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Buying Or Selling A Home During The Coronavirus Pandemic

With the Coronavirus threatening the lives and the livelihood of thousands, the uncertainty of the fallout, slowing of business and self-isolation has been wreaking havoc on economies and industries globally.
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Home Organization Tips To Make Life Easier While You Self Quarantine

Trying to participate in stay-at-home activities that stimulate both your mind and body will actually make you feel more productive, and what could be more productive than re-organizing and cleaning up your home?
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How Is Coronavirus Impacting The U.S. Real Estate Market?

The growing pandemic is undoubtedly rocking global economics and the U.S. housing market is not immune to its effects either. In fact, experts are suggesting that real estate is already feeling the effects.
House Plants

Healthy House Plants

Whether you have a garden, balcony, communal area or no garden at all, house plants add a pleasing touch of nature to your home. Many plants have many bonus attributes that can be practical and beneficial to health.
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Kofi Nartey: Hollywood’s Top Real Estate Agent On The Future Of Wellness Homes

“Wellness homes may drive measurable increases in both the quality and duration of people’s lives”

Celebrity and luxury real estate expert, Kofi Nartey, is leading the newest real estate trend of “wellness” homes, but what exactly does that mean? The wellness real estate market in general is growing at a rapid pace, internationally being worth over $4 trillion.