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How Smart Homes Are Becoming The Self-Care Hubs Of Tomorrow

Our new playbook examines best practices in creating and maintaining a centralized data hub, ensuring plans are feeding it with accurate and complete information.

The “Amazon Effect” is transforming healthcare. Digitization breeds new capabilities, changing how we get care and stay well. Always-on technologies empower us to take control of our own well-being, altering the way we engage with healthcare infrastructure at the DNA level. AI and technology make advances such as videoconferencing doctors, remote patient monitoring and online over-the-counter medication purchasing not only possible, but also the viable basis of a self-care revolution.

In the near future, smart homes will be primary care. There’s great unmet need helping to drive that shift. According to a Plextek report, 42% of 35- to 44-year-olds are concerned that their relatives aren’t telling them they feel ill. Concern drives innovation: One-third of smart homes will be equipped with health-related tech as more devices gain connectivity in five to 10 years.

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