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What is Post Pandemic Stress Disorder?

The pandemic has been mentally and physically challenging for many of us, and as many countries hope that the vaccine rollout could mean the restoration of ‘normality’, the effects of the pandemic on many people’s mental health will have taken its toll.
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How To Cope With Missing Someone

The last year and accompanying coronavirus pandemic, has been extremely difficult for many for reasons that vary from one personal situation to the next.
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Have Your Socialization Needs Changed During the Pandemic?

The pandemic has deeply impacted our way of life when it comes to socialization.

Drew Barrymore Announces Launch Of Lifestyle Magazine 

Drew Barrymore has become a lifestyle guru within the past decade of her career. Between her numerous acting jobs, role as talk show host, and overall social media presence, the mogul has become a major influencer in terms of how people lead their everyday lives. 
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How Everyday Activities Can Help Maintain A Healthy And Active Lifestyle At Home

Staying healthy and getting exercise can be as simple as performing your daily house chores with a little bit of flare.

Professor Emmanuel Stamatakis is an expert in physical activity working at the University of Sydney, who recently spoke with the media about how living an active and healthy lifestyle is much easier than the average person would think. “Incidental exercise can be just as beneficial as traditional exercise, and much easier to incorporate into your daily routine.” Read more…