Lone Star Chocolatiér: A Journey Through Spiritual Awakening | Lecia Duke

In her memoir, Lone Star Chocolatiér, Lecia Duke weaves a narrative that spans the depths of personal struggle and the peaks of spiritual enlightenment. As a chocolatier and a lightworker, she explores the rich tapestry of human emotions and the mystical journey toward self-realization. Her book invites readers to traverse their own landscapes of the soul, uncovering the divine connection that lies within. Lecia’s story is a poignant reminder of the transformative power of spirituality and the enduring hope it brings, even amidst life’s most significant challenges.

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Lecia believes that spirituality is woven into the very fabric of human existence. From a young age, she felt deeply connected to a world unseen. That trust and belief carried her through life as she found solace in the belief that there was a higher power guiding her path, even in the darkest of times.

In her memoir, Lecia demonstrates that spirituality, devoid of dogmatic religious confines, is essential for understanding our purpose and facing the challenges of our era. She contends that society’s drift towards materialism has led to global unrest and disconnection. To slow down this disintegration, a critical mass of people must strive towards enlightenment and inspire those around them to do the same.

Through her research, personal stories, and the wisdom of ancient prophecies, she seeks to equip others with the knowledge and inspiration needed to engage in the vital spiritual work of our times—ushering in a future that promises unparalleled beauty and harmony.

As Lecia reflects on her past today, she is transported to a time of innocence when she was just six years old. As a little girl, she often found herself immersed in profound moments of spiritual connection that transcended the boundaries of the physical world around her. Later in life, she learned she was not alone in experiencing these moments at such a tender age.

“I know of a story where a mother observed her six-year-old asking her four-year-old, ‘Do you still talk to God?’ The four-year-old said ‘yes.’ We have this innate sense of being guided by the voice of God or whatever you want to call that power. And then, at around four years old, we discover that things die. Questions arise, and perhaps even doubts come into play. As we grow older, we snap out of following that internal compass and shift away. We start thinking about the material world.”

She vividly recalls a childhood dream where she felt overcome with spiritual joy. In her dream, she entered the bathroom of her local theater, where water flowed through the faucets, filling the room. She felt a comforting and soothing presence off to her side, yet her gaze remained fixed on another captivating sight.

“I was fascinated by the water coming up, and with the water came a kaleidoscope of tiny colorful fishes, tiny turtles, and other sea creatures. Suddenly, I was swimming and breathing underwater. There was never any fear. I was just fascinated by the life of the sea and seeing all these beautifully colored aquatic lives that the Creator brought into being. I was swimming along with them. It was just glorious.”

She paints a vibrant picture of the many stories in which children under seven have had similar encounters.

“I somehow intuitively knew that the voice inside me, which I believed came from my heart, told the truth. At that age, you don’t think in terms of ‘Who made me?’ or ‘How did I come into being?’”

Back at home, her mother was Catholic, and her father was Baptist. Every Sunday, the family would gather for worship. These early experiences in the church taught her that spirituality can exist outside religion.

“Your heart, your spirituality, your belief in God, whatever causes you to do the right thing, always stays with you. It’s the essence of your being and the connection to something greater. It guides your actions and stays forever embedded within. As I grew older and delved into my studies, I realized how magnificent it is that the Creator was able to put an ethereal higher-dimensional spiritual being inside a physical third-dimensional body, which vibrates at a much lower frequency yet is still capable of containing that ethereal essence within. It’s fascinating.”

Her own disillusionment with religion stemmed from observations of how information was being manipulated, misinterpreted, and even lost. Her mother was an avid reader, so Lecia learned to read avidly as well and to think independently. However, she still believes today that the core principles of major religions intertwine and advocate for the same vision of humanity.

