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Kyrie Irving Continues His Stance Against The COVID-19 Vaccine As Nets Forbid Him From Playing

While almost 95% of the NBA is vaccinated, there are some holdouts - mainly superstar guard Kyrie Irving, who stated that he is unvaccinated and doesn't seem inclined to receive a dose. In response to Irving's refusal, the Brooklyn Nets have announced that Irving will not play in any of the Nets' upcoming games, either home or away, nor will he be able to practice with the team until he is a "full-time" player. Irving is owed around $34 million this year, and could risk losing money if he does not return to the team.

Urban Meyer Continues Apologies For Scandalous Footage As Situation Reaches “Crisis Point”

Urban Meyer continued his apology tour on Wednesday, speaking with his team and reporters about the footage that caught him with another woman on Friday night. While Meyer is pulling out all the stops to show his remorse, reports from Jacksonville's locker room suggests that the team, which is now 0-4 on the season, has virtually lost all confidence in their first-year head coach.

Covid Outbreaks Among Unvaccinated LA County Children Linked To School Sports

Health officials in Los Angeles County are reporting an increased spread of Covid-19 among unvaccinated children. As of right now, the officials are mainly connecting the increase to the start of school sports.

Paralympics Bar All Fans From Attendance Due To Covid-19 Concerns

Just as all fans were recently banned from the 2021 Tokyo Olympic Games, organizers for the Paralympics this year announced that all spectators will be barred from the event due to the coronavirus pandemic.
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Despite COVID And Vaccine Controversies, NFL Ratings Are Better Than Ever

Everything seemed to be pointing the wrong way for the NFL's ratings heading into 2021. The previous year saw record-lows, and the league has been right in the middle of COVID-19 vaccine feuds. However, they're managed to overcome the predictions and have soared to rating highs.