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Should Meghan and Harry Disclose All In a TV Interview?

Since Prince Harry and Meghan announced they would be stepping down as full-time royals, there has been much speculation as to whether their new-found independence will lead to a ‘no-holds barred’ TV interview, which spills the secrets on life within the royal firm.

With stories suggesting that interviews with Ellen and Oprah could be in the pipeline, alongside firm disputes of any such interviews planned, it is somewhat of a waiting game to determine whether or not Harry and Meghan will take the plunge and reveal all. There does appear to be an urgent desire by the couple to tell their side of the story, but how far will they go?

Some believe that their departure from royal life is inevitable given their recent interview with Britain’s ITV last year, during which they openly revealed the challenges they were facing and the pressures it was putting on them both physically and emotionally. There was even a statement released on their official website back in October by Prince Harry, which revealed his displeasure at the treatment Meghan had received from the British press since their marriage. There have been suggestions that their ITV interview was a prelude to their subsequent announcement to step down as senior royals, and whilst there has been mixed feelings across the globe following their revelation, there is strong support for the couple and particularly for Harry.

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For many, it is hard to be angry with someone who had to publicly handle the death of his mother at just 12 years old, including walking behind her coffin and dealing with his grief in full view of the world. Over the years, Harry has clearly struggled with his desire to live a normal and independent life and has faced frustrations when the press have prevented him from doing so, such as when his military service was cut short in Afghanistan in 2008 after the media broke his cover and he had to return home.

Harry has also publicly voiced his dislike of the media machine that he calls ‘dangerous’ and ‘bigger than us all’. He directly blamed the press for causing the death of his mother, Diana, Princess of Wales in 1997 and has clearly never forgiven them for it. For someone who has just found happiness with his wife and has started a family, it is understandable that he would wish to do anything possible to protect her and prevent history from repeating itself. And whilst some have criticized the couple for breaking the story of their royal departure in the way that they did, it has also been revealed that once again, they were forced to do so due to UK newspaper The Sun preparing to break the story themselves.

Whilst there is clearly no love lost between Harry, Meghan and the paparazzi, there is still much love and respect within the Royal family. In addition to Queen Elizabeth releasing a statement that supports the decision of her grandson and his wife, expresses how proud she is of Meghan and stating that they would remain much loved members of her family, Harry also recently delivered a speech in which he conveyed his ‘utmost respect for his grandmother’, also referring to her as his ‘commander in chief’. In addition, Harry and Meghan have consistently stated that wished to respect and honour their patronages and to continue serving their Queen and country. Such emotional statements would indicate that while they do wish to have more freedom over the information they share with the public about their lives, their family and their work, the decision was not taken simply so that they can take the first opportunity to bare all via a high profile TV Interview. Such actions would certainly not be welcomed by The Queen and the wider royal family and would no doubt lead to a further divide between Harry and his family back in the UK.

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The press will continue to issue stories based on speculations, rumours or ‘leaked’ information and their departure has led the media to use the phrase ‘Megxit’ extensively in their coverage to keep the stories churning out. But the reality is that no one really knows for sure what Harry and Meghan have planned. It would be fair to say they probably don’t know themselves, as this is unchartered territory for the couple. Time will also tell how much freedom they actually will get living in Canada, with unauthorized photographs already emerging of Meghan walking in a local park and more likely to surface as the weeks and months go by.

Now I could be proven wrong, but I think it unlikely that we’ll see Meghan and Harry dishing the dirt in a TV interview anytime soon, at least not the kind which reveals all the secrets of the royal family. They remain committed to raising awareness of causes that are close to their hearts and will certainly utilize their platform to benefit these causes, but fueling the gossip train and keeping the negative narratives going with scandalous revelations doesn’t appear to be high on their agenda.

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