NYC’s West Village Now Has A 100,000-Square-Foot Amenity Space Of Luxury

Architect David Rockwell recently discussed the space that has over 30 indoor activities meant to “appeal to both the left and right brain.”

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New York Architect David Rockwell recently completed this project that’s located under the five-acre luxury development known as Waterline Square. The space itself is described as a 100,000-square-foot amenity level in New York’s Upper West Side that has attractions such as indoor gardening, a boxing gym, and a half-pipe skate park. 

The project is a reflection on the changing state of luxury real estate in New York City. The levels of creativity that these architects and interior designers are exhibiting within these spaces are what living in NYC is all about. Waterline Square specifically has taken one of the largest amounts of construction financing in New York history to complete. In total it cost approximately $2.3 billion. 

To finance it, the GID Development Group collectively borrowed $1.2 billion from Wells Fargo, J.P. Morgan, Chase & Co., HSBC USA, and the National Bank of Abu Dhabi while contributing their own $1 billion in equity. The project itself has consisted of three separate building structures which each have their own high-profile architectural venture. The Rockwell Group was chosen to design the underground space as a means of unifying all three structures. The space will be used for residents of all three buildings to relax and unwind. To tackle designing such a massive indoor space, Rockwell claims the main goal was to make it feel less like a warehouse space by bringing in outdoor design elements. 

“I’m a lifelong student and lover of New York. I think there’s spaces like the reservoir at Central Park or moving around Union Square, where movements are so much a part of the life of New York.”

Waterline Square recently made headlines after eight units sold for a combined total of $27 million to one family from Peru. Maria Velazquez is the real estate agent who sold the property to the family, and claims that they “felt their money was safer in an apartment in New York than in a bank.”

Most of the units within the building are priced between $3 million and $6 million. The largest units contain five-bedrooms and are starting at $12 million; in total there are 1,132 residential units of both rental and condo status throughout all three buildings. Rockwell wanted the space for these residents to relax to feel like the epitome of New York City living, so his team centered the design around a courtyard design. The structure within the space referred to as the Nexus is a massive “bridge” structure that connects different levels and amenity spaces. 

“That circulation path takes you around and each one of the views and stages around the perimeter of the space. It gives it both an enormous synergy and that ability to see everything going around and being at the center of that activity.” The structure is located right along the Hudson River, so the wooden bridges were meant to look like the hull of a boat and were actually built by Hewes & Company, Maine-based yacht builders. These sculptural pieces are meant to maximize the massive height of the space, while also being meticulously placed to allow the most light to enter into different areas of the building throughout the day. 

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“Our process always starts with, ‘how is something going to behave and how do you interact with it?’ long before what it looks like. The visual language grows out of the program.”

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Rockwell claims that he designed each of the smaller rooms in the amenity space to have their own “mini vocabulary,” or personality, to keep every space distinguished and unique. A common design theme throughout the structure is unexpected finishes to each room and at the end of each corridor, which Rockwell claims is to “seduce you into the next space.”

One of the most unique spaces in the structure is an indoor gardening room; something you won’t find often in NYC. James Linsley, the President of GID Development Group, recently spoke with the press about how the indoor gardening room is just one of the reasons that Waterline Square is going to act as a major catalyst for change in modern NYC architecture and design. 

“Waterline Square’s vision centers on rethinking a living experience and making it about so much more than just residences. This development gave us a rare opportunity to create an entirely new neighborhood on Manhattan’s waterfront that functions as its own community.”

Other amenities include an indoor skate park with a half-pipe ramp, a three lane lap pool that’s surrounded by smaller lounge areas and a skylight which acts as one of the only sources of daylight in the entire underground space. The space also has its own bowling alley, recording studio, art studio equipped with tons of supplies, and a full-sized basketball court; which is just one of the many sporting structures in the building, there’s also an indoor soccer field, yoga studio, tennis court, rock climbing wall, and gym. 

The Waterline Square has also included a sophisticated air filtration system so that air won’t recirculate between residential and common spaces.