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Running in Sunrise

Could You Benefit From Adopting The 10 Minute Habit?

Many people have found that lockdown has brought its fair share of bad habits. From smoking a little more, to daytime drinking, a renewed love affair with crisps, chocolate and biscuits or one too many full fat lattes.
Hydroxychloroquine Tablets

Trump Defends Hydroxychloroquine Again

President Donald Trump has once again promoted using hydroxychloroquine in the fight against Covid-19, speaking at his latest coronavirus press conference.
Blockchain Tech

New Technology Will Alter The Way We Stay In Hotels Post-Pandemic

The hotel and travel industry has been scrambling within the past few months of the pandemic to not only adjust their schedules to accommodate the many cancellations and rescheduling of individuals who can no longer travel, but also to figure out ways in which new technology can be implemented into hotels to ensure all guests/staff remain healthy and safe. 
Kids in School with Face Mask

New Jersey Will Require Students To Wear Masks In School, New Guidelines State

New Jersey Governor, Phil Murphy, announced Monday that the state is still planning to reopen all of its schools come the fall. In-person classes will resume, and all students will be required to wear masks in school buildings at all times. 
Best Buy

COVID19 – Global Changes to the Retail Industry

The global pandemic has impacted citizens' decisions when opting to visit shopping malls, boutiques and using public transport to get to these.
Vaccine COVID

Russia Claims It Will Be First To Develop Covid-19 Vaccine

Russia expects to be the first country in the world to approve a Covid-19 vaccine for use and distribution, per CNN. Officials claim that the vaccine will be ready by mid-August.

World News

World Health Organization

WHO Director Calls For Global Unity As Pandemic Begins To ‘Speed Up’

The Director and Chief of the World Health Organization is reprimanding the world’s leaders for spreading mixed messages regarding Covid-19.
Concentration Camp

Former Nazi Convicted of Mass Murder During WWII

A 93-year-old former Nazi guard has been found guilty of participating in the murder of over 5,000 prisoners at a concentration camp during the Second World War.
Vietnam Coronavirus

Vietnam Evacuating 80,000 Tourists From Da Nang After New Coronavirus Cases Appear

Vietnam is currently set to evacuate more than 80,000 individuals from the central tourist region of Da Nang this week. Three local residents recently tested positive for Covid-19, prompting authorities to begin evacuations this past Monday (7/27).
Japanese Coast Guard

Why Are Dead North Koreans Washing Up In Japan En Masse?

A study released this week has put forth a new theory on why boats containing dead North Korean fishermen keep washing up on the coast of Japan.

Human Rights Groups Campaign For ‘Political Prisoner’ Rao

The news that an 80-year-old poet has become infected by Covid-19 while in prison has caused outrage throughout India as well as attracting the attention of the country’s human rights commission.

U.S. News

America Coronavirus

Biden Continues To Dominate Trump In Electoral Polling Numbers As Pandemic Worsens

A record number of Americans have reported their disapproval of President Trump for his mishandling of the pandemic and protests throughout the country.

Biden Gains On Trump As President Loses Grip On Traditionally ‘Red’ States

Joe Biden and the Democrats are increasingly confident of being able to secure the vote of Arizona in the upcoming election, a typically ‘red’ state.
White House, DC

Trump Cancels Republican Convention Due To Coronavirus Surge

President Donald Trump declared last Thursday that the Republican party has cancelled plans to hold their convention in Florida. The convention was due to take place in Jacksonville.
Infected Covid Patient

Texas And California Among States Reporting Single-Day Record Spikes In Covid-19 Cases, Again

Six states located in the Southern and Western parts of the US have reported one-day records for coronavirus deaths and new infections this past Tuesday. This is not the first time these states have beaten their own one-day records.
Human Rights

Secretary Of State Seeks To Improve US Human Rights Efforts

Mike Pompeo has begun to make efforts to redefine the way the country approaches human rights. The US secretary of state has decided to highlight and refer to private property and religious freedom.

