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Mother & Daughter on Video Call

Video Calling Has Been Found To Cause Fatigue

Although video chat software has been immensely beneficial to businesses and social groups alike and programmes such as Zoom, Skype and Facebook chat has seen a usage boom within the COVID-19 pandemic, many have noticed a sense of fatigue after long or regular video calls.
Social Gathering

Will Social Contact Change After COVID-19?

Since the coronavirus outbreak, social contact has changed drastically. At first, it felt strange not to hug or shake hands in greeting, surreal to stand two metres away from others and rude to not take a parcel from a delivery driver.
Reading in Bed

Reading To The Rescue

For many, reading has been a life raft during lockdown. Some may have rekindled a love for reading, others may have finally found the time to work through their giant stack of ‘to-read’. If you enjoy reading, you’ll know that blissful escapism that can be delivered with a good book.
England Soccer Ball

England Soccer Captain Harry Kane’s Generous Gesture

English Premier League’s (EPL) Tottenham Hotspur striker Harry Kane has agreed a deal with lower league team Leyton Orient to thank the essential workers and charities who have contributed to efforts against the coronavirus pandemic.
Coral Bleaching

Scientists Could Protect Coral Reefs From Bleaching With Heat-Resistant Algae

Australia is home to the Great Barrier Reef which is located in the Coral Sea, off of the east coast of Queensland. It is the world's largest coral reef system, stretching over 2,300 kilometres over an area of approximately 344,400 square kilometres.
Planting Flowers in Garden

Why You Should Utilize Your Garden Space

Although lockdown restrictions may be slowly lifting, outdoor life is far from returning to normal. Many social events, public spaces and entertainment venues are still under strict restrictions. As the summer draws in, a garden, patio or balcony can become a refreshing sanctuary.

World News


Far-Right Canadian Candidate Maxime Bernier Gains Traction

Like the President, he is infamous for using Twitter as a political weapon, and has been accused of posing a danger to his country's system of government.
Taking a Test

University Of California To End Using Standardized Test Scores In Admissions Process

The University of California Board of Regents unanimously voted this week to suspend all SAT and ACT testing requirements for college freshman applicants until 2024, and will move to eliminate the requirement completely by the end of that five year period.
Coronavirus Virus

Leaked Document on China’s Real Covid-19 Figures

Rumours and controversy have continued to surround the coronavirus outbreak, not just in the way it originated but also in the way that some countries are reporting about it. In particular China.
Coronavirus Economic Impact

How Two of The Biggest Economies in The World Are Losing The Battle With Coronavirus

The current coronavirus pandemic is a global incident that has not been witnessed in living memory so it is understandable that mistakes would have been made. However, it is starting to become clear that both here in America as well as in the United Kingdom.
Positive COVID-19 Test

New Covid-19 Cases In China Spark Concerns For A Second-Wave

Coronavirus flare-ups in China and South Korea are prompting worldwide fears of a second-wave of the virus, especially considering China was one of the first countries to enact lockdown policies to fully flatten the curve.

U.S. News

Podium Speaker

Andrew Yang Stands Out in a Crowded Field

Andrew Yang is not a typical presidential candidate. For one, his signature campaign promise, at first glance, seems patently absurd - if elected, he promises to institute what he calls the "Freedom Dividend," a promise to give every American adult $1,000 a month, for free, no strings attached.
Stay Home Save Lives

America Becomes A Battle Of Red v Blue

A recent analysis of cellphone data has highlighted the number of Americans who have been leaving their homes during the coronavirus lockdown. Figures show that compared to the first six weeks of lockdown, a further 25 million more Americans ventured outside their homes.
Girl using Markers for Picture

This 10-Year-Old Started Her Own Charity To Help Kids In Foster Care Cope With The Pandemic

Chelsea Phaire is a 10-year-old girl from Danbury, Connecticut who’s using her time in quarantine to lift the spirits of other children who are stuck at home.
Mental Health

Mental Health Concerns Grow As Lockdown Continues

Public health group Well Being Trust has conducted recent analysis that shows up to 75,000 Americans are at risk of dying from substance abuse or suicide as a direct result of covid-19. With the economy continuing to suffer and unemployment increasing daily.
Mother & Daughter at home with masks

New Cases Of Coronavirus Down In 28 States, Health Officials Still Fear A Second-Wave

The number of new coronavirus cases in more than half of the states in the US are going down. These states are also mainly more rural areas with less densely populated metropolitans, such as Manhattan, however, this is still really positive news. 

