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What Homebuyers Are Looking For In A House Post-Pandemic

Now that more Americans are getting vaccinated and starting to resume their normal lives, many are looking to move around the country for a truly fresh start. However, we aren’t fully out of the woods when it comes to Covid-19, so many prospective buyers are changing their requirements for what’s needed in a future home to accommodate their post-pandemic lifestyles. 

Hidden Costs That All US Homebuyers Should Be On The Look Out For This Year

According to market reports, almost half of all US homes on the market are currently selling within a week of being listed, and prices are continuing to climb in almost every part of the country. 

Americans Are Flocking To Florida To Embrace Post-Pandemic Life

Florida has become one of the hottest travel destinations in the past few months as more Americans are receiving their Covid-19 vaccinations and ready to get back to a greater sense of normalcy. 

New Home Sales In The US Fell 6% Last Month As Construction Costs Continue To Rise 

The US experienced a 6% fall in home sales throughout the month of April, partially due to the fact that construction and other additional costs that come with buying a home have been on the rise as the pandemic continues. 

Biden Administration Looking To Reverse Trump-Era Mortgage Policy

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau sent out a statement this week claiming they would be reconsidering current mortgage standards in the US.

The Biden administration has alluded to the possibility that they will be dismantling certain mortgage rules that were created during the final days of Donald Trump’s presidency. The Trump-era policy removed a lot of protections for those who were dependent on loans for their payments, as well as created the space for riskier loans to be dealt out. Read more…