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How To Start Practicing Healthy Habits In Quarantine

Now that we’re all spending an indefinite amount of time in quarantine and isolation, it’s important to maintain healthy lifestyle habits that we can continue on into our everyday lives when this entire pandemic is over. One of the easiest ways to incorporate healthier habits within your life is to try to repeat it everyday at the same time in a typical routine fashion, and since we’re all remaining in our homes, we now have an extensive amount of time to create these routines. 

Routines in general are really important, especially when it comes to blending your professional life with your home life in times of remote isolation. Waking up at the same time as you normally would for work, and setting up designated times for meals and other everyday chores is important for keeping yourself organized, and your mind more at ease.

It can be extremely easy to get overwhelmed during this pandemic, and understandably so, so when you give yourself an organized daily schedule, it eases the anxiety of needing to map out the many things you have to do during a given day. Instead, you know what needs to get done when, and you can work on sticking to that and creating that new at-home schedule for yourself. 

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Healthy habits that you can start incorporating into your every day routine that will help keep your mind, body and soul stay happy and healthy include getting exercise daily, eating fresh food/fruits and vegetables, doing yoga/meditation/mindfulness exercises that can give you positive affirmations everyday, and reducing overall screen times; which I’m sure we’ve all been over-indulging in the past few weeks. 

To make incorporating these habits into your routine easier, start small, and practice the new habit at the same time everyday, make sure you’re writing it into your schedule as well. Visually seeing something like “Yoga at 6 p.m.” written out on a physical schedule will motivate you more to actually do it, as the satisfaction of checking off all your “to do “ boxes everyday is just too good of a pleasure to deny yourself. 

Start by also setting small goals for yourself to incorporate these habits. For example, you could make it a personal goal to not check your phone for the first hour of your morning and instead just focus on yourself and getting ready for the day. With constant coronavirus updates clogging every feed on the internet, getting overwhelmed just by unlocking your phone has never been easier, so make it a point to step outside of that digital world as much as you can. 

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Write down your goals as they develop more and more within your routine. Maybe you start by writing the goal to not check your phone for one hour in the morning, and then later you extend that to include one hour before bed as well, and then one hour in the middle of the day, and so on. Like having a physical schedule written out in front of you can help ease your organizational anxiety, actually writing out these goals can make them seem much less scary. 

This is because once you have the general goal on paper, you can create sub-goals within that new habit that will help you to accomplish it. Be consistent about it, repetition builds habits and trains your brain to view whatever activity/habit/goal you’re working towards as much more feasible, and as time goes on you’ll eventually get to a place where you feel unsettled if you miss your daily yoga because of how consistently you’ve been doing it. 

If you mess up and miss a few days, or procrastinate all week on one assignment, or even spend 48 hours binge watching The Office, don’t judge yourself. This pandemic is new territory for all of us, and frankly, no one really knows what’s going on at all times, so find the comfort in the fact that we’re all in this together and just figuring out quarantine life as we go.