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Rise in DIY Beauty Treatments As People Take To Box Dyes and YouTube Tutorials

Given that the coronavirus pandemic has caused many salons and beauty parlours to temporarily close their doors, women and men across the nation are discovering new hidden talents when it comes to taking their styling and beauty needs into their own hands. Whilst some wait patiently for their favorite hairdressers or beauticians to reopen their doors, others are experimenting at home with hair dyes, lash perming kits and DIY nail stations. The question of course then arises, if we have nowhere to go, what are we getting ready for?

Over the past one hundred years, the beauty industry has and continues to become a lucrative and popular business choice. Celebrities endorsing products is now part of our every day viewing on social media. Tips on how you can easily ‘do it yourself’ at home had increased in popularity even before the word pandemic was mentioned.

More so than ever, we are seeing people take on the challenge of creating their own hair colors and styles. Advertisements for perfect salon finishes giving us the confidence to have a go ourselves. Whether you chose a daring pink or purple or are frantically trying to hide the greys, you will be once again in charge should it all go wrong, as we await a challenging reopening of salons across Britain.

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For men, the lock down hairstyle seems to have gone one of two ways. The first being to embrace the growth of hair, literally everywhere. Random wispy bits turning into easier to manage locks. Facial hair adding to the overgrown bear look. On the flip side, early lock down saw some men, teens and younger boys, opt for a more military style shaven head appearance. With the assumption that we would be locked down long enough for it to grow back.

Although, generally, make up is being worn less during the pandemic, eyebrow home curling and tinting has seen an increase in sales. Having purchased one myself I can see why. I have asked myself, why on earth didn’t I do this sooner? At nearly 39 years old, I had never even considered it. I feel like I have been revolutionized, after years of putting mascara on in the morning only to have to take it off every evening, this small piece of home kit has changed everything.

Let me begin by saying that performing this application on oneself, is by no means an easy task. Having asked my teenage daughter to help out the first time, I quickly learnt that a job in the beauty trade was not for her. My second attempt was much more successful. Three tips to help if you are planning to have a go yourself. 1, You will need time. It is not a quick process and I recommend curling one eye at a time. 2, You will need patience. I had always taken for granted the calmness a beautician naturally gave off. You’re on your own here so you have to be the calm one. 3. You will think it’s not working. As you start to try and stick your lashes to the strange little rubber thing stuck on your eyelid, you will be convinced it is never going to work. Refer back to tip 1. Keep going.

Dying the lashes after curling was actually the easiest and quickest part of the process. I even felt brave and stuck some on my eyebrows. Note to self, do not do this one at a time, or you might end up with one slightly darker eyebrow like I did!

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Personally my easiest new found beauty trick, discovered during lock down, is that I’m rather good at doing my own gel nails. By no means is this a cheap new hobby as the colour choice is endless and can get slightly addictive. However it is quite straight forward and although does not allow for the normal sitting back and relaxing experience. For me, there is a sense of normality at having nice nails.

Lock down has been a great excuse for many of us to change the way in which we take care of our beauty needs. The need to impress has decreased, however as stated in the Telegraph, it is widely believed that putting on makeup (or even just having a go at some of the DIY beauty hacks) throughout lock down can help with mental health. The story reveals that a whopping 80% of women admitted that they feel better when they have make-up on.

Faking it is also becoming the norm, so don’t feel guilty when presenting a Zoom meeting with only your top half showing all made up and looking professional, as you sit crossed legged beneath the computer screen in your hidden Winnie the Pooh pajama bottoms and fluffy socks. Lockdown has reminded us that we do not need to spend a fortune on products to make us look better, but when we choose to, we are in fact doing it for ourselves and not to gain the approval or acceptance of others.

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