Business News

Market for Food

‘End Of An Era’ For Newport Market As Builders Move In On Multi-Purpose Center Development

The market was initially opened in the 19th-century and has always been known as the heart and soul of Newport.
Ice Cream

Ice-Cream Sales Soar As Personal Hygiene Levels Drop

Unilever has reported an increase in their ice cream sales in the lead up to June with sales jumping by more than a quarter over the course of three months.
Mercedes Benz

Why Mercedes-Benz Is Reducing Their Car Line Up

Mercedes-Benz is a German automaker known for creating some of the most collectible/personalized cars, convertibles, limousines in the world. Within the past decade, however, car experts have noticed a shift in the type of vehicles Mercedes releases, as it seems they’re focusing more on crossover vehicles, SUVs, and other more standardized options. 
Stock Market COVID

Stocks Fall As Global Tensions Rise

Stock markets around the globe were on the fall last week as tensions between economic powerhouses China and the United States continued to rise to new levels as more evidence continues to emerge.
Red Bull

Red Bull Executives Allegedly Fired Due to Push On Diversity

Two top executives have been fired in a move that many have said was caused by internal tensions due to their campaign for a more diverse culture within the company.

Culture News

Colorful Music

Ambient Music-Maker John Hassell On Embracing The Sounds Of The World

John Hassell was both in Memphis, Tennessee. The 83-year-old ambient musician has been praised over the years from other artists such as Bono, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Björk, and countless others.
Food Donation

Acts Of Kindness Across The United Kingdom

Amidst such an unprecedented, uncertain and daunting time, it is important to try to maintain positivity and hope and to turn to humanities strengths and kindnesses at a time where everything seems hopeless.
National Theatre

National Theatre Provides Free Live Streams of Theatre Shows During Coronavirus Lockdown

With the close of all public events and entertainment venues, the much loved world of live theater was well and truly put on ice for the foreseeable future. To help bridge the gap, the National Theatre is offering access to a range of breathtaking theater productions on YouTube.
College Couple Walking

‘Establishing Their Independence’: Experts, Students Weigh In On College Dating Culture

“College is a time of multiple high-impact transitions,” clinical and community psychologist and psychoanalyst Mark B. Borg said.
Small Movie Theatre

Meet the Most Important Mogul in South Korean Entertainment

Since the moment the lights went up last May at the Grand Theatre Lumière in Cannes (which preceded an eight-minute standing ovation), Bong Joon Ho's Parasite has broken precedent after precedent.

Entertainment News

On Air TV

Floella Benjamin Reflects On Her Career In Advocacy On Children’s TV

Floella Benjamin is a children’s TV presenter who’s used her career to advocate for children of all ages and backgrounds. Benjamin originally was a presenter on ‘Play School’ - a children’s program in the UK - before she began her own production company.
Britney Spears Star

Fresh Calls To #FreeBritney From Her Extended Conservatorship

Britney Jean Spears, a 38 year old woman of multiple talents, watched by the world, as she transformed from a young girl into an adult through the public eye.
Vintage Film

Major Motion Pictures See Further Delays Due To Coronavirus Spikes in The US

The coronavirus pandemic has taken its toll on the entertainment sector, closing local theatres, entertainment venues and even pausing Hollywood.
Outdoor Concert

Chainsmokers Concert DJ’d By Goldman Sachs CEO In The Hamptons Is Under Investigation

David Soloman is the CEO of Goldman Sachs and one of the many individuals currently under fire for a Hamptons concert that was advertised as a social distance “stay in your car” concert.
2020 Presidental Election

The Art of Wellbeing: Kanye’s Breakdown in His Race To Become The Next President

In the midst of this dazzling world, we see glimpses of turmoil and that certainly has been evident for this week for one of the biggest American stars, Kayne West.