Business News

Apple Store

Tim Cook: Building on an Almost-Superhuman Legacy

Though he was a relatively unknown figure before Steve Jobs’ death, Cook, who considered Jobs a close friend and mentor, was nevertheless integral in the company’s success since he joined Apple in 1998.

U.S. Orders 300 Million Doses Of Potential AstraZeneca Covid-19 Vaccine

The United States has recently secured 300 million doses, or one third of the world’s supply, of AstraZeneca’s experimental Covid-19 vaccine by pledging to give up to $1.2 billion for funding.
Facebook on Phone

Facebook Agrees to $52 Million Settlement

It has long been acknowledged that working for Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook has some benefits that many other companies just cannot compete with. Alongside a number of health and wellness benefits the company likes to support their employees’ family life.
Airplane Landing

Travel Sector Starting To Bounce Back

Businesses across the country have been hit hard due to the White House’s stay-at-home orders, with many losing business as they have been forced to shut up shop. However the country’s orders to stay home did not keep everyone away from the beaches and parks over the last few weekends.

J.C. Penney Filing For Bankruptcy And Possibly Closing 200 Stores

The coronavirus pandemic has been impacting the economy since it first entered into the United States. Over 30 million people have lost their jobs in a matter of weeks, leading to tens of thousands of businesses closing, including some of the biggest names in retail. 

Culture News


Queen Latifah Receives W.E.B. Dubois Black Culture Medal

Legendary rapper, actress, songwriter, producer, and philanthropist Queen Latifah was honored on Tuesday October 22nd 2019, at Harvard University with the W.E.B. Dubois Medal for her contribution to black history and black culture.
Red Carpet

Is It The End For Traditional Celebrity Culture?

As COVID-19 continues to challenge the world to get through this pandemic, the traditional celebrity culture has seen a change to it like never before. The movie premieres, catwalk shows and live concerts have all been cancelled.
75th Victory in Europe Day

The UK’s 75th Victory in Europe Day in Isolation

It seems that much of 2020 is globally shared, as countries across the world face the fallout of the COVID-19 outbreak, 2020 also marks the 75th anniversary for the end of World War II. Victory in Europe day (VE day) is celebrated on the 8th of May.
Woman working on video call

The Reality of Office Culture Due to COVID19

It is beyond questionable that COVID19 will change the way we work. As the world progresses through stages of lockdown with schools, restaurants, theatres and workplaces closed, the reality of remote working is becoming notable.
Coronavirus against the UK

The UK Is Past The Peak of The Virus, Government Announces

On Thursday 30th of April 2020, the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, announced that the UK was past the peak of the coronavirus, stating that ‘“I can confirm today that for the first time, we are past the peak of this disease. We are past the peak, and we are on the downward slope.”

Entertainment News

Red Carpet

Lana Del Rey Mourns Her Loss of Patriotism on New Record

Del Rey’s newest album is her most mature—and perhaps her most pessimistic—to date.
Broadway Sign

Steven Speilberg Is Bringing Hit TV Show "Smash" To Broadway

“Smash” has been off the air for about seven years now (its last episode premiered in May of 2013), however, it’s looking like fans will be thrilled to learn that their favorite show will be revived, but in a much more lively way.
Darth Vader

Taika Watiti To Direct Next Star Wars Movie

Last December, the Rey trilogy, which kickstarted the sparkling and remarkable reboot of Star Wars, wrapped up the Skywalker saga with Episode Nine: The Rise of Skywalker. It was directed by J.J. Abrams and although it received a mixed reaction from critics, it was a pleasing end for many.
Girl Watching Movie on Couch

Movie Series You Should Watch In Quarantine

Enduring the coronavirus pandemic and remaining indoors for an indefinite amount of time is truly like something we’ve never experienced before. Finding ways to pass the time has been the largest struggle for many of us, so it’s no surprise that binge-watching our favorite television shows and movies on the multitude of streaming platforms that exist now has been one of the most popular options. 
The Hobbit

Actor Andy Serkis Hosts Live 12 Hour Charity Reading of The Hobbit

Award-winning actor Andy Serkis is perhaps most well known for voicing the iconic character of Gollum in the blockbuster movies The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, and fans of his will know that his voiceover skills really are second to none.

