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RVers Bring Home on the Road as They Travel Across the Country

There are some Hudson Valley residents who are skipping hotel stays and choosing to vacation in the comforts of their own recreational vehicle. Some travel for weekends, some for weeks or even months at a time. Some have loved the RV lifestyle so much, they are now full-timers.

Nearly 25 million Americans traveled in RVs this spring and summer (nearly 15 million on Memorial Day), visiting the country’s 18,000-plus campgrounds and sites, according to the latest survey of RV owners by Go RVing and Cvent.

The two main categories of RVs are motorhomes and towables, which are towed behind a car, van or pickup. A fifth wheel is designed to be towed by a pickup truck equipped with a device known as a fifth-wheel hitch.

According to the RV Industry Association, there’s an RV for every taste and budget. Prices for new RVs are typically $6,000-$22,000 for folding camping trailers; $6,000-$55,000 for truck campers; $8,000-$95,000 for conventional travel trailers; $18,000-$160,000 for fifth wheel trailers; $60,000-$150,000 for Type B and C motorhomes; and $60,000-$500,000 for Type A motorhomes.

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