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Business Woman Stretching at desk

Exercises To Fit A Stationary Lifestyle

Many people find their lifestyle becoming inevitably more and…
Woman with Morning Ritual

How To Adopt A Healthy Morning Ritual

When we first wake up, it’s easy to get caught up in the fact that we’re getting up due to an alarm, and not by choice, which is frustrating.
Tattooed Business People

Does Having A Tattoo Affect Your Job Prospects?

The tattoo industry is booming; US citizens spend around $1.65…
Valentines Day Gift

Valentine's Day Gift Guide For All Of Your Loved Ones

This year, go beyond just chocolates and flowers; while those are classic options that will always work, it’s nice to add some unique flare to an otherwise predictable holiday in terms of gifts. 

The Story of Alan Watts, Meditation’s Most Influential Advocate

You’ve surely heard of the countless health benefits of yoga and meditation. But without Alan Watts, these practices may never have gained traction in America.

In today’s culture, the practices of meditation and yoga have become quite popular and trendy among health-conscious and spiritual people. But before these practices had widespread popularity in the West, they had been practiced for thousands of years in countries like India and Japan, oftentimes under the broader religious philosophy of Buddhism. Read more…