“There is a Christian saying, ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.’ Yet, the more I read, the more I learned that every religion has its own rendition—its own ‘Golden Rule,’ conveying the same message. Buddhists say, ‘Hurt not others with that which pains yourself”; Hindus say, ‘Treat others as you would yourself be treated’; Muslims say, ‘Do unto men as you would wish to have done unto you.’ And I was like, that’s what I want—solid proof and evidence, and there are many more examples. All religions have the same basic tenets of how to live on this Earth and be good or do good unto others. We are all united in our purpose to uplift one another rather than kill each other.”

Now, with her book, she aspires to guide individuals in discovering this unique and essential facet of their being.

“In my book, I talk about how the church failed me, but spirituality saved me. Religion and spirituality are not the same. At first, I wrote this book for my daughter so that she knew there was more to life than what you can see and touch or what can be explained away by science.”

Perhaps one of her most significant encounters with the spiritual world was years ago when her daughter was around seven years old. Lecia had reached a point in life where she thought her business would never get off the ground. She also believed that she was not the perfect wife she needed to be, nor the perfect mother or the perfect businesswoman due to the things the people around her were telling her. With her self-esteem reduced to below zero, she decided that she was going to end her life by walking into the ocean and swimming as far out to sea as possible.

After a long meditation, as she neared the moment and ventured towards the water, a baritone voice whispered in her ear, questioning, “Is this the legacy you leave your daughter?” She realized, “Absolutely not!”

“I drove home and thought, ‘Okay, I have to prove to my daughter that you make your own way in this world. You don’t rely on somebody else to make you who you are. You have everything within you to be as magnificent as you want to be.’”

Through her research, Lecia immersed herself in the rich tapestry of human history, finding inspiration in the collective strength that emerges when hearts and minds unite. She references noteworthy milestones humanity reached working side by side, such as traveling into space and exploring the great beyond. It took thousands of the brightest minds in America to answer President Kennedy’s challenge of space exploration and a few rare souls brave enough to be hurtled out into the unknown vacuum of space.

“Astronauts survived being thrown out into space in basically a tin can, atop enough rocket fuel to blow a small crater in Earth. They chose to do something great for the world, for humanity, rather than delve into the current Cold War. And when they returned to Earth, we celebrated as a community. It was all of our efforts that got them out there and brought them back safely. There were failures and losses, but it was amazing to be that connected with people you did and didn’t know, who accomplished great advances for all of mankind. They were people; they were our friends and neighbors, human beings just like the rest of us.”

Lecia suggests that spiritual evolution is possibly the ultimate goal for humanity, as intended by a higher power.

“Wasn’t it Tesla who said, ‘If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration?’ Certain things exist that are above and beyond what we’ve been dumbed down to believe. Some say the human potential is limited to X, and it’s like, no, darling, it’s more like X to the 27th degree. As the saying goes, ‘You ain’t seen nothing yet!’”

She shares how, in her research, she read accounts of people who were able to harness their innate energy in spectacular ways.

“People have documented cases where individuals have physically left Earth and returned. While it may sound unbelievable, it’s tied to raising one’s vibration,” she says. She references the accounts of eleven scientists who traveled to India and the Himalayas in the 1880s.

“They observed undocumented locals demonstrating miraculous feats like walking on water and teleporting between mountaintops. These incredible experiences were recorded in a series called The Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East. This series comprises seven small books, each less than a half-inch thick, highlighting the extraordinary capabilities that arise when individuals focus deeply on their spirituality and learn how to elevate the human body.”

In her insightful remarks, she delves into the fascinating topic of forgotten histories and the deliberate suppression of information throughout the ages.

“Think of when the Library of Alexandria was burned down, destroying countless papyrus scrolls on scientific studies, ancient medical history, including Cleopatra’s collection. Similarly, when the Chinese Communist Party entered the Himalayas, causing the Dalai Lama to flee, it was a broader effort to suppress knowledge and keep humanity in ignorance. This kind of censorship deeply frustrates me and highlights the dangers of losing such valuable knowledge.

