Jackie Aina Is Putting Self-Care At The Forefront Of New Lifestyle Brand, Forvr Mood

After spending a decade as one of the internet’s biggest beauty gurus, Jackie Aina is ready to launch her own brand.

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Jackie Aina has collaborated with numerous big names in the beauty community such as Anastasia Beverly Hills and Too Faced. Now, after years of anticipation from her fans, Aina is finally launching her own lifestyle brand, Forvr Mood. The official launch is August 10th, and the brand’s initial products put the focus on setting the mood for yourself after a long day of living in 2020. 

Those who pre-registered for the launch with their email got early access to a variety of four candles, priced at $35 each, plus two silk pillowcase options ($49), and headbands ($28). Over 45,000 individuals pre-registered for the launch, causing Forvr Mood to sell out their pre-sale inventory within minutes. Shipping on these products will begin on August 10th with the rest of the product launch. 

Aina took to social media to tell her followers that within the coming weeks she intends on implementing Instagram Checkout as a means of making sales as well.. Instagram Checkout is a new feature that let’s retailers use the social media app as their own website essentially; users can easily click on a product that’s being advertised in a post, see how much it is, and buy it with a few more clicks once they register their information with Instagram. Aina also claims that she’s talking with potential retail partners as well for when the brand begins releasing more products. 

“I have wanted to dabble in candles and fragrance for quite some time now. I definitely thought it would be great to have a makeup line, but that’s not the only thing that I love.”

Aina of course is referring to the fact that her entire YouTube career has been mainly focused on makeup-related content. Many of Aina’s long-time subscribers were shocked, and slightly disappointed, that she wasn’t starting her entrepreneurial career with a makeup brand, however, many soon got on board after listening to her thought process behind what Forvr Mood meant to her personally. 

“I feel, especially as a Black woman, we need to care more about self-care. We take on so much in our day-to-day-lives, even pre-pandemic.” Aina went on to explain that for women especially, they can feel pressured not to talk about themselves, what they’re going through, and how overwhelming life can be especially during a pandemic when everyone’s problems seem way smaller when compared to other parts of the world. She wants to break that pattern, and while the decision to start her brand with candles was made pre-pandemic, Aina admitted that her own candles have been one of the only things keeping her calm throughout this global health crisis. 

The initial plans for Forvr Mood began in 2018. The pandemic obviously caused some delays with launch and announcement times, but after a few months of readjustments the brand is ready. Aina explained recently how this whole brand is self-funded by her, and while she’s open to the idea of bringing in investors down the line, she loves the idea of not “needing approval from anybody.”

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“Right now, more than ever, people want to support a cause. There are so many more things I want to create.”

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Jackie Aina has 3.5 million YouTube subscribers, and in recent months, like many others with large platforms, she’s been extremely outspoken about the current racial injustices occurring in America against black individuals. Aina has been very vocal in recent weeks specifically about the lack of diversity and inclusion in the beauty industry. Her collaboration with Too Faced was a part of her efforts to get brands to include more foundation shades for women of color, who often are forced to choose shades that are way too light for their complexion, simply because the brand doesn’t make anything for darker-skinned individuals. 

Aina has called out brands to reveal what their executive employees actually look like in terms of diversity. For many of these brands, Aina believes they’re just posting Black Lives Matter-related content to be “on trend” with the movement, while actually making no internalized changes to promote a space for diversity and inclusion.

“It’s gotten better. I would love to see a lot more people putting more action behind the words that they say they’re doing online. I love the fact that up-and-coming brands and Black-owned brands, for example, are getting more visibility.”

Aina has also been very outspoken about how social media can make it difficult for black creators especially to get their name and work out there due to the algorithms implemented within these apps. “It’s still really hard for a lot of people to figure out the algorithm and find creators that look like them. By default, most apps are going to recommend white creators.” 

With the launch of Forvr Mood Aina also revealed that she will no longer be collaborating with any other beauty influencers for brands because she wants to be in the driver’s seat now. Within the coming year alone fans can expect even more products and launches from the company, and an even greater emphasis on taking care of ourselves during such uneasy times.