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Money Worries? Save Money on Household Bills

The coronavirus crisis has caused money troubles for billions across the world, some have lost their jobs completely, others have had their wages cut, many may be working to a smaller budget as they have lost a large chunk of income. Overall there are many varying degrees and circumstances in which people have been affected monetarily by the current health crisis. As the year draws to a close, many states and countries will be moving into their autumn and winter months and major holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas are approaching, all of which brings a new level of financial strain and concern. Many, have had to work from home and therefore may be paying more on household bills than usual, or simply be feeling the pinch from income strains. How, therefore, could you look to save money on household bills for the rest of the year?

Conserve Energy
The easiest adjustment within your means is to simply look at how you can be more energy efficient in your household. Not only will this save you money on bills but it may also prove to be eco-friendly and reduce your carbon footprint even by a small amount. Begin by switching off appropriate appliances overnight. Don’t leave laptops and devices plugged in, and turn both computers and TVs off at night rather than leaving them on standby.

During the day, ensure you have appliances that are not in use switched off and make a habit of turning lights off when not in use. You could even consider investing in smart systems that turn lights, sockets, or appliances off, either by your phone, automatically, or on a timer. If you would like to take this further, there are also smart home systems available that can help you control your energy output entirely and even remotely from your smart phone.

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Look for better deals
From cable, to the internet, to car insurance, to energy providers, you may be able to save money by simply shopping around and researching into cheaper providers and better deals. You can switch companies, reduce streaming services and generally look around for better deals for your various outgoing expenses. If you are working from home, and finding you are spending more on your overheads such as heating, electricity, and water, this may be an ideal time to look at companies that can better accommodate to your needs and slash your monthly bill price. You may already have the best deal, but regularly looking for new providers, cheaper options and even special offers will often prove lucrative.

Cell Phones
Similarly, looking to change your cell phone provider or contract could also end up saving you money. As many of us are more confined to the homes we may find that we are using Wi-Fi communications more than calling people and therefore may be able to reduce and alter our plans. However, this may not be the case for everyone but still looking to see if there is a better deal available could help to alleviate the monthly strain.

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As you look to conserve energy, it may also be a good idea to look at how you can save money on your water bill. There are several habitual things that you can adjust in everyday life in order to conserve water and thus reduce that bill and regular, small adjustments can actually go a long way. For example, only running the dishwasher or the washer when it’s full will reduce your water consumption. Taking shorter showers or switching to a more eco-friendly showerhead can also help, and looking at ways of generally reducing your water waste such as turning the faucet off whilst you brush your teeth can pay off. There are also plenty of smart tools and energy efficient companies that could help you in this area.

Extra expenses
You may feel the need to tighten your belt and save money on luxuries such as dining out, superfluous subscription services and any other areas you could reduce is often a tremendous help. Take some time to look at your various outgoings and examine the areas where you can save money. Perhaps you are eating out more often then you need to and instead you can make some fantastic meals from home. According to ‘the average American spends about $4,641 on dining out each year. To put that into perspective, you can get a round-trip flight from New York to Italy for $328.43 on TravelMerry,’ and this can include anything from a morning latte, drinks with friends, ordering in, to dining out at your favorite restaurant. You may be paying for a gym membership you no longer use or have multiple accounts on various streaming services, some of which you rarely watch. You do not necessarily need to take away things in your life that you enjoy, instead have a better handle on your outgoings and look to eliminate outgoings that are not truly benefiting you.

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