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Mixture of Nuts

Adding Superfoods Into Your Diet

Whether your new years resolution was to be healthier, or trying to keep your immune system well equipped, or simply looking to improve your wellbeing via a healthier diet, superfoods are great additions to your meals. Packed with various vitamins, minerals, proteins, antioxidants.
Outdoor Furniture

How To Care For Your Outdoor Furniture So That It Lasts For Multiple Seasons 

For many this is the first time they’ve invested in actual outdoor furniture and accessories, and while most pieces are well equipped to survive the elements of the world, homeowners should know the proper ways to care for their outdoor spaces and the furniture within them so that they can last for years to come. 
Covid Mental Health

Fears Over Rising Mental Health Cases Due To New 2021 Lockdown in UK

The emergence of two new variants of COVID-19 which are thought to be up to 70% more infectious have resulted in new lockdowns being imposed in countries across the globe. In the UK, a new national ‘level 5’ lockdown has been implemented due to fears that hospitals were just three weeks away from being totally overwhelmed.
Girl Practicing Meditation

Staying Positive Through The Start of 2021

The new year normally heralds in the promise of a better, more prosperous and happier year and after a year such as 2020, that seems to be a widespread and collective desire. However, although vaccinations for COVID-19 have begun to be rolled out across the world it will still take some time for countries to get back to normal after the coronavirus pandemic.
Pierre Cardin

Remembering Legendary French Fashion Designer Pierre Cardin

Pierre Cardin unfortunately passed away this week at the age of 98, but his legacy in 1960’s and 70’s fashion will truly last a lifetime.

French Designer Pierre Cardin threw European fashion for a loop in the 1960’s and 70’s by introducing his futuristic and modern looks to the runway. His death was announced this week by France’s Fine Arts Academy via Twitter. His family told the French media that Cardin passed away in a hospital near Paris. Read more…