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Many individuals have begun using cannabis products to help improve their health in a multitude of ways. The Stone Sisters have always had a passion for nutrition and making a positive change in the world through their love of people and healthy pure organic food. Which is why they decided to open Stone Edibles, where they provide nutritional cannabis infused delicacies for natural healing. 

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Stone Sisters Pizza and Stone Edibles

The Cannabis industry in America has become one of the most lucrative and multifaceted sectors of business to date. Currently, cannabis is legal for medical use in 36 states, and has been proven to improve the lives of those suffering from both mental and physical ailments such as depression, anxiety, joint pain, stomach problems, and many more. 

The expansion of the cannabis industry throughout the US has led to a multitude of new businesses opening up. Individuals in this field are realizing that the possibilities are endless when it comes to ways they can infuse marijuana into their products for their customers to enjoy. The Stone Sisters originally were running a popular nutritional pizzeria known as Stone Sisters Pizza when the youngest sister, Sheli, was inspired by their state of Oklahoma’s decision to legalize marijuana for medical use in 2018. 

Sheli Stone Stenseth, Tami Stone Lake, and Traci Stone have lived in Oklahoma their whole lives, which made the sisters extremely community-oriented.  The Stone Sisters are all about making a positive change in the world through their love of people and healthy pure organic food. I recently had the opportunity to speak with Sheli, who explained to me that their “purpose is to change lives through nutrition education and providing people with whole food choices that can stop the unhealthy cycle of disease. Oh—and we’re having a darn good time doing it!”

We are a family-owned, female-owned, cannabis company and we’re expanding to help other companies with their cannabis business goals. We really care about our products especially regarding the actual cannabis that we put into them. We want people to benefit from our products, not just get high, because we’ve always been very community-oriented when it comes to our customers and what they need out of our products.”

Sheli spoke passionately about the businesses she was able to grow alongside her sisters, Tami and Traci. Originally the three sisters opened up Stone Sisters Pizza, an eatery with a focus on nutrition and educating customers on the benefits of replacing certain ingredients in their everyday food choices to lead a healthier lifestyle. I asked Sheli what initially inspired her to open up a restaurant with her sisters, and the story was truly inspiring: 

“Back in 2006 my late husband had a seizure, and we ended up finding a brain tumor. After six years of fighting he passed away, and after that happened I knew I had to make a choice. I could either curl up into a ball and shut down, or take everything I learned from him and put it into the world. Everything we went through I look back on as an amazing experience. I got to see how strong our love was, and throughout that journey learned a lot about health and what things are truly healthy for the body. At that point I threw myself into traditional nutrition, where I got certified, and eventually opened up a business with my sister Tami called Healthy Journey.”

According to the sister’s story on their website, their “path to health began with Sheli, who was fueled with a passion to choose the right foods and products for her family. She earned her certification in traditional nutrition and set out to change the world—beginning with her sister Tami. The two sisters began educating people about how many health conditions can be resolved with traditional nutrition and good eating habits. As their followers grew, the sisters developed a recipe for organic sprouted spelt dough and pizza sauce that everyone loved. They wanted to open a restaurant, but they needed someone who was positive, energetic, and organized to keep them on track. That someone was eldest sister Traci.”

Sheli explained how the initial business she opened with Tami, Healthy Journey, helped prepare them for their future businesses. “We ended up hosting a party for our clients where we served three meals that were unhealthy, and taught them how to turn them into healthier dishes just by changing a few ingredients. At the time, I was also learning about my own gluten intolerance which helped me develop our signature sprouted spelt crust for our pizzas. We received such an overwhelming positive response, and a lot of our clients told us that we need to start marketing our pizzas, which was something we never even considered before.

A friend of mine, who packed sauce for a meat-packing plant, approached me and said that his boss owned a little ice cream shop that he wanted to turn into a pizza shop, and they asked me if I was interested in being involved. Initially I didn’t want to do it because the task of taking on a whole restaurant seemed daunting, however, the kitchen space that we were working out of at the time had gone up in rent, so we decided to take the leap and just go for it. Running a restaurant in general is harder than anyone could imagine, especially when you do it with your family. However, now we’ve come such a long way that I really can’t imagine doing anything else with my life.”