Health News

Health Quote

Dr. Sanjay Gupta: Uncovering the Secrets to a Happier, Healthier Life

Dr. Sanjay Gupta has proven that the occupations of journalism and medicine can have very much in common.
Antibody Covid Test

UK Gives Approval to Covid-19 Test

Coronavirus has struck nearly every country and territory across the world and so far there has not been any medical advances to help the fight against it. However it seems a Swiss pharmaceutical company has been able to create an antibody test that is 100 per cent accurate.
Staring at Computer

How To Protect Your Skin From Excessive Blue Light Screen Exposure

We’re all aware of the fact that staying on the internet for too long can have detrimental effects to your mental health, and how the blue light that’s emitted from our screens can cause us to lose sleep and stay engaged online for longer, however, did you also know that the same blue light can take a toll on your skin?
PPE Gowns

UK Ordered 400,000 ‘Unusable’ PPE Gowns

In the UK, a shipment of 400,000 surgical gowns bought for National Health Service (NHS) frontline staff and hailed by government ministers as the answer to the country’s personal protective equipment (PPE) issues has been deemed unusable.
The White House

Trump’s Personal Valet Tests Positive For Coronavirus

A United States Navy member working as one of Trump’s personal valets has tested positive for coronavirus. The close proximity to Trump has, of course, raised concerns over his health, but the President has since tested negatively.

Lifestyle News

New York City

Casey Neistat: The Original Lifestyle Vlogger

Anyone who has seen any of Casey Neistat’s hundreds of YouTube videos knows the man lives an active lifestyle.
Woman Shopping in Mask and Gloves

The Lone Shopper: What Does The Future Hold?

As the realization begins to hit home across the world, people are adjusting to the new normal as a response to the global pandemic of Coronavirus. The way in which we lived ‘before’ is simply not possible in our current environment.
Couple in Quarantine

Co-Habitation Stress in Isolation

If you are in isolation with family, a partner, or friends you may have noticed an increased strain on your relationship. There is an unprecedented level of stress on everyone right now during the direct and indirect consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Exhaused Teen Girl

Is My Teen Ok Today? The Importance of Well Being in Young People During The Coronavirus Pandemic

This is a question on many parents’ lips at the best of times. Checking up on your teenagers state of mind, their thoughts, their feelings and their emotional well being, were not easy even before the world threw us a curveball.

Are You Getting Your 13 Essential Vitamins Everyday?

Besides socially-distancing, remaining indoors unless absolutely necessary, and wearing protective gear in public settings, there are other things we can be doing from the comfort of our homes to ensure that our bodies, and immune systems specifically, are still running smoothly. 

Real Estate News

Luxury Real Estate

Hollywood's Top Real Estate Agent On The Future Of Wellness Homes

Celebrity and luxury real estate expert, Kofi Nartey, is leading the newest real estate trend of “wellness” homes, but what exactly does that mean?
Real Estate During COVID-19

How The Real Estate Industry Is Coping With The Covid-19 Pandemic

Recently, a company known as OJO Labs performed a study to specifically measure how intense the impact has been on the housing market as a means of gaining more insight into how buyers are reacting to this pandemic. 
Worker in Home with mask and gloves

Managing Building Work in Your Home During Coronavirus

As lockdown measures are slowly eased, there is much uncertainty about what areas of work can resume and which still pose a risk. Building work with properties remains a key area of confusion with many wanting to resume construction work as soon as possible.
Beautiful House

Are Our Homes The Future Hubs of Industry?

The outbreak of COVID-19 has caused a large proportion of the global population to adapt their daily lives rapidly and in some cases quite drastically. Much of the working sector has moved to remote working and has had to quickly utilise new or unfamiliar technologies and procedures.
Woman doing Home Searches

Property Searches For Secondary Suites, Gardens, Rural Properties and Home Offices Rise During Coronavirus Lockdown

The lockdown has led to a distinct shift in the preferred property qualities most sought after by prospective homeowners according to new statistics released by After analysing the results of over 3,000 searches conducted between April and March 2020.

Science News


Jane Goodall: Discovering the Hidden Complexity of Primate Life

Too few of us know the story of Goodall’s journey from a child in London to world-renowned primatologist, and many of us are not aware of her ongoing contributions to environmentalism and conservation to this day.
Mother taking Daughters Temperature

Scientists Find Connection Between COVID-19 and Inflammatory Disease

Italian doctors have found evidence of a potential link between COVID-19 and an inflammatory disorder that is resulting in the children infected needing life-saving treatments. The disorder has been suggested to cause serious complications for the health of some children.

Hurricanes Continue To Get Stronger As A Result Of Climate Change, According To New Study

Climate change is still just as much of an issue as it’s been for the best decade, however, the intensity of concern over our planet’s climate crisis has subsided due to the Covid-19 pandemic.
Renewable Clean Energy

A Clean Economic Recovery?

