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How Travel Businesses Can Give Travellers What They Want: Sustainability

Holiday-makers increasingly choose sustainable travel options and operators

Other anti-travel-industry reactions include both the French and the Scandinavians adding the new word “Flyskam” into their vocabularies, which roughly translates to “the shamefulness of flying.” Another example is a decline in tourism to the U.S. (practically the only country in the world without growing visits in 2018), which is thought to be an international silent protest of the Trump Administration.

Statistics back up the trend. A study by Edelman shows that 64% of consumers are now belief-driven, meaning they won’t buy from businesses they believe are failing to take appropriate responsibility for their climate-change contributions.

The travel industry is an large industry that provide 10% of the world’s employment. With the advance of ESG ‘Environmental Social Governance’ and growing consumer pressure, leaders in the tourism industry need to future-proof their business by taking responsibility for the part they play in the environmental crisis.

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