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Secondhand Vaping: The Latest Vaping Health Risk

E-cigarettes can emit a huge cloud of vapor that can affect an entire crowd of people.

When vaping first gained popularity, it was marketed as a healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes. However, a recent surge in illnesses, hospitalizations — and even deaths — has shown that there may be much scarier health risks associated with e-cigarettes than we thought. Products like Juul are wildly addictive and popular among teens, leading to what some are calling an epidemic of nicotine use.

Lately, researchers have been discovering that it’s not only those who use vaping products themselves who are harmed — other people in the vicinity can be breathing in “secondhand” fumes, a phenomenon now dubbed “secondhand vaping.”

Secondhand vaping is exactly what it sounds like: if you’re near a person breathing out vapor from an e-cigarette, you generally breathe in the same air that they’re exhaling and can inhale the same vapor.

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