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Covid Test

UK Faces COVID-19 Test Shortages

The United Kingdom is currently facing an upsurge in coronavirus cases, some areas and cities, or ‘hotspots’, are on enhanced support or have been placed into lockdown due to the rapid rise of cases. As this increase continues many more local lockdowns may prove imminent across the country.

New Discovering Indicates Possible Sign of Life on Venus

The quest to prove that we are not alone in the universe is one which continues unrequited, which is why the latest discovery of phosphine gas on Venus has led some experts to debate whether this could well be an indicative sign of life on the gassy and seemingly inhospitable planet.
Ice Sheets

Melting Ice Sheets Will Cause Global Sea Levels To Rise Over 15 Inches By 2100

A new study performed by an international team of more than 60 ice, ocean, and atmospheric scientists has estimated that if humans keep emitting greenhouse gases unnecessarily at the rate that we’re going now, global sea levels will rise more than 15 inches by 2100.
UK vs Virus

UK Government Introduces New Restrictions After Surge of Coronavirus Cases

In late March 2020, UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson placed the entirety of the UK in a nationwide lockdown in order to combat overwhelming cases of the coronavirus. At the beginning of June, lockdown restrictions began to ease as different households were allowed to meet outside in parks and private gardens.
Vaccine in Doctors Hands

Possible Covid-19 Vaccine From Oxford Will Be Presented To Regulators This Year

Professor Andrew Pollard claims there may be enough clinical data from the vaccine’s trial that it can be presented to regulators by the end of 2020.

The Oxford Vaccine Group has been tirelessly working on various drug treatment/vaccine options for the Covid-19 virus since the pandemic first emerged in early 2020. Now, after extensive trials on their most successful vaccine treatment to date, scientists claim they can prove it’s safe and effective enough to be distributed to the general public. Read more…