Live Updates

Supreme Court Washington DC

Amy Coney Barrett Confirmed As Supreme Court Justice, One Week Before Election Day 

Justice Amy Coney Barrett could easily spend three decades sitting on the Supreme Court, however, the way in which she got to her position of power will not soon be forgotten by the American people who have had quite the year watching their current administration mishandle a global pandemic and further dividing the country politically. 
Brexit Flags in UK

No Deal Brexit To Cause More Stress On Struggling UK Economy

A number of well-respected financial experts are forecasting disastrous results for the UK economy in the case of no Brexit trade deal being agreed upon.

95% Mortgage Offered To First-Time Buyers in Britain

In Real Estate, it seems a universal problem that young people struggle to get onto the property ladder. In late 2019, Bloomberg reported that the median age of first time buyers had increased to 33.
Covid Transmission

What Is A ‘Circuit Breaker’ in Terms of COVID-19?

A ‘circuit breaker’ is a set of tight restrictions similar to a lockdown over a short and limited time period. Designed to quickly reduce the transmission of COVID-19 and therefore reign in and reverse the spread of the virus.
Online Payment

Small Business StartUp Fivestars Raises Over $50 Million

Businesses across the world have found 2020 a testing time to say the least and hundreds of thousands of small businesses have closed their doors for the last time this year.
Thailand Flag

Thailand Declare a State of Emergency

The government in Thailand has declared a state of emergency in Bangkok after a royal procession was blocked by protesters.
US Canada Border

Trudeau Confirms US-Canada Border To Remain Closed

As coronavirus continues to ramp up its second spike of cases across the world, countries are implementing travel restrictions that are designed to keep most of us in our home countries.

World News

White House in DC

Trump Returns To A Coronavirus-Filled White House Despite Expert Concern

President Donald Trump eagerly returned to the White House this Monday after spending three nights in the Walter Reed Medical Center fighting Covid-19.

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Britain’s Biggest Hoarder Leaves $5.1m of ‘Clutter’

The success of television programmes that show you how you can get rid of anything you do not need and reorganize what you keep has seen many Americans rushing to rid their homes of unwanted items.
COVID Outbreak in UK

UK Struggles With Large Surge In Coronavirus Cases

The coronavirus situation in the UK is deteriorating by the day as the country suffers another large surge with case numbers rapidly increasing.
Qingdao China Coronavirus

City Of Qingdao, China To Test All Nine Million Residents For Covid-19 In The Next 5 Days

Over a period of five days, authorities in the Chinese city of Qingdao will test all nine million of its residents for Covid-19 after it was discovered that a dozen individuals were positive for the virus in a hospital that was treating coronavirus patients arriving internationally. 
Russia Flag

Kremlin Claims Navalny Works With CIA

After the recent accusations that Russian President Vladimir Putin orchestrated the poison plot against opposition leader Alexei Navalny, the Russian government hit back claiming that Navalny was in fact working with the CIA.

U.S. News

Biden Gains Momentum In Polls As Key Demographics Switch To Vote Democrat

We're a little more than a week away from Election Day and Joe Biden’s goal of reaching the White House in 2021 could be dependent on two crucial demographics who’s previous loyalty to Trump led him to his presidency back in 2016.

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No Justice No Peace Sign

Grand Juror On Breonna Taylor Case Claims Homicide Charges Were Never Offered

A grand juror in the Breonna Taylor case has spoken out against claims made by Kentucky attorney general Daniel Cameron, stating that the jury was never offered homicide charges to consider against the officers involved in the killing of Taylor. 
Democratic Party

FBI Thwarts Plot To Kidnap Gretchen Whitmer

The FBI has announced that six men have been arrested in relation to a plot to kidnap and overthrow Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer.
Indigenous Peoples Day

Indigenous Peoples Day Honors And Celebrates Native American History And Culture

All across the country various states and cities are hosting virtual or outdoor events this Monday October 12th to celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day, a holiday meant to celebrate and honor Native American traditions and culture. 

Trump Refuses Virtual Debate

Just days from being released from the hospital after receiving treatment for Covid-19, President Donald Trump has refused to participate in a virtual debate against Democratic rival Joe Biden.

