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New Netflix Original Christmas Movies To Get You In The Holiday Spirit This Year

The holiday season is finally here, and what better way to get into the spirit of the season than cozying up under a blanket by the fire, making some hot cocoa, and watching a fun new Christmas movie. Thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic, many of us aren’t able to embark on all of the traditional holiday adventures we’re used to, however, there’s quite literally never been a better time to stay home and marathon a bunch of your favorite holiday movies, and maybe sprinkle in some of these newer soon-to-be classics to your list: 

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Holidate: This is one of the most highly anticipated Netflix originals to have dropped this year. Emma Roberts stars as Sloane, a lonely girl who’s not looking forward to facing another holiday season alone when she meets Jackson, played by Luke Bracey, who has the same mentality. The two decide to fake dating each other so that they’re not alone during the holidays, and so they don’t have to hear 50 questions from their families about settling down. However, to both their surprise, things quickly begin to get more serious than anticipated. 

Operation Christmas Drop: Starring The Vampire Diaries Kat Graham as Erica, this movie follows a young woman who visits a US Air Force Base with the mentality that she’ll be shutting it down. However, after listening and witnessing the hardwork and Christmas spirit that these soldiers deliver every year, she starts to have a change of heart, and maybe even starts to fall in love along the way. 

Jingle Jangle: This new Netflix original musical is being widely discussed among Christmas movie lovers right now. The story follows a toymaker named Jingle Jangle who needs to either pay back his bosses the money he borrowed years prior to invent a brand new revolutionary Christmasd toy, or invent the toy as promised. However lacking inspiration for years, Jingle Jangle will need to call upon his young granddaughter to help.

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The Princess Switch: Switched Again: If you were a fan of the wondrous cheesiness that came with the original “Princess Switch’ movie then you’re likely to love the sequel just as much. In this sequel, Stacy and Margarey reunite for one final switch before Margaret is given the title of Queen of Montenegro. However, things get even more complex when Margaret’s look alike cousin, Fiona, comes to visit and offers another twist to the film. 

Dolly Parton’s Christmas On The Square: In this film, Regina Fuller (Christine Baranski) returns to her hometown after her father’s death in order to sell his property and quickly return to her busy life. Suddenly, right before Christmas, Fuller is visited by a Christmas Angel (Dolly Parton) who urges her to change her ways before it’s too late. This modern take on A Christmas Carol is filled with modern music and sparkly scenic elements that will put you right in the Christmas spirit. Plus, who doesn’t love Dolly Parton?

The Christmas Chronicles: Part Two: “The Christmas Chronicles” made headlines last year as one of Netflix’s most popular holiday films to date. Now, the highly anticipated sequel brings back Kurt Russel as everyone’s favorite Santa. In this film, Kate and Jack must go to the North Pole in order to save it before it’s completely destroyed by an evil force. The two must act quickly, if they don’t, Chrisymas may be gone forever.

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