The decline of creativity and cultural richness, especially evident in China’s history, is a tragic loss. The suppression of free will stifles the vibrant expression of humanity’s potential. Each of us arrives on this planet with a purpose predetermined, a destiny to fulfill. Our task is to follow the path that resonates with our hearts, to embrace what feels right within our souls.”

Lecia yearns for her book to illuminate a path divergent from the current existence of our shared humanity. Many readers with kindred beliefs have commended her for approaching controversial topics with fearlessness.

“At the book signing, I had people come up to me and say, ‘I can’t wait to dive into your book.’ They believe, as I do, that our generation was told to keep quiet about anything that veers away from the status quo, especially in the space industry. A guy approached me and said, ‘Well, as a pilot, I’ve seen things.’ I asked him, ‘What did you see?’ He responded, ‘Let me rephrase that. As a pilot, I saw nothing, but as an individual aboard an airplane, I saw things.’ When you think about an entire generation being told to keep quiet, could we be contributing to the problem? Here’s my attempt to help. It’s time we speak our truths.”

She describes how a reviewer affectionately referred to the story of Lecia’s life as a wild ride. Through baring her soul and sharing her narrative with the world, she wants to contribute to the record of our collective experience.

Lecia believes that humanity must delve into spiritual growth with open arms. She also commends many of the younger generation and its pioneering voices for some of the changes already underway.

“I’m witnessing phenomenal changes as individuals altruistically contribute cultural shifts that honor humanity and Mother Earth, which is also a spiritual entity. Many young entrepreneurs respect our planet and are innovating businesses supporting sustainability. For example, some create tissue from recyclable bamboo, while others extract plastic from the ocean to repurpose it, as well as aid marine life. Some young scientists create lifelike artificial limbs to aid wounded warriors in being able to interact with and hug their children after losing an arm to war. There are such talented young artists today who express their vision of the world with a pencil or brush in such incredible detail that their art rivals a photograph in capturing details of our unique human life and our world. There are countless current examples in business, science, math and art of how humanity is expressing our unlimited potential when focusing on our inherent talent and skills.

People are exploring how planets evolve and undergo energy shifts similar to our own in how we progress through our chakras. According to Hopi prophecy, which spans millennia, we are in the twilight of the fourth world. These prophecies trace back to the earliest stages of Earth—from a fiery ball to its current state, with the growth of mountains, animals, and changing ecosystems. It’s all connected.”

She says that the Hopi speak of an impending fifth world, where we might see the full spiritual embodiment in human form.

Lecia Duke Lone Star Chocolatier

“This period is marked by cooperation, challenging Darwin’s survival-of-the-fittest theory. If you look at nature, there are so many examples of animals helping animals and defending against other animals’ predators. That’s what we should be doing.”

Lecia Duke Lone Star Chocolatier

Today, many young businesses and initiatives, even pet care companies with non-processed foods, promote healthier, more sustainable practices. These efforts are not just for humans but extend to our animals and the broader environment.

“The movement toward a new world, the fifth world, is emerging amidst debates about AI and potential alternate realities, including theories of alien encounters as future human projections. It’s a time of transformation, where people and businesses use their influence to raise awareness and foster positive change for the planet and its inhabitants.”

Her Cherokee heritage has also shaped her understanding of the spiritual world. She did not truly understand the depth of information waiting for her until she moved to Fredericksburg, Texas. There, she was introduced to the Comanche and the Native way. “It really brought me home,” she says.

As a kid, she had been taught that God is omnipresent—a concept she struggled to understand. She wondered how God could be everywhere at the same time. Lecia’s perspective underwent a transformative shift when she was invited to partake in a powwow.