Business News

China’s Economy Shows Steady Recovery As Pandemic Is Brought Under Control

China reported a 4.9% economic growth in its third quarter, making it the only major global economy in the world to show an economic increase during a worldwide pandemic.

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Racial Love

CEOs Announce Plans To Fight Racism

This year has been a busy year in terms of events and actions that have seen major changes to not only the way we live and but also the way in which the world continues to evolve.
Zara Store

More Fashion Retailers Forced Into Administration

Economies across the world are continuing to suffer thanks to the continuing health crisis that is sweeping the globe with many countries experiencing a second wave in a time when they had been hoping for some respite.
Solar Panels

UK Company Using Material That Could Be “Game-Changer” For Solar Power 

Solar energy has been one of the biggest innovations within the past few decades. Now, a company in the UK is using a group of materials called perovskites to create the “next generation of solar panels.”

easyJet Latest Victim of Pandemic

The latest victim is British budget airline easyJet who have announced they are expecting to make a £845 million ($1,092m) loss this year. The loss would be the first made by the airline in their 25-year history.

Culture News

Madrid Spain

Highly-Anticipated Hotel In Madrid Opens Its Doors To A Struggling Tourism Market

Madrid made headlines this week after announcing the opening of its first grand hotel in nearly 50 years. The hotel itself is a luxury Four Seasons establishment that took nearly a decade to complete.

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Amazon Music

UK Government Inquiry Into The Impact of Streaming Services

It is undeniable that the way we consume music has changed substantially, particularly since the turn of the 21st Century. Previous generations would excitedly travel to music stores to purchase the latest releases physically.
Coronavirus against the UK

United Kingdom: The Prime Ministers Vision For A Post-COVID Britain

The UK is currently in the midst of another dramatic surge of coronavirus cases. New restrictions have been put into place to attempt to short-circuit the spread of the virus.
Leonardo da Vinci

Experts Claim Leonardo da Vinci’s ‘Lost Masterpiece’ Can’t Be Found Because It Never Existed

Art experts and scholars have been looking for Leonardo’s “lost masterpiece” for years now, however, some individuals are now claiming that the search is pointless because the work doesn’t even exist. 
Colorful Music

The Continuing Impact of Covid-19 on UK Music Industry

In November 2019, The Guardian reported that the value of the UK live music sector hit more than £1 billion as detailed in the annual report Music by Numbers.

Entertainment News

Colorful Music

Bob Mould Criticizes America With Comeback Album ‘Blue Hearts’

Bob Mould has been spending the past few weeks quarantined in his sealed San Francisco home as toxic smoke fills the California air, which is just one of the many thematic elements that makes up his new album, Blue Hearts.

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Halloween Movie

Classic Halloween Movies To Get You In The Spooky Spirit 

Halloween in 2020 definitely looks a little different than what the world is used to, however, just because there’s a global pandemic happening outside of our doors that doesn’t mean we still can’t enjoy all the fun festivities the holiday has to offer.
Gold Award Trophy

Highlights From The Highly Anticipated 2020 Billboards Awards

The biggest stars of the music industry were out in force yet again this week for another pinnacle event in the annual calendar, the Billboard Awards 2020.
Popcorn and Netflix

Netflix Cancels Original Series: Glow

The original Netflix comedy series, GLOW was renewed last summer for a fourth and final season. The show, centres around a troupe of female wrestlers in the 1980s.
Music Awards

2020 Billboard Music Awards Recap: Post Malone Wins Big In Nine Categories 

Post Malone proved to be the big winner of 2020’s Billboard Music Awards, taking home nine awards including top artist for the year. Kelly Clarkson hosted the ‘Covid-19 style” award show that involved many remote performances, a crowd less Dolby Theater, and plenty of distancing for the artists that were there to accept their awards.

Health News

US To Hit 8 Million Covid-19 Cases As Daily Rates Of Infection Surpass 50,000

Experts are warning for a tough and long winter in the US as daily Covid-19 infections surpass 50,000 and the death toll nears 220,000.

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Elder Woman Wearing Mask

Who’s At The Greatest Risk Of Experiencing ‘Long Covid’?

