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The Benefits Of Upcycling

Whether you really love taking on a new DIY project, are finding it tricky to find new furniture due to coronavirus restrictions or personal taste or are looking for a low-cost change; upcycling can be a great way to re-vamp your home and garden.
Office Space

Companies Are Looking For Pet-Friendly Office Spaces For After The Pandemic 

Throughout the past year of the pandemic, our pets have become a source of emotional support, as well as our co-workers, as we navigated what working from home actually looked like.
Flower Wallpaper in Home

How to Brighten and Enliven Your Home For Spring

After a tough year and tough start to the new year, for the Northern hemisphere springtime is upon us, bringing brighter days, blooming flowers and many celebrations with it, such as Easter.
Cleaning Surface

Can Tidying Up Be Therapeutic?

Have you ever walked into your home and felt your stomach drop at the sight of an untidy living room or unclean kitchen? Have you felt inexplicably lower whilst watching TV or trying to relax whilst the house around you is cluttered or unclean?

Biden Administration Looking To Reverse Trump-Era Mortgage Policy

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau sent out a statement this week claiming they would be reconsidering current mortgage standards in the US.

The Biden administration has alluded to the possibility that they will be dismantling certain mortgage rules that were created during the final days of Donald Trump’s presidency. The Trump-era policy removed a lot of protections for those who were dependent on loans for their payments, as well as created the space for riskier loans to be dealt out. Read more…