“The powwow was a significant channel for me to connect with my heritage. I was thrilled to learn more about Native people, especially since I have three Native bloodlines in my family that we know to be Cherokee. Plus, there is another bloodline on my father’s side, which might have been Cree or another tribe, and my grandfather even mentioned a ‘smidgen of Apache.’ I am also Scotch-Irish, English and French! So, I often think, ‘Lord have mercy, how do I reconcile these parts of my heritage?’ Although I may only have an eighth or some small portion of Cherokee blood, the spirit of that Native heritage is definitely within me and speaking up!

When I joined the powwow, I approached it with the utmost reverence. It was an opportunity to witness a living legacy and to learn from living Native American people. It felt like I was a six-year-old again—eyes wide open, careful not to touch the regalia, only asking about it respectfully, making sure not to embarrass or offend anyone. I was initially afraid that these traditions were disappearing, but I learned that they are very much alive and enduring.”

She vividly depicts the Cherokee people and their rich and historied traditions. The powwow happened around the time Lecia’s daughter was 14 years old. “Motherhood thrusts spirituality right in front of you when suddenly, your child questions the unknown and depends on you for everything,” she says.

“The Native have a way of life that deeply honors the Creator in everything they do. I drew inspiration from them in this regard, and it really brought clarity to my life when I began to embrace that outlook. I found my voice again, which I had nearly lost after becoming too engrossed in the material world—chasing after a college degree, an apartment, an affordable yet functioning car, and all that comes with it.”

One person who has had an immense impact on Lecia is Phyllis Laursen.

“I met Phyllis when I was just 27 years old. She introduced me to a whole new world of spirituality, guiding me through experiences that expanded my consciousness. Our initial meeting was such a profound moment for me, during a Darshan held in a local Unity Church, where Phyllis deciphered an enigmatic ‘samurai dream’ I had as a child. Both Scorpios, born a week apart, we instantly connected, bonded by our shared eccentricities. Phyllis wasn’t just a friend; she became my guide in the metaphysical realm.

Phyllis illuminated the concept of the Akashic record, revealing past lives and unlocking hidden truths. She unveiled a past where I was a Portuguese Jesuit priest in feudal Japan, imprisoned by the Emperor. Her revelations were eye-opening, expanding my understanding of existence. She possessed remarkable psychic abilities, including remote viewing. These talents, she believed, were innate to all humans, though often suppressed. A near-death experience in her childhood had opened her channels to these higher realms of perception.”

Phyllis’s insights weren’t confined to the metaphysical. She once helped clear certain discordant energies from Lecia when she was overwhelmed by the music at a Sting concert. “My heartbeat had become irregular, was stopping, and I was passing out,” she says.

“Meeting Sting afterward, I was struck by his kindness and curiosity about ordinary lives. Despite his fame, he remained grounded, attuned to the subtleties of existence. It reminded me that life transcends physicality; it’s a symphony of energy and vibrations, as Einstein posited. Phyllis’s teachings opened my eyes to the vastness of existence, urging me to explore beyond the confines of the tangible. There’s so much more to discover and experience beyond what meets the eye.”

Immersed in the profound experience of motherhood, Lecia found herself intimately connected to the unseen world like never before. Her book began as a collection of delicate musings penned with love for her daughter. As she bravely gathered them all into a cohesive narrative, she hesitated to have it printed someday.

The person who asked her to publish the book, Doc Lawrence, encouraged her and told her that sharing her story would be inspirational, ultimately helping countless others.

“So, I went into my private world and said, ‘If this is going to help someone, I will publish it.’ The initial responses I got back told me to keep going. I was sitting on the porch with one of the girls who reviewed it before it went to press. She said, ‘I have a question for you.’ She said that things had happened to her in the past. She asked, ‘When you reach a point where you can take that and put it on a shelf, and you no longer have any emotion attached to it, is that forgiveness?’”

Lecia’s response was, “It’s a step in the right direction. True forgiveness is such a joyful release, so miraculous, you just want to keep doing it again and again.”

The two had a lengthy conversation, and as Lecia walked away, she realized that she had helped that woman transform some of that emotional burden she was carrying. She shares that the book is really a call for unity and understanding.