The Stone Sisters were able to quickly make a name for themselves in the community, and beyond. They were featured on the Tamron Hall show, Food Network’s Diners, Drive-ins and Dives with Guy Fieri, as well as numerous other local media outlets – such as the Oklahoma Gazette – who were inspired by their drive and determination to improve the lives of those around them. This work is what also inspired them to open up Stone Edibles, an establishment that focuses on using cannabis to improve the health of the sisters’ customers.  

Stone Sisters Pizza and Stone Edibles

“One of the most successful aspects of Stone Edibles is that our customers know they can give us their complete trust when it comes to our products and what we put in them. My overall goal has always been to improve the quality of life of my customers. That’s one of the biggest life lessons I think we all learn; you shouldn’t focus on the future but instead focus on the things that can improve your wellbeing today.”

Jonna Nowakowski of Stone Edibles

I was really curious as to what inspired Sheli and her sisters to make the leap to cannabis from their successful pizzeria. She explained that: “Once cannabis became medically legalized in Oklahoma in 2018, I felt this huge pull to get involved in the industry somehow. I started by simply experimenting with making gummies in our kitchen, with no actual knowledge of how to make them, and it ended up being a failure. My sister Traci was working the register and joking with one of our employees about how I had no idea what I was doing. While she was joking Jonna Nowakowski, our now chef, was waiting to pick up a Postmates order from us. 

Before that though, Jonna was working for Nature’s Key, another cannabis company, as a chef where the owner ended up being extremely dishonest and fired her after taking all of her recipes. She ended up working for Postmates in order to support herself, but was barely making enough to make ends meet. So as she was listening in on my sister joking about my lack of edible making skills, she offered her services to help us perfect our recipes. We ended up meeting with her and there was just this instant connection where we knew she would fit right in with all of us.”

It was actually Jonna who gave the Stone sisters the idea to stick with the things they were already experts on, and infuse cannabis into their famous nutritional pizzas. “We were brainstorming and I was just at a loss of what we should make and sell, but without missing a beat Jonna said ‘make pizza! It’s what you guys do best and are known for!’ and it was just one of those lightbulb moments where we all became so excited to get started.”

As the sisters were developing Stone Edibles, the pandemic hit, creating a major obstacle for their newly developing business. However, the group quickly realized that they could continue to help their community while managing a business in the middle of a global health crisis. After all, the heart of all their businesses is all about improving the lives of their customers through healthy food choices and education. 

“We began developing and selling our Stone Edibles pizzas when Covid hit. At that point, we knew we had to get even more creative in order to get our product and message out into the world. In the beginning I was told by manufacturers that they would be limiting our processing license. To paint a picture, we’re located in a huge warehouse that’s not being used, it’s actually the back of the restaurant, and we decided to start expanding our company goals. Now, we’re going to start co-packing with regular companies for a variety of products under our newest venture Stone Sisters Manufacturing, that way we’re not only supporting ourselves, but other local businesses who have similar goals as us.”

Our cannabis-infused products help people with a multitude of ailments. People after chemo replenishing their system, anxiety, depression, insomnia, but every terpene has a different job. I can pick certain terpenes and introduce them back into the oil for specific ailments. When we start getting feedback from the pizzas, we can have people specify what they’re looking for. Our goal is to help patients that really want to benefit from everything THC.”

Sheli boasted about the amazing work Jonna, their chef, has brought to their company. Her passion for the benefits of cannabis and growing the industry perfectly aligned with the Stone sister’s original goal of improving the lives of their community through nutritional food choices. 

We have a major focus on health throughout all of our products. I’ve been passionate about health and nutrition since I was in my early 30s. My late husband, like I mentioned, really taught me so much about healthy living and foods that are good for your body versus the ones that aren’t, so those lessons have stuck with me as these businesses have grown. Additionally, Jonna’s experience working as a cannabis chef also gave us the confidence to really dive into the cannabis industry. She’s so knowledgeable about each strain and how it can benefit certain individuals with certain ailments and has taught all of us so much about the industry in general. 

Jonna also approached me one day and we discussed how while our focus is always on health, we needed to offer a less expensive option as well to reach a larger customer base; which is how the white crust pizza came to be. 

One of the biggest issues people have with eating healthy is the fact that it can be expensive to buy natural and organic ingredients. Our white crust pizza is still made with the highest quality oil and ingredients, but the use of flour and more traditional pizza ingredients makes it lower cost.”

