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Scientists Study DNA

Scientists Uncover ‘Ghost Population’ in New Genome Research

An unknown human ancestor has been unearthed accidentally following…

Neanderthals Buried Their Dead With Flowers, According To New Discovery

Recently, in the Shanidar Cave located in Iraqi Kurdistan, archaeologist’s discovered Neanderthal remains that appeared to be over 70,000 years old; a discovery as monumental as this hasn’t occurred in over 20 years.
Antarctic Peninsula

Antarctica Just Reached Its Highest Temperature – Again

The protected landscape of Antarctica has long been set aside…
Man Hunting

Can Wildlife Join The Fight Against Illegal Hunting?

Trophy hunting, poaching and the illegal trade of animal products…

Jane Goodall: Discovering the Hidden Complexity of Primate Life

Not content with just revolutionizing the field of primatology, Goodall now works to save the planet.

Jane Goodall has become a household name. The primatologist rose to prominence after studying the chimpanzee families living in Gombe in the 1960s, and revolutionized the then-commonplace belief that chimpanzees had relatively simple lives and social structures, showing that the similarities between human and primate life were greater than previously imagined. Read more…