Pet Cat

Shelter Tails: Keep your Pets Peaceful for the Holidays

“Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me.” Powerful words. After hearing this song on the radio, my mind wandered. When am I most peaceful? A few things come to mind: When my family and friends are happy, healthy and safe; when I am with my pets and helping our homeless ones.

I am blessed to have a lifetime of peaceful pet memories. From that first night my cat Mickey came home after being gone two years, to decades of feline lap and bed warmings. From a pet’s illness or injury being healed, to a dog’s soft head resting on my leg. When I see the absolute joy on my kids’ faces when they’re interacting with their pets.

When the community rallies around a sick or injured homeless pet, supporting it beyond my wildest dreams. When that pet is healed, thrives and finds its first truly loving home.

When the laws change, protecting our animals from cruelty and torture by making it a federal crime to do so. Maybe now, just maybe, these horrific acts will stop. I live for the day when all I write in this space are happy adoption stories. Thank you, to all who had a hand in this rare, groundbreaking and heartfelt demonstration of political unity. May it continue.