Nourishing And Healing Your Mind And Body Through Holistic Medicine | Margaret Munnerlyn

Modern medicine is so multifaceted that it can become overwhelming for one to figure out the best path of healing for their specific situation. Margaret Munnerlyn is a holistic herbalist who has devoted her career to helping clients find natural remedies to care for their body’s ailments. She has consulted for hundreds of people over the past 25 years, emphasizing that herbalism is a practice that uses medicinal plants as a basis of traditional medicine, which is why it’s so successful.

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When it comes to our health, more of us are realizing that healing is an all encompassing term, and doesn’t just refer to one specific moment in time or part of our body. The mind and body are so closely connected that it’s important to treat the entire being as an individual in order to find the best solution for whatever ailment one may be experiencing. 

Holistic and herbal methods of healing/medicine have been around for centuries, but have just recently gained more of a respect in the actual field of medicine. Even medical professionals working out of hospitals are adopting holistic means of healing for their patients as a means of providing multiple solutions to problems they’re experiencing. 

Margaret Munnerlyn prides herself on her ability to communicate with people from all walks of life. She is a trusted holistic herbalist who has consulted hundreds of people over the past 25 years, helping them to achieve optimal health through herbal products and cures. 

Throughout the course of her career, Munnerlyn has worked closely with seriously ill patients, including those living with AIDS, heart conditions and other major illnesses. Dedicating her life to the practice of holistic medicine, she has helped hundreds of people heal their bodies.

“My favorite thing to do is give people productive information regarding herbs and holistic healing that will empower people when it comes to prioritizing their health. When it comes to our bodies, we should always be on the path of learning and striving to gain more knowledge.”

Munnerlyn has always had a deep connection to holistic and natural means of healing. Her family was full of different kinds of healers growing up, so she learned at a very young age that treating the entire body is integral to achieving optimal results. 

“I’ve had grandparents who were midwives, so I grew up with my family members making a lot of herbal remedies and I got to witness first hand the power they actually had when it comes to healing the body, or just helping it improve. I remember bringing people to my grandparents when I was younger who needed some sort of help, so I was exposed at an early age not only to the power of herbs but the power of compassion and helping others. 

When I grew up and eventually had my own family, making teas and other herbal remedies became second nature when it came to caring for the health and wellbeing of my family. I took on many career roles throughout my life, but beyond that I’ve always had experiences in which I’ve been able to help the people that I was around.

For example, I remember coming back from a vacation and there was a new sales clerk at the office I was working with at the time, and she was telling me about her daughter who was in school, but was constantly sick. She had some sort of asthma that made her lungs extremely sensitive, so it was hard to find a direct solution for her. Luckily while I was on vacation some of my other co-workers told her about my experience with healing so she was open when I offered to bring something in to hopefully help her daughter out. 

Obviously I clarified that I wasn’t a medical doctor, but my work with herbs exclusively has made me an expert in that sector of healing. I wrote down every step, ingredient, and process she had to go through to ideally help her daughter heal through herbalism. Eventually her daughter was finding it much easier to breathe, and that was sort of the beginning of how my work with herbal healing began. 

Another example that has always stuck with me is when my daughter came to me one night, and was telling me about her close friend whose mother had AIDS and was suffering in the hospital. I asked if her friend would be willing to go to the store to pick up all the things I thought I needed to help her feel better and ideally get her back out into the real world, and that’s exactly what I was able to do. I have so many random and amazing stories like that which just goes to show you how effective healing with herbs is. 

In the beginning I mainly just had individuals reaching out to me who had heard about my success with healing in general before it snowballed into something I actually believed I could turn into a business to help as many people as possible.” 

“The reason I think traditional medicine has failed so many individuals who end up turning to herbal remedies is because with regular medicine, there’s always meant to be a clear cut solution and path to healing. There’s a problem, you identify it, and find the best medical solution for it, while herbalism and holistic healing is all about finding the most accurate solution for your specific problem.”

Munnerlyn emphasized that she wasn’t trying to discredit or talk negatively about modern medicine at all, in fact she expressed the opposite. She believes that traditional medical facilities should begin taking on holistic physicians so patients are able to get a larger look at what’s occurring in their body and mind. 

“Listen, I’m not trying to discredit or talk negatively about traditional medicine at all, in fact, I think herbal medicine is something that should be more heavily integrated in modern medicine techniques because of the multitude of solutions that they can, and have, provided people for centuries. If we have a system that intertwines both the traditional with the herbal, I think the world would see a lot more healing. 

I often tell individuals who reach out to me to go to the front desk of their primary care provider and request that a holistic medical professional is in the room at the same time of your appointment. This way the individual is given a full spectrum of options and explanations when it comes to what they’re going through, and how it can be resolved.

I also am very honest about the fact that I’m not trying to come off as something I’m not. When individuals reach out to me or I reach out to them, I make sure that we both are open and willing to the information that I have and the options I can provide. I often take the approach of providing individuals with all the information, ingredients, and steps that they should take to help them with their specific situation. This way they can go through the entire process on their own and see for themselves firsthand how powerful and helpful these remedies are. 

I also want to make it clear that when I’m in the process of helping someone heal holistically, I’m treating the entire individual, not just one particular part of their body that may be giving them trouble. You can’t separate the brain from the body, so when I’m treating something physical, I also need to know about the mental effects of the ailment and how it’s impacting the person’s overall emotional state. 

