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How To Sell Your Home Fast

The housing market is forever changing. It’s always hard to tell when the best time to sell or buy is and vice versa. However, when you find yourself in a situation where, regardless of the market status, you’re looking to sell your home and sell it fast, there’s a few key tips you should keep in mind. 

First and foremost, unless you’re an expert on all things real estate yourself, make sure you get a reputable and hard working agent to assist you on your housing journey. There are many things that you should specifically be looking for in a trustworthy agent, however, that’s a different article for a different time, now we’re trying to sell!

Assuming you and your agent are already teamed up and ready to get your house into the hands of its next occupant, here are some things to consider. According to Zillow, home properties spend, on average, 68 days on the market before it sells, so how can you cut that number way down?

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Understand that the mantra “location, location, location” is so commonly known for a reason. If your home is already in a desirable neighborhood near the water, you obviously will have no trouble selling. However, if you find yourself not in the most desirable location, figure out what adjustments you then need to make to your home either aesthetically or price wise to get more buyers interested. 

No one wants to change the price of their property once it’s on the market, however, you can’t change the location of your home, and if that’s what’s holding it back from selling, there’s not many options to get individuals interested. Again, this is where having a trustworthy and professional agent by your side will benefit you. They can tell you if your specific market is more hot or cold in the moment you’re selling and how to adjust either your pricing or listing itself to grab the attention of more buyers.

After a while, consider removing any online listings of your property from the internet and re posting them through the Multiple Listing Service. However, your best bet will always likely be a dramatic price drop. Think about the neighborhood you are in and what the surrounding properties would sell for. If your property is the lowest, price wise, for the specific area it’s in, it’s likely to get more offers and interest.  

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While there’s been a major emphasis on finding a solid agent to assist you, maybe consider using a wholesaler instead. 40% of all real estate transactions that occur in America are done in all cash transactions. All cash means no banks and less complicated paperwork and real estate  jargon to work through, this is especially important for the desperate seller. 

Wholesalers act more as a middleman for property improvement when compared to a traditional real estate agent. They may not offer you top-dollar, however, if you aren’t looking to dramatically drop your price, this would be the next best choice. A wholesaler will then put your house under contract, flip it for cheap, and then offer it back up to a slew of cash-buyers that they themselves have already scouted based on what the property itself has to offer each client. 

Finding a wholesaler can be quite tricky, as they often find clients themselves who are desperate to sell. However, there are a few online services that can connect you to the right people for the job; such as We Buy Ugly Houses.  

Finding the right people in the business to assist you in selling your home fast is the best way to ensure you’ll get the best bang for your buck, no matter how much you have to drop the price.