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These Companies Are Planning To Keep Working From Home Post-Pandemic

For some companies the transition from office to at home has been a struggle, but for others, the transition went so smoothly that many big businesses are debating keeping their staff at home permanently even after this pandemic comes to a close; whenever that may be.
Social Gathering

Will Social Contact Change After COVID-19?

Since the coronavirus outbreak, social contact has changed drastically. At first, it felt strange not to hug or shake hands in greeting, surreal to stand two metres away from others and rude to not take a parcel from a delivery driver.
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How To Manage And Relieve Your Stress During A Pandemic

Amid the worldwide coronavirus pandemic, it’s no surprise that we’re all feeling a lot more stressed than usual. On top of working from home, taking care of our families/loved ones, and having to worry about an infectious virus that spreads easily, there seems to be no time to just take a minute and breathe.
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The Lone Shopper: What Does The Future Hold?

As the realization begins to hit home across the world, people are adjusting to the new normal as a response to the global pandemic of Coronavirus. The way in which we lived ‘before’ is simply not possible in our current environment.

The Story of Alan Watts, Meditation’s Most Influential Advocate

You’ve surely heard of the countless health benefits of yoga and meditation. But without Alan Watts, these practices may never have gained traction in America.

In today’s culture, the practices of meditation and yoga have become quite popular and trendy among health-conscious and spiritual people. But before these practices had widespread popularity in the West, they had been practiced for thousands of years in countries like India and Japan, oftentimes under the broader religious philosophy of Buddhism. Read more…