Holiday Open House

Setting Up The Perfect Open House For The Holiday Season

Selling your home during the holiday season can be quite difficult. The housing market in general is relatively low and with everyone buying gifts for all of their loved ones, acquiring new property can seem like the last thing on everyone’s mind. However, this shouldn’t discourage sellers, as there is massive potential in selling your home during the holiday season. One of the best ways for a property listing to gain traction is to hold an open house. The general point of an open house is to show prospective buyers the potential in your property for them. This is why “staging” the home is so important when hosting an open house. The staging process allows buyers to see the home as if it were move in ready and gives them a real idea as to what a life lived in that home could look like. What time of year says “there’s no place like home” better than the holiday season?

Staging a home with decorations for the holidays is the smartest way to give buyers a real vision of what it could be like if they were to move in. So hang the mistletoe, bake some cookies, and throw on the fire to really give potential buyers the “welcome home” experience. It’s basically like hosting a giant holiday party in which people can come and go as they please. 

Setting up a “buffet” style table of little holiday drinks and treats not only will attract individuals to your open house (who doesn’t love free food) but can also give them an idea of what it would look like to host a holiday party in their potential new home. Any standard long table will work as long as you have a relatively festive table cloth to drape over that. Accent the table with wreath embellishments, candles, tinsel, and most importantly, some cookies. There’s a ton of simple tips online on how to create holiday themed centerpieces for cheap. Basically, you want to act as though you’re hosting your families annual holiday party when it comes to the food display, and house display in general. After all, an open house at the end of the year is basically one big holiday party and the gift is your home! 

A really unique way you can advertise for your open house is to create holiday style “invitations” or flyers that you can post around town. Advertise it as a “Holiday Open House” people love a good theme for any sort of event. Slap on the fact that they’ll be cookies there and foot traffic will be booming. Even if the people who come just end up eating a few desserts and leaving, you never know who those people know in regards to who’s looking to buy a new home/property. So make your property open and inviting for all, that’s what the holidays are about after all. 

Speaking of making your property open to all, you want to enforce that it’s a “holiday” open house, and not just a Christmas affair. Christmas trees and decorations like that which are generally only associated with Christmas aren’t bad, as these are generic symbols of the holidays in general, but religious memorabilia should in general be kept at a minimum, however, being inclusive to all holidays in terms of decorations doesn’t hurt either! 

If your property has a fireplace, definitely light it up, as well as some holiday scented candles. Engaging clients senses is always a smart way to engage buyers during an open house and truly give them a sense of “home”. It’s why real estate agents often put a ramekin of vanilla extract in the oven to mimic the process of baking cookies. You want buyers to already view the property as theirs before they even see all of it. 

Play some holiday music as well to really set the mood. Going with a classical piano holiday playlist is the best way to have the holidays engulf a space without being the main focus point. Instead, the combination of simple piano, good food, warm temperatures, beautiful decorations, and balsam smells will make prospective buyers feel like guests in their potential new home, as opposed to just clients being shown a product.