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Why Experts Believe Gardening Is Good For Both Your Physical And Mental Health 

There’s been a growing amount of research surrounding what we can do for ourselves at home to continue to practice good physical and mental health habits. After the last year, we’ve all had to adapt our lives to make sure that we’re constantly stimulating our brain, and moving our body to ensure that we remain as healthy as possible. 
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Celebrities Are Selling Their Clothes To Keep Up With Second-Hand Retail Trends 

Pop and reality stars have begun selling clothes that they’ve actually worn online as a means of keeping up with a growing retail market that is heavily based on second-hand shopping. Generation Z specifically has taken to websites like Depop and Etsy to buy certain clothing and accessories second-hand and maintain that “vintage” look. 

Etsy Buys Clothing App Depop In $1 Billion Deal 

Popular online retail giant Etsy announced this week that they would be purchasing Depop, a British secondhand fashion resale app that works like eBay, but specifically for clothing; the app is mainly used by the younger generation as a means of purchasing vintage clothing and custom made pieces. 
Post-Pandemic Covid-19

Post-Pandemic Lifestyle Tips For Living Your Best And Healthiest Life 

As more and more Americans continue to receive their Covid-19 vaccinations, states are continuing to ease up on pandemic restrictions to allow vaccinated individuals to get back to a certain sense of normalcy this summer. 
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How Everyday Activities Can Help Maintain A Healthy And Active Lifestyle At Home

Staying healthy and getting exercise can be as simple as performing your daily house chores with a little bit of flare.

Professor Emmanuel Stamatakis is an expert in physical activity working at the University of Sydney, who recently spoke with the media about how living an active and healthy lifestyle is much easier than the average person would think. “Incidental exercise can be just as beneficial as traditional exercise, and much easier to incorporate into your daily routine.” Read more…