“We need to recognize that every one bleeds as we bleed, loves as we love, that we’re all the same. Only then can we have a spiritual revolution, and people recognize the glory of who we are and why we’re on this planet instead of fixating on petty fights over land. How much land needs to be conquered now? How many cars do you need to have? We fell off the spiritual path when we walked towards the material path. People have been buried under it. What we need is to connect with other people. We need to see their faces. We need to see their eyes; we need to see their smiles.”

She reasserts that, as human beings, we’re here to use our creative skills to help one another rather than kill or alienate one another.

Compelled to do good in the world, Lecia is also a lightworker. This spiritual concept suggests that lightworkers carry a strong sense of purpose to spread light—positive energy, hope, and kindness—and to uplift humanity.

Like some of the newer ventures we are witnessing in society, Lecia’s company is built on those same principles.

“I believed I could create a company that defied the cutthroat, materialistic capitalist mindset—where profit is prioritized over people’s well-being. Many companies thrive on this approach, sacrificing ethics for financial gain. I chose a different path. I founded Quintessential Chocolates and dedicated it to producing clean chocolates long before it became trendy. The name signifies the fifth and highest essence, the purest form of anything. I can name every ingredient in our many products. There isn’t all that junk in it that is killing your body and negatively impacting your very cells, slowing down your ability even to think properly.”

She delves into the concept of quintessence in her book, explaining its significance and why she chose it as part of her company name. Initially, even her own mother questioned her decision, urging her to reconsider the name because it seemed obscure. “But to me, it’s more than just a name; it carries profound meaning and spirituality,” she says.

She felt driven to build a company that would contribute something positive to the world. Little brings more positivity than the sweet indulgence of chocolate, bringing joy and celebration to all.

Her company, Quintessential Chocolates, specializes in handcrafted liqueur praliné chocolates. Her business is the only American company that utilizes a confection process practiced initially in Europe, a technique that is becoming increasingly rare. The company has produced over 400 flavors of chocolate, including those filled with spirits, wine, non-alcoholic flavors and cocktails. In a world where so much good is vanishing, even something as simple as this amazing process deserves to be kept alive.

“My driving force is not financial gain. While some have suggested that I could take my company global and become incredibly wealthy, I remain uninterested. Material wealth holds no allure for me. Instead, I focus on the greater good—for the planet and for humanity. This is the essence of spirituality. It’s not about accumulating riches; it’s about making a positive impact, preserving the art of handmade artisan chocolates, and leaving the world a better place for having been a part of it.”

Throughout her life, she has hesitated to speak out about the knowledge she has gathered through her research and personal experience. Nevertheless, she aims to inspire readers to engage in their own exploration and critical analysis of the wealth of material available.

“Throw caution to the wind and do what your heart tells you. That’s why I reference so many books in my book because I’m giving you the path that I took and the books that I picked up and guided me through. And I introduced them in the story in the order they came into my life. I invite readers to explore the vast repository of knowledge available to us. The sheer abundance of information accessible today is staggering, a testament to the wealth of human experience and wisdom waiting to be tapped into.”

Every individual possesses inherent genius and value. Each life is imbued with significance, deserving of respect and autonomy. It’s a travesty to impose our will upon others, to diminish their worth or to silence their voices. The state of our world saddens Lecia deeply, which is evident in the tremor of emotion in her voice and the tears that well up in her eyes. We’ve allowed chaos to reign by neglecting our responsibility to care for our planet, Mother Earth and each other.

But amidst the despair, there remains hope—a hope rooted in recognizing the profound importance of every soul and the potential for change within each of us.

“We must acknowledge the universal human experience, where each individual’s pain, love, and humanity intertwine, revealing our shared essence. Imagine a world where a spiritual revolution ignites, revealing the true magnificence of our existence and the profound purpose behind our presence on this planet.”

Lecia Duke Lone Star Chocolatier