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Coronavirus Studies In Iceland Show That Half Of Carriers Had No Symptoms

Studies into the population of Iceland have revealed that half of the population appear to be carriers of Coronavirus but in fact display no symptoms. Health experts across the globe are in agreement that testing people is the only way to fully understand the spread.
Geoengineering Climate Change

The Positive Impacts On The Environment Since The Coronavirus

It goes without saying that this is a deeply uncertain and distressing time. With over 200,000 confirmed cases and sadly thousands of deaths from the coronavirus globally, individuals across the planet are facing complete devastation, fear and uncertainty.
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Donate Your Unused Computer Power To Help Fight Coronavirus

If you aren’t a healthcare worker or a research scientist, you might be feeling a little helpless in the fight against Coronavirus. However, there is a way that you can help right now and you can do it all from the comfort of your home.
Air Pollution

COVID-19 Pandemic Indirectly Leading To A Reduction In Air Pollution

The coronavirus pandemic has been causing a lot of industries to completely shut down, which is indirectly benefiting the environment.

Jane Goodall: Discovering the Hidden Complexity of Primate Life

Not content with just revolutionizing the field of primatology, Goodall now works to save the planet.

Jane Goodall has become a household name. The primatologist rose to prominence after studying the chimpanzee families living in Gombe in the 1960s, and revolutionized the then-commonplace belief that chimpanzees had relatively simple lives and social structures, showing that the similarities between human and primate life were greater than previously imagined. Read more…