Late-Night Hosts Reflect On Trump’s Mishandling Of The Pandemic And Urge Viewers To Vote

Seth Meyers, Trevor Noah, and Stephen Colbert have all been using their platforms this month to discuss how Trump’s White House has “given up” on the entire pandemic.

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As the US is entering into its third major wave of the coronavirus pandemic, and all 50 states are seeing rises in case numbers, late night television hosts are joining the likes of other celebrities with a major platform and speaking up against the current president and his handling of the virus as a means of getting their viewers to vote come next week. 

“This much is clear: the Trump White House has given up while hundreds of thousands of Americans needlessly die from a virus that can be contained. The president and his aides are waving the white flag and telling you to fend for yourselves,” said Seth Meyers on Late Night. Late Night shows getting political is nothing new, however, as the entire world continues to navigate this pandemic after nine months of receiving no real concrete plan from the White House or Trump’s administration, the political discussions have a different sort of emotion behind them. 

During Trump’s past political rallies that showed crowds of maskless individuals in close-contact waiting to see the President, the president emphasized that the reason case numbers were increasing in America was simply because more people were being tested. He isn’t necessarily wrong either, however, the fact that he’s now pushing for less testing to occur to see those case numbers go down just shows the American people that their president would much rather ignore the problem and watch the numbers decline like that than actually put a real plan in place that could save the lives of hundreds of thousands.

“No matter what’s going on in the world, Trump will only be happy if every time you turn on the evening news, the top story is ‘handsome president wows nation with dance moves!’”

This isn’t just speculation either, Chief of Staff Mark Meadows literally told CNN’s Jake Tapper this Sunday that the administration was “not going to control the pandemic because it’s a contagious virus.” Additionally, Dr Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top infectious disease expert, told CNN that he hasn’t spoken to Trump in “some time” but that wasn’t shocking considering Trump had stopped attending coronavirus briefings a while ago. 

“This whole year, everyone has been waiting for an October surprise, and it turns out the October surprise is that we’re still talking about the same sh*t we were talking about in March,” said Trevor Noah on the Daily Show this week, of course referring to the rising coronavirus case numbers, and increased hospitalizations which has the nation’s intensive care units facing max capacity. “While Joe Biden announced that he would advocate for a nationwide mask mandate, deploy the Defense Production Act to drive the production of personal protective equipment, and begin testing 7 million people each day, Trump this weekend revealed his take on the pandemic as ‘boring!’” 

Noah isn’t wrong either, this past weekend Trump was campaigning at another rally where he told the crowd that the coronavirus is all he hears about now: “I can safely say that I’ve never seen a world leader get bored of a crisis.” A shocking claim coming from the nation’s leader, proclaiming to be bored of the pandemic that has now killed over 225,000 Americans.

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“Seriously, how does this president still not get it? People are still talking about Covid because people are still dying from Covid. Imagine if the captain of the Titanic had this attitude – ‘All everyone is talking about is drowning, drowning, drowning.’”

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As previously mentioned Covid-19 cases are on the rise in all 50 states in America. 38 of those states broke records this week in terms of new coronavirus cases/hospitalizations. One of the most covered outbreaks of Covid-19 within the past nine months, however, occurred from within the White House among the Trump administration. 

Last month, an outbreak of Covid-19 sent Trump to the Walter Reed Medical Center and infected first lady Melania Trump and several staff members. The virus has also spread into the Vice President’s office now, infecting five of Pence’s top aides, including his chief of staff and personal bodyguard. Pence has tested negative since but its been recommended that he quarantine for two weeks in case he was likely exposed. However, he’s continued to campaign due to the fact that he’s considered an “essential worker to the White House.” 

“What are you talking about? He’s vice-president! At best he is vice-essential. He is America’s spare tire – you want him in the trunk but you hope to never have to use him,” said Stephen Colbert this week after Pence first started campaigning again after his office outbreak. 

Between Friday and Monday Trump held 11 campaign events, including nine rallies in seven different states. According to Colbert he spent the entire weekend “blaming the pandemic on the media. Or  to quote Trump: ‘Covid, Covid, Covid — by the way, on November 4, you won’t hear about it anymore.’ Well, I won’t hear anything on November 4, because either way, I’ll be hungover. But I can say this much: I won’t have an audience, I’ll still be stuck in this room.”

The overarching theme behind each Late Night Hosts analysis of the pandemic is to get their viewers to make their voices heard this year and go vote. If you aren’t sure what your voting registration status is, or just have questions about voting in your state in general, click here