Health News

Bill Gates And Panel Of Over 150 Medical Experts Calls On US To Shut Down Amid Pandemic Concerns

The US has now hit 4 million positive cases of Covid-19, prompting medical experts to call on the government to shut down again. There have been 4,038,748 positive cases of the coronavirus in the US since March with 144,304 deaths; and those numbers are consistently increasing.
Californa Covid Virus

California To Become New Capital Of Coronavirus

New confirmed cases of Coronavirus have continued to sweep across the country with around 70,000 new cases a day being reported. California has confirmed that they have had a further 11,834 positive cases this week.
Dental Care

The Best Foods For Your Dental Health

Many individuals have also used quarantine as an excuse to expand their cooking ability and dietary knowledge. So what foods should you be looking out for that are not only healthy for you, but your oral health/hygiene as well? 
Apple with School Books

CDC Heavily Recommends Schools Reopening

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has released new guidelines on education and childcare during the coronavirus pandemic over the next few months.
Stadium Sports Fans

UK Could Have Fans In Stadiums By October

Sports fans in the UK may be able to return to stadiums as early as October, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said. No sporting events have been played in front of fans in the country since March.

Lifestyle News

California Positive COVID

California’s Poorest County Is The State’s New Epicenter For Covid-19

Adolphe Edward is the CEO for El Centro regional medical center, which is one of the only two hospitals in the entire county; which houses 181,000 California residents.
Girl Working at Home

Preventing Burnout From Overworking At Home

For some, working from home may be ideal – working at your own pace, taking breaks when needed without the judging eyes of the boss.
Friends out to Breakfast

Going Out Again: How Does It Feel and Are We Really Able To Social Distance?

As we turn a corner in this life changing pandemic, the idea of socializing with friends and family at pubs and restaurants is once again becoming reality.
Healthy Life

Healthy Lifestyle Choices To Help You Live Your Best Life

According to doctors, there are certain lifestyle choices we can be making everyday that will not only improve our bodies health, but extend the likelihood of living a long life.
Mindfulness Journal

Therapeutic Techniques To Address Feelings of Loneliness

The coronavirus pandemic has been a harrowing presence in our lives for the majority of 2020, social distancing and lockdown procedures have been in place for months.

Real Estate News

Architects working Together

Antonio Citterio Discusses Resilience And Sustainability In The Architecture Industry

Antonio Citterio’s aim as a designer and architect has always been to create spaces that evoke a sense of quality. Spaces that are useful for the individuals daily life while being creative enough to embody a sense of the client's personality.
Homes on London Street

England’s Housing Market Sees A ‘Mini Boom’

The UK government recently announced a series of temporary schemes and reforms to the housing market in order to kickstart the sector after months of countrywide lockdowns.
Regent Street UK

The Crown Estate Reverts To Turnover Based Rents To Aid Retailers in Coronavirus Recovery

The high street has been left devastated by the widespread impact of COVID-19 and despite the vast majority of shops now reopening, nothing can replace the months of lost income and outgoing expenses.
Real Estate Agent

What Real Estate Experts Are Predicting For The Rest Of 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has obviously flipped a lot of businesses and industries on their heads this year. One of the biggest being the real estate market in America.
Zero Waste Shopping

Plastic Free July: Cut Down on Your Household’s Plastic Waste (Even in a Pandemic)

Plastic free July is a world-wide event that encourages people to take part in a global challenge to cut down on single-uses plastic or eliminate plastic completely for at least the duration of July.

Science News

Apocalypse Movie Fans Are Better Equipped To Cope With The Covid-19 Pandemic

Researchers have found that individuals who are fans of apocalyptic movies are more resilient and prepared when it comes to the current Covid-19 pandemic.
Covid-19 Vaccine Bottles

COVID19 Vaccine – UK Signs Deal for 60m Doses

The race to secure the successful COVID19 vaccine still continues, as the UK signs a fourth coronavirus deal. The UK government has secured 60 million doses of a vaccine.
Polar Bear

Polar Bears Projected For Extinction Within 80 Years

‘The icecaps are melting’ is a fairly well-known fact, among many others, at the forefront of climate change concerns. Polar Bears are the poster child for the affects climate change has on the arctic.
Vaccine Given to World

Coronavirus: Oxford Vaccine Triggers Immune Response

The coronavirus vaccine produced by Oxford University and AstraZeneca is highly sought after, after countries around the world have lost a devastating amount of lives due to COVID19.
Astronat on Moon

Scientists Claim Mold From Chernobyl Could Help Protect Astronauts From Space Radiation

One of the largest issues NASA scientists have been working through is space radiation. The radiation levels in space pose a genuine threat for all astronauts.