A recent study linked age and number of Covid-19 symptoms in a positive individual to longer-lasting health problems brought on by the virus. What they found specifically is that women aged 50-60 are at the greatest risk of developing “long Covid."
COVID Thanksgiving

CDC Guidelines: How To Stay Safe Over Thanksgiving

With coronavirus cases currently on the up and a major uptick forecasted as the US approaches its winter months, there are major worries that holiday celebrations could result in a large increase in the spread of the disease.
U.S. Coronavirus Pandemic

Trump Talks Politics After His Recent Illness

Following his recent hospitalization for coronavirus, President Donald Trump appeared to claim he was recovered after only four days.
Vaccine Covid

Two Potential Covid-19 Vaccines Could Meet The FDA’s Authorization Guidelines By 2021

Over 190 countries have joined the effort to create some sort of Covid-19 vaccine or drug treatment. According to the World Health Organization, of those trials 42 are being evaluated in clinical studies and 10 have already reached the late-stage of clinical testing. 

Lifestyle News


How This CEO Built Her Lifestyle Brand Around Her Brain Disorder

Blain is the founder and CEO of shapewear and lifestyle brand FBF Body, but before becoming she dove into the world of entrepreneurship she was working as an educator in Corporate America. When she was 30-years-old, however, she received a diagnosis for Chiari Malformation which changed everything. 

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Zoom Interview

Job Hunting During A Pandemic

At present, we are all living in uncertain times in all senses of the word, with the Coronavirus pandemic taking hold of all aspects of our lives.
Walking Outdoors

10,000 Steps A Day Is Key To Maintaining A Healthy Lifestyle, Doctor Says

In order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, doctors recommend taking at least 8,000 to 10,000 steps every day to keep your mind, body, and spirit active and engaged.
Girl Procrastinating

How To Better Handle Bouts of Procrastination

In the year of the coronavirus pandemic, it may be even harder to concentrate on a task after working from home for weeks, missing out on social outlets or simply not having the energy to carry out an activity.
Alcohol Drinks

The New Meaning of Sober For October During The Pandemic

Sober October has come around once again however no one could have predicted quite how this month would have looked for them this time last year.

Real Estate News

NYC’s West Village Now Has A 100,000-Square-Foot Amenity Space Of Luxury

New York Architect David Rockwell recently completed this project that’s located under the five-acre luxury development known as Waterline Square. The space itself is described as a 100,000-square-foot amenity level in New York’s Upper West Side that has attractions such as indoor gardening, a boxing gym, and a half-pipe skate park. 

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House Keys 2

Real Estate Market Trends Arising From COVID-19

The Real Estate market is not without its own struggles, however, in many areas the housing market is proving resilient and, in some places, and upsurge of buying houses can be seen.
Commercial Real Estate

Continued Lockdowns Put More Commercial Real Estate at Risk

The continued peaks and troughs in the economy’s recovery due to localized lockdowns and spikes in infection rates is putting more pressure on the commercial real estate industry than ever before.
Halloween Cookies

Ideas For A Socially Distanced Halloween At Home

Halloween is a fun and exciting time for the kids, and let’s face it, often the adults too. With the prospect of trick or treating, costumes and candy on the cards who would not be excited for this incredible holiday?
Hawaii Real Estate

Hawaii Real Estate Agents Report Unexpected Spike In Sales 

Catherine Pennell is a real estate agent representing Kauai for KW Kauai Keller Williams in Hawaii, who claims that the housing industry in Hawaii has been booming since April. Pennell says she’s fielding two to three phone calls everyday from people living in the United States looking to move to Hawaii. 

Science News

America Surpasses 1,000 Daily Covid-19 Deaths As Second Wave Fears Grow

The newest data regarding the daily death tolls is just a part of the ongoing trends occurring in America that is leading experts to believe a massive second wave is still to come with the virus.

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World with Mask

The World Has Now Experienced 40 Million Cases Of Covid-19 

The number of confirmed Covid-19 cases has now surpassed 40 million worldwide. According to Johns Hopkins University, which has been collecting data on the pandemic since it first started in March, global cases surpassed the 40 million mark this past Monday.