For many countries in Europe and beyond, the COVID-19 pandemic is beginning to ease, meaning that some governments are in discussions on how best to restart their economies. Many have indicated that this will be done slowly to prevent a second peak of the virus.
COVID19 Test

US Military Scientists Develop “Game-Changer” Test For COVID19

At this current time, there is no scientific cure for the rapidly spreading COVID19. However, military scientists are working incredibly hard to develop a new test that will have the ability to detect the virus on an individual in the early stages.

Sports News

Baseball Field

David Ross Becomes The New Chicago Cubs Manager

The Cubs announced on Thursday that they will be hiring former catcher David Ross, 42, as their new manager. The decision came after the Cubs now-former manager, Joe Maddon announced his move to manage the Angels from this point forward.
English Premier League Ball

English Premier League To Resume At Beginning of June

The English Premier League (EPL) has been given permission to resume its 2019/20 season from the first day of June. UK Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport Oliver Dowden has announced that the government is ‘opening the door’ for top-level soccer to return in the country.

MLB Owners Move To Pass Proposal That Would Start Baseball Season In July

Major League Baseball (MLB) owners have created a proposal that they will be submitting to the players union that could potentially lead to a delayed baseball season that would begin around the Fourth of July, instead of June.
German Soccer

Soccer To Return To Europe

Germany’s top two soccer leagues have been cleared to resume on May 16. The German government and soccer regulatory body (DFB) have worked together to give the green light for the season to resume, but no fans will be present at matches.
Miami Dolphins Helmet

Don Shula Dies At Age 90

NFL legend Don Shula has died at the age of 90, it has been announced. The Ohio-born man played seven seasons as a defensive back for the Cleveland Browns, Baltimore Colts and Washington Redskins, but is best known for his time as the Miami Dolphins head coach.

Technology News


Henk Rogers, Who Brought Tetris to the West, Plans to Save the Planet

Rogers, who introduced Tetris to the West, has his sights set on even greater ambitions - namely, traveling to the moon and Mars and protecting the Earth from environmental collapse.
Uber App

Technology Industry Faces Thousands of Cuts – Uber, Lyft and Airbnb

Recently, technology companies such as Zoom and Amazon have witnessed a dramatic boom in usage whilst some businesses are facing hardship due to the global pandemic. Companies such as Airbnb and Uber, ventures that rely on people travelling and vacating.

What Apple Fans Are Expecting For The Next iPad Pro

Apple recently announced the launch of the next generation for the iPad Pro in March, however, Apple fanatics are already predicting what they’re expecting from the next revision.
Contact Tracing App

The UK’s Rollout of the Contact Tracing App

Contact tracing is a standard procedure in limiting the spread of most contagious diseases, in the early days of the coronavirus outbreak, it proved useful. However, as the pandemic slowly overwhelmed many health services, contact tracing became difficult to maintain for many countries.
Elder Using iPad

Unused iPads Help Suffering Citizens Connect with Families

One of the most heartbreaking aspects of COVID19, is the inability to support family members and friends suffering from coronavirus when they are receiving treatment in hospital. This could be one of the loneliest times of their life, to be suffering from a virus that currently has no direct solution.

Travel News


Ann Marcer And The Girls Of Nepal Who Changed Her Life

Ann Marcer was your average 67 year old primary school teacher. As she approached 40 years as a teacher Marcer was eagerly preparing for retirement with her husband. However, just two months before she was set to retire, her husband suddenly died.
Disney Parks

Mickey and Minnie Welcome Visitors Back to Their Shanghai Home

With so much of the world in some form of lockdown it is easy to become ‘institutionalized’ and to start looking back at the world with rose tinted glasses. A good example of this is the amusement and theme park industry.

Things You Should Know Before Renting An RV

Taking a trip in an RV has risen in popularity exponentially within the past decade, and now that we’re in the middle of a pandemic that requires you and your loved ones to distance yourself from the rest of the world, an RV road trip is actually one of the most realistic vacations you can go on in the middle of a pandemic.
Qantas Airline

Finally, Some Good News For Airline Industry

International travel is just one of the many industries that has been severely impacted by coronavirus due to the closure of borders and grounding of planes worldwide. And although many countries are putting plans in place to kick start their economies.
Essential Travel Items

Standardizing Standards for Safe Future Travel

With flights grounded, borders closed and airlines struggling to stay afloat, it is understandable that consumer confidence in the air travel industry has sunk to an all time low. Following the impact of coronavirus it is important that standards are revised to cope with high expectations passengers will demand.