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Memorial High School Senior Aims to Continue Welcoming Culture

Eau Clarie (WQOW) – Each month News 18’s Katie Phernetton gets to know our ‘Student of the Month,’ an Eau Claire teen making a difference in their school and community. November’s ‘Student of the Month’ is Morgan Priem, a senior at Memorial High School who remembers the mentor-ship she was given as a new student and is now paying it forward.

She remembers what it was like to be a freshman, so she’s taken it upon herself to be a friendly face for new students.

As a freshman herself, she joined the cross country team and the team’s culture had her hooked.

“Coming in as a freshman not really knowing people, being on the team right away in the fall is where I met a lot of close friends,” said Morgan. “A lot of the upper class-men I really looked up towards as role models not only in athletics but also in academics and just in character as well.”

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