I’ll give an example, think about when you’re feeling really hungry, but you’re also feeling anxious for whatever reason, typically you’ll want to wait for the feelings of anxiety to subside before eating, because anxiety can make you feel physically ill as well. However, other individuals experience the opposite, depending on their kind of anxiety, where they’ll even overeat to compensate for the anxiousness.” 

This is why Munnerlyn, and holistic healers in general, put such an emphasis on treating the mind and body as one entity, because both impact each other regardless. 

“When individuals are dealing with a sickness, the anxiety surrounding that specific illness and the unknowing of how to make it better can make a person feel so much worse. Anxiety leaves the body even more vulnerable to potential illness, so I like to focus on giving as much information as possible when it comes to assisting individuals find specific holistic remedies for themselves.”

You have to look at your body as a unit. Everything is connected as you are one whole human being.

Think about it like this, if you don’t drink enough water, your entire body is going to feel the impacts of it in a variety of ways; headaches, muscle weakness, exhaustion, etc. So if one part of your body or mind is experiencing pain, uneasiness, or discomfort, the rest of the body is also impacted in other indirect ways. 

Holistic medicine looks at a problem, analyzes the ways in which it’s impacting the entire body, and works to find a specific and detailed solution for optimal healing.” 

Munnerlyn then broke down how anxiety specifically can interfere with an individual path to physical healing, which is why it’s so important to gain a greater understanding of both experiences. 

“When one is experiencing feelings of anxiety, on any level, it immediately impacts the stomach and digestive system. So when you decide to eat to ideally overtake that feeling, your digestive system becomes confused, and in the future could continue to equate anxiety with hunger.

It’s about listening to what your body and mind are telling you at a given moment, which is why holistic healing is also concentrated on healing the whole individual.” 

Munnerlyn then explained how individuals at home can start looking into their specific experiences and the holistic solutions that have worked for others in the past. Doing the research and having an open mind is half the battle, according to Munnerlyn. 

“The internet is an amazing resource for individuals to find different types of healing, however, it’s such a double-edged sword because of the volume of information out there, people can struggle with what’s actually accurate and helpful. So when I’m working with an individual, first things first I make sure they break down every detail of their specific experience. 

I then am able to send them information that I have collected and found to be accurate over the years for them to do their own research on, so they can gain a greater understanding of holistic medicine, and how it can specifically benefit them. 

I find that sharing this well thought out and accurate information with individuals who reach out to me is also beneficial when it comes to integrating this kind of medicine with their primary care providers. 

Like I mentioned before, I think medicine would benefit greatly from collaborative efforts from both the traditional and the holistic, so I tell people to take the information I give them, bring it to their primary care providers, and take it a step further and use it to find someone in your area who is in the herbal medicine field. This way you’ll be able to get a fuller scope of potential solutions for yourself.” 

“Having holistic experts in your space can make all the difference when it comes to your health. Knowledge is power, so if you’re on a certain medication now, do the research on it and learn how it’s supposed to actually work to make you feel better. Beyond that, research the herbal remedies that could either replace, or combine with, your current mode of healing to take that healing even further.”

Munnerlyn’s biggest advice to individuals who want to adopt more holistic remedies in their everyday lives is to reach out to the experts, and start small. 

“If you’ve never explored holistic and herbal medicine before, I always recommend starting with what you have in the kitchen. Olive oil, vinegar, and honey are all things that can easily be incorporated into one’s diet, and they all have amazing health benefits for the body. Little things like that can actually help push you in the right direction towards taking on a more holistic approach to your health in general. 

Beyond that, don’t be afraid to reach out to experts. That’s literally my job, individuals reach out to me when they feel like they’re just not improving and need to see that there’s other possibilities out there that can help them. There will always be another option, so don’t give up especially when it comes to you and your health.

I also tell everyone that reaches out to me that communication really is key. Once you do the research and learn more about holistic healing and remedies, talk with your doctors and go through what you’ve learned. 

Your doctors are there to listen and help you heal, sometimes it can feel intimidating to discuss research you did on your own with someone who is deemed an expert in the field, but it’s your body and your health, therefore you have the power to dictate what happens to it, so have those conversations. 

There is always a path to healing, no matter how hopeless or intense the situation may seem, treating the mind and body as one will at least work to heal the anxiety of your reality. 

Remember, the brain and body are so deeply connected, so when you’re feeling uneasy or anxious, that goes directly to the parts of your body where you’re experiencing discomfort or pain. There are so many individuals in the medical world that are now acknowledging and sharing herbal remedies with their patients because they understand that when it comes to healing there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution. 

I mainly just want individuals to become more open-minded and change their thinking when it comes to healing and their health in general. There’s so many potential natural solutions that could benefit you, it’s just about being open to the possibilities and finding the right information. 

Do the research, take in the information and talk to experts. You have the power to change your health and change your way of life, you just have to be putting yourself as the priority, and be willing to learn.” 

Margaret Munnerlyn also has a published book, “Food for Thought,” which is a personally based and spiritually influenced collection of short stories and poetic writings. It has been acclaimed for its authentic depiction of subjects such as love and relationships. The book is now available on 

To learn more about the amazing work Margaret Munnerlyn does, check out her book and website here!