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How Lifestyle Brands are Rising to the Digital Disruption Challenge

Technology has made brands rethink the consumer journey. Many have embraced unlikely collaborations and launched new sub-brands and collections to stay ahead of the game.

Technology has transformed all industries, from music to manufacturing. The US lifestyle market is unrecognisable. Reality stars can build $1bn make-up companies on their phones through social media, while venerable department stores struggle to make their business add up in this new world.

We no longer live in a brand-led world – if we ever did. Instead, the consumer has more power than ever. Marketers must embrace discomfort and try new approaches or risk becoming irrelevant.

To rise to this challenge, some established brands are reaffirming their commitment to causes, while others are partnering with start-ups to offer new services. Alongside them are a host of new companies offering services or products that would have been unsustainable just a decade ago.

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