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Katy Perry Admits She Has a Type: ‘I Like English Gentlemen’

Katy Perry opened up about her “type” during a Friday morning radio appearance on British station Heart FM. During the segment she talked about her upcoming wedding to British actor Orlando Bloom.

“I mean tick tock, I hope sooner than later,” the 34-year-old musician said of the wedding date.

When asked if she would hold the festivities in the U.K., she replied, “Can’t say.”

She went on to talk about the men she’s interested in, noting, “I obviously have a type. I like English gentlemen. I think I like English gentlemen because of the kind of sarcastic, dark sense of humor. I like that they sound really eloquent. There’s more history in the U.K. than there is in America. They’ve got tradition. Actually they have more tradition and I like that. There’s tea time.”

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