Pufferfish Suspected of Creating Underwater ‘Crop Circles’ in Australia

Forget the mysterious crop circles that grasped the interest of people across the world, a new type of underwater crop circle has been discovered in Australia.
Covid Virus

From Herd Immunity To Vaccinations, Predictions on Overcoming The COVID-19 Pandemic

SARS-CoV- 2 has been devastating the world for the majority of 2020. Governments across the world are looking to both safeguard both the people and their economies.
Long Covid Virus

New Research Examines ‘Long Covid’ Patients Experiencing Ongoing Coronavirus Symptoms

Scientists are defining “Long Covid” as the long-lasting impact of coronavirus infection for certain patients who continue to feel symptomatic weeks after being deemed negative; which may be affecting people in four different ways.

Sports News

Basketball on Court

The Lakers Win 17th NBA Title, LeBron James Earns Fourth Championship

The Los Angeles Lakers became NBA Champions this weekend after defeating the Miami Heat 106-93 in Game 6 of the NBA Finals.

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Football Stadium Field

NFL Debating Team Bubbles To Carry Out The Playoff Season 

Throughout the unpredictable 2020 NFL season the league has maintained an “all options on the table” mentality in terms of how they will continue out the rest of the season safely as the world continues to battle the Covid-19 pandemic. 
Football on grass

Chargers Name Herbert As Starting Quarterback

Following an impressive start to his rookie season after being thrown in unexpectedly due to injury, the Los Angeles Chargers have named Justin Herbert as their permanent starting quarterback.

Tommie Smith And John Carlos Made History At The Olympics 52 Years Ago Today

The 1968 Summer Olympics in Mexico City became one of the most historic Olympic events in history after American sprinters Tommie Smith and John Carlos took to the medal stand and raised a black-gloved fist during the national anthem.
Football Field

Houston Texans Fire Head Coach, General Manager Bill O’Brien

After a winless start to the season, the Houston Texans have made the decision to relieve head coach and general manager Bill O’Brien of all his duties.

Technology News

Apple Store

What Tech Experts Are Expecting From Apple’s Upcoming Announced Fall Event

The tech giant officially announced this week that they would be hosting a major event on September 15th, however, they have yet to reveal any details as to what consumers can expect to be revealed.

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Google Search

Google Unveils ‘Project Mineral’ Prototype Robots

Google’s parent company, Alphabet, has revealed its innovative new robot prototypes which are designed to inspect and feedback data on every plant in a field, one by one.
UK Busy Street

The UK’s New Three-Tier COVID System

After the coronavirus spread from Wuhan and became a nationwide pandemic, the United Kingdom was forced to go into a nationwide lockdown in March after an overwhelming number of cases.
Wind Farm

Britain Hopes To Power Homes By Wind Farms By 2030

Despite being a relatively well-known concept, the coronavirus pandemic has starkly underlined humanities problematic relationship with the climate and natural world.
Tesla Sign

Tech Giant Tesla Reveals They No Longer Have A PR Team

In a move which has taken the media by surprise, US electrical vehicle and clean energy firm Tesla has revealed it no longer has a PR team, in what appears to be an industry first for a company of its size and profile.

Travel News

Essential Travel Items

Tourists Would Rather Cancel A Trip Than Have To Wear A Mask On Vacation

According to a recent study, the travel industry is set to take a large economic hit in the coming months as the seasons change and more tourists opt to cancel their holiday trips.

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Airport Security

How Covid-19 Has Changed The Way We Go Through Airport Security

The Covid-19 pandemic has truly changed the entire world and the multitude of industries that run it. One of the biggest industries that has been impacted internationally by the virus has been the travel/tourism industry.

Treasure The Stunning State of Montana

The northwestern state of Montana is home to some of the most stunning scenery and wildlife, which often attracts thousands of visitors each year.
Happy Thanksgiving

Will Thanksgiving Be The Latest Event To Be Canceled?

With Thanksgiving fast approaching many of us are looking forward to a break in our routine, a chance to escape and catch up with loved ones and to be thankful for what we have.
Big Bend National Park

Some Of The Most Scenic Places To Camp In America 

Especially if you live in a cooler part of the country, planning a road trip to go to one of the warmer parts of the country for an extended holiday camping trip is the best way to get your mind of the current state of the world and just relax.