Jonna’s experience as a cannabis chef and baker has also inspired the sisters to expand their menu to provide desserts as well. The first sweet treat they released is their Disco Brownie, an homage to classic 90’s after-school snacks. They also now are selling the highest quality flower pre rolls called “Get Stoked” and are gearing up to launch a line of high quality CBD products:  Gummies, Tinctures, Oil and Bath bombs.

“Jonna is a baker as well, her pastries and cakes are out of this world. So she wanted to introduce our Disco Brownie to our line of products as well, and let me just say, it is the best brownie you will likely ever have in your life. We also have another baked cannabis product coming out that we designed to bring our customers back to their childhood with the nostalgic flavors. Unfortunately, that project is still in the works, so no spoilers yet on what our newest dessert will be!”

Sheli and I then discussed how they go above and beyond to make sure everything they’re putting into their products is natural, and beneficial to the consumer. 

Stone Sisters Pizza and Stone Edibles

“We send our oil to labs to make sure it’s quality, unfortunately with Covid it takes the labs a lot longer to process the samples, but it’s an integral part of our business, and ensures our customers that we really do go the extra mile so they can trust what’s in our products.”

Stone Sisters Pizza and Stone Edibles

When it comes to the industry as a whole, Sheli explained to me why it was important that they took as many measures as possible to make sure they were providing the best products for their customers: “We work so thoroughly because the cannabis industry, as it currently stands, isn’t the most honest. Creating that trust with our customers and the other businesses we work with is integral to any business model, but especially ours. What Jonna went through with her recipes being stolen is unfortunately not an uncommon occurrence in this field, so we make it a point to be as thorough as possible when it comes to developing, manufacturing, and distributing our products.”

Beyond just helping the community through healthy eating and edible options, the Stone Sisters also always make it a point to support local businesses, as they know how important it is to other locals who have the same level of passion the sisters did four years ago when they first opened Stone Sisters Pizza. 

Stone Edibles supplies frozen pizza, which is something no one else is doing. For certain dispensaries we also offer our freezer space depending on how large the order, because a lot of regular cannabis dispensaries aren’t equipped to carry frozen items. This is really beneficial for other small businesses that don’t have the resources to store all of their products. If there’s a way we can help, we’ll do our best to do so.

I think one of the biggest things that separates us from our competitors is that we’re a family-female-owned conglomerate company. We don’t just do pizza, we don’t just do cannabis, and we don’t just do nutrition, we do it all. The fact that my sisters and I also grew up around here gave us a huge advantage with the community. Like I said our business has always been community-oriented, and is all about improving the wellbeing of our customers, so having a loyal client base right in the beginning inspired us to keep growing. 

“I always tell people that I’m an entrepreneur, but I have a secret weapon, my husband Phil. He’s one of the most instinctual and successful businessmen I know and his expertise has really helped keep us on track on the logistic side of the business in the beginning. My sisters are also wonderful people. As we’ve grown up and all found ourselves, we grew a lot closer, and it’s great because when it comes to the business side of things we’re not afraid to call each other out when we need to.”

Beyond the disclosed upcoming dessert product coming out, Sheli explained to me how they have the goal of expanding into other states to sell their pizza, as well as work with other cannabis companies to expand their message.  

““=Our goal is to continue to expand into other states to sell our products. The difficulty with that is that every state has a different set of specific cannabis laws when it comes to selling. We tried to sell our pizzas in California, but we were told they can’t sell anything that’s frozen or with dairy in it. We’re looking at Massachusetts, Nevada, Michigan, and New York in terms of expansion, but processing here in Oklahoma has become my passion. 

Also, outside of the cannabis aspect of business, Stone Sisters Organics, our distribution into stores-line, is about to get into several major national health food stores. We will be in those with our regular crust pack of two and a cheese pizza for the whole family to enjoy!”

Sheli, Tami, Traci, and Jonna are extremely passionate about the work they do, and the nutritional products they put out into the world. To learn more about the Stone Sisters, their multiple business successes, as well as their  expanding cannabis company, Stone Edibles, check out their websites: Stone Sisters Pizza Bar & Stone Edibles and Stone Sisters Organics