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Addicted To Your Smartphone And Social Media? It Could End Up Being Harmful

While smartphones and social media can be a blessing in our lives, it can also be harmful due to potential addictions that can develop from constant screen and app usage. These addictions can lead to mood changes, unhealthy living, and potentially dangerous scenarios. But, there are ways to break away and live in the moment.
Healthy Lifestyle

Adopting A Healthier Lifestyle In Your 80s Can Add Years To Your Life 

According to new research from Japan, even when you’re in your 80s you can add years to your life by adopting healthy lifestyle habits. 
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Could Greener Lifestyles Lead To Greater Happiness? Studies Suggest So

If you've been wanting a way to positively change your mindset, there may be a solution - and it'll benefit the Earth, as well. According to studies, positive correlations between environmentally friendly acts and a person's wellbeing have been found.
Dog Flowers

Pet Safe Flowers To Brighten Up Your Garden This Summer 

For those of us with pets, it’s important to know which flowers are safe to have around the house in case our furry friends decide to do what animals do best and eat something they shouldn’t. 
Janis Isabel Carreras

A New Skin Protectant Could Be A Gamechanger In The Fight To Prevent Skin Cancer | Janis Isabel Carreras

While the summer months bring plenty of fun outdoor experiences, the Sun can spoil a day — and a lifetime — thanks to skin damage that could lead to diseases like Melanoma. Dedicated to ensuring people are protected against those kinds of possibilities, Janis Isabel Carreras has created a new skin protectant that touts versatility and accessibility.