Sports News

Ocean Water

60-Year Old Grandfather Reflects On Being The Oldest Swimmer To Complete ‘Oceans Seven’ Challenge

Antonio Argüelles made headlines in 2017 when he swam 21 miles through the North Ireland Channel all the way to Scotland.
Boxing Ring

Mike Tyson And Roy Jones Jr To Return To Boxing Ring

Former boxing superstars Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr have announced that they are returning to the ring to face off. The pair will meet for an eight-round exhibition fight in Los Angeles on September 12.
Liverpool Football Club

Liverpool Lift EPL Trophy

Liverpool Football Club have been crowned champions of England for the first time in thirty years. The Merseyside club lifted the English Premier League trophy in front of an empty Anfield stadium after defeating Chelsea 5-3.
UFC Homepage

UFC President Dana White Discusses Sports Bubbles And ‘Fight Island Project’

President of UFC, Dana White, is ready to bring fighting back to our television screens. He’s been working with individuals in the industry, authority figures, and healthcare professionals from around the world to try and figure out the most realistic way to bring back UFC. 
Basketball Court

NBA And Microsoft Team Up To Bring Fans Courtside Virtually

Microsoft and the NBA announced this week that it would be using new technology to project more that 300 basketball fans onto 17-foot tall video screens that will be courtside during all games. 

Technology News

Australian Politician, Peter Dutton, Confirms Government Can Spy On Its Citizens Under Cybersecurity Plan

In a new $1.6 billion cyber strategy initiative the Australian Signals Directorate now can help law enforcement identify and disrupt criminal activity.

From Sexual Harassment To Diminished Female Leads, How Ubisoft’s Toxic Machismo Culture Seeped Into Gameplay

Gaming giant, Ubisoft is currently facing a wave of sexual misconduct allegations, investigations into which are slowly revealing a toxic workplace culture which sexism and machismo even altered gameplay.
Facebook on Screen

Facebook Begins Labelling Posts From Trump and Biden

In recent months, Facebook has been subject to a growing boycott from brands that share their concern with Facebook’s ability to combat hate speech on its platform.
Girl with Face Mask in Shop

Facemasks Now Compulsory in UK Shops

The UK has seemed relatively behind other countries when it comes to adopting facemasks or coverings in public settings. Many countries have already adopted mandatory face coverings in public areas.

UK Bans Huawei From 5G Network

The UK government has made the decision to reverse its January decision regarding Huawei market share and ban the company from benefiting from the newly developed 5G telecom network.

Travel News

Travel Journal

Travel Journalist, Kendra Greene, Wants Us To Embrace The World’s More Offbeat Museums

Kendra Greene is a travel journalist who specializes in exposing some of the world’s most fascinating and unknown vacation spots.
Air Travel in Sky

Air Travel Face New Drops In Demand

The first six months of 2020 has seen the travel industry suffer immense losses as flights were grounded, trains and buses halted and accommodation told to close while the world continued its fight against coronavirus.
Lake Champlain

The Most Popular Lakes To Visit In The US

One of the most traditional and easiest trips one could take right now is visiting one of America’s many lakes. Lake’s not only promote a road trip sense of adventure, but also are safe enough destinations that one could access from almost anywhere in the country.
Covid Testing

Airlines Campaign For Joint Coronavirus Testing Programme

In an attempt to restart travel between America and European countries airlines have put together an appeal asking for a joint coronavirus testing programme.
British Airways Airplane

British Airways To Retire Entire 747 Fleet

UK airline British Airways has announced that it will be immediately retiring its entire fleet of Boeing 747 planes. The company has seen a sharp downturn in travel since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic.