as ingested, and while scientists may not have all the answers in terms of why CBD is able to relive so many health ailments, it’s ability to work better than even some over the counter medications has given it the ultimate reputation in the medical field. So much so that one of the country’s top plastic reconstructive surgeons, Dr. Kongkrit Chaiyasate, has created his own line of hemp oil cold balms called MyCutis, meant to relieve pain and relax the body naturally.

Fundamentally, hemp is one of the plants with the most nutritional and healthy properties, multiple ongoing investigations have demonstrated that cannabinoids have amazing anti-inflammatory and pain relief properties.”

Dr. Chaiyasate is a world-renowned plastic reconstructive and microvascular surgeon who has an extensive amount of experience performing reconstructive surgeries. He’s very well-known for performing cleft lip and palate reconstructive surgery on children, and microvascular free tissue transfers for cancer patients to help rebuild their face, jaw, nose, and ears. 

Throughout his entire career, Dr. Chaiyasate has seen a ton of patients who experience physical pains pre and post surgery due to the extensive amount of work that goes into these procedures. Chaiyasate himself was also dealing with his own chronic pain issues from being on his feet for several hours everyday performing these surgeries. He claimed that in the past, he would get multiple massages a week to help relieve his pain, however, it wasn’t until he decided to create a cold balm topical himself that he would notice a real difference in the way he relieves his daily muscle pains. Chaiyasate originally began his residency in Thailand before coming to the US permanently to start practicing here. According to him, when he got here he found that there were no cold balms or massage oils that compared to what he was able to find in Asia. He also explained that from a cultural standpoint, cold balms are as common in Asian households as Tylenol is in American households. 

A cold balm, by definition, is a topical balm traditionally made with menthol to help open up one’s sinuses, relieve headaches, and soothe any kind of muscle pain. After working in the US for a few years and not finding anything close to what he would experience in Asia, he created his own using traditional herbal botanical ingredients, as well as hemp oil to really send his product over the edge in terms of what it can do for pain relief. Cold balms are traditionally made with menthol due to the chemicals ability to relax the muscles with its cooling properties. Once Chaiyasate began reading about the benefits of hemp oil and CBD on the muscles, he knew that he wanted it to be at the forefront of his product. 

MyCutis Hemp Cold Balm’s is Chaiyasate’s line of pain relieving balms that aim to create “the safest, most natural, scientifically efficacious, healing products that promote optimal health and well-being,” according to the company website. The balm contains hemp oil that is derived from locally grown hemp plants, as well as other natural ingredients. Chaiyasate claims its the balms combination of traditional Asian botanical oils with the hemp oil is what makes the product so much more effective than anything else on the market.

“Though hemp oil is already known for reducing pain and inflammation, MyCutis takes it a step further and combines the oil with other botanical ingredients that have even more amazing nutrients and vitamins that work together to make the body feel better.”

MyCutis Hemp Oil Cold Balm

According to Chaiyasate, “the current market focuses too much on loading as much CBD into one product as possible,” and buyers think that when they’re buying a topical that claims to have a certain amount of milligrams of CBD in it, that that amount of CBD will be absorbed into the skin every time. However, in balms that contain strictly hemp oil, once one rubs it completely into the skin it loses some of that potency due to lack of other ingredients. For MyCutis, “the combination of herbal ingredients is able to reduce inflammation much more successfully because of the synergization of all those ingredients working together to cure the body.”

Even though hemp oil is the main advertising ingredient for MyCutis, the phlai oil, barleria lupulina plant, wintergreen oil, lavender oil, and orange blossom flowers that are present in the formula all contain a multitude of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that go beyond just relieving your body of pain. These ingredients actually work to support the way your body functions overall, as well as strengthens the immune system. 

“The combination of natural oils in this product helps emphasize the positive effects of the hemp oil, as well as the other benefits from all the other ingredients.” So within this balm every ingredient works together to emphasize the positive qualities of each, and help relieve your body of any ailments that it may be experiencing. Their website contains a whole page of actual customer reviews as well to help convince those who may have already tried hemp oil topicals on the market and may be skeptical of MyCutis’ ability to perform. 

Dr. Chaiyasate also knew that when he created this brand he wanted it to benefit the work he does every day as a plastic reconstruction and microvascular surgeon. Back in 2018, Operation Cure was founded which helps fund and sponsor programs that provide financial aid to patients who need superior medical care/ surgery for complex physical conditions. Part of the program helps fly out kids from around the world so they can come to the US and receive reconstructive surgery free of charge from Dr. Chaiyasate. 

Chaiyasate believes that “the real power of giving comes with simple acts of kindness. Compassion is a universal sentiment inherent in the core of who we are.” It’s a philosophy that he’s followed his whole life, carried into his career, and is now applying to the MyCutis business. For every jar of MyCutis Hemp Oil Cold Balm sold, $1 is donated to Operation Cure, and goes towards providing medical treatments/procedures for those who can’t afford it. 

To learn more about MyCutis and its benefits, check out its website and purchase online here!