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2021 Housing Market Concludes With Price Growths, What To Expect In 2022

The winter housing market in the US started heating up again in December, potentially leading to a hot market in the first quarter of 2022. More buyers have become motivated to hop on real estate transactions due to looming mortgage rate increases as well. 
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Redfin Predicts More Balanced Housing Market, Slower Price Growth In 2022

According to Redfin chief economist Daryl Fairweather, 2022 will bring a much more balanced home market into the mix. Fairweather predicts that mortgage rates will raise from 3% to 3.6%, which will help to slow down historic home price rates. This is turn will allow first-time home buyers better chances of getting their properties, while discouraging others from entering the market.

Millennials Are Applying To Buy Homes More Often Than Gen X, Boomers

Long thought to be favoring renting instead of owning, millenials are showing that's not the case. According to the CoreLogic Loan Application Database, millennials — anyone born between 1981 to 1996 — made up 67% of first-time home purchase applications and 37% of repeat home purchase applications in 2021.

The Metaverse Looks To Be The Next Real Estate Market As Virtual Land Sells For $4.3 Million

The Metaverse is reaching out into a new industry - the real estate market. This week, Republic Realms announced it acquired a virtual property in the "Decentraland" fashion district for a record-breaking $4.3 million. This deal comes shortly after the Metaverse Group purchased a property for $2.3 million. The Metaverse is certainly an intriguing landscape for potential investors - one digital currency company predicts the Metaverse has the potential to reach over $1 trillion in annual revenue, and could make $400 billion in revenue by 2025. Before you go ditching your real-life plots, there are gambles for purchasers - the properties, as well as the districts and realms, don't even exist yet, and a firm release date is nowhere in site. Likewise, there's no guarantee owners will receive a return on investment.

Traditional Art In A Modern World: How One Multimedia Artist Uses His Talents To Create Stunning Custom Art | Richard Tewell

Mediums like stained glass have been thought of as a lost artform, which is why artist’s like Richard Tewell are dedicated to using their talents as multimedia artists to create beautiful custom art pieces for clients to beautify their homes.