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Top 5 Most Popular Nintendo Switch Games

Video games have certainly seen a surge in popularity within the past few weeks. As more countries all around the world begin to finally enforce mandatory lockdown/quarantine procedures as a response to the coronavirus pandemic, many citizens are scrambling to figure out how to occupy their time. Recently, the World Health Organization teamed up with the video game industry as a means of getting people to stay inside and isolate themselves. 

The Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite has become one of the most used video gaming platforms on the market currently. Thanks to a multitude of games, online multiplayer capabilities, and handheld device capability, many gamers are turning their attention to Nintendo Switch for their quarantine entertainment. Thinking about buying a Switch but have no idea where you’d even start when it comes to what games to play? Here are a few of Nintendo’s most popular Switch games of all time as of March 2020:

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Animal Crossing New Horizons: This video game has been all over social media this past month, as the Animal Crossing franchise is one of Nintendo’s most successful in general. In this game, you become an islander who wants to spend the remainder of their life on a deserted island that you’ll have to build from the ground up. You have complete creative control over where you want your villagers to live, what you want your island to look like, and more! On Nintendo Online Play, you’re able to visit your friends’ villages who also play for inspiration! Animal Crossing: New Horizons currently retails for $60.

Pikuniku: If you’re more of a puzzle-oriented, problem solving type of gamer than Pikuniku may be the game for you. You play Piku, the game’s title red creature, as you explore a multitude of multi-colored world’s and solve puzzles to put an end to the harvesting of your land’s resources. A majority of the puzzles involve some sort of “physical” activity that can be performed to gain access to rooms. These types of “activities” include pushing objects to flip switches and open doors, lassoing Piku’s legs around poles to swing yourself from hook-to-hook, and more. Like Animal Crossing, you can interact with all of the land’s villagers, and spend your “money” on cool accessories and resources. The game currently retails for $13. 

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Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX: This game is a part of the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Series, and in it, you’ll start out as a human who turned into a Pokémon character. The character you become is determined by a personality quiz that you’ll take at the beginning of the game. You then choose a Pokémon partner to join you on your journey and from there, the two of you will embark on missions that include rescuing captured Pokémon, delivering items, and interacting with other players. The goal is to complete a job in order to move onto another floor within the mystery dungeon and, eventually, find your way out of it. The game currently retails for $60. 

Rocket League: This game takes the classic worlds of arcade racing and soccer and combined them to create one game. In it, players become a rocket-powered car that they use in a vehicular soccer match against another team. This game perfectly combines all the adrenaline of a demolition derby with the excitement of a fast-paced soccer game. Within it, you can unlock new car skins, accessories, soccer moves and abilities. Like most Switch games, you can even play with all your friends. Rocket League is on sale for $20 currently. 

Minecraft: A list of some of Nintendo’s most popular games would be incomplete without Minecraft. This game has been around for years, and has quickly become one of the most played games on all video game devices around the world. Like Animal Crossing, Minecraft takes on a sort of “choose your own adventure”/ “make your own world” aesthetic. You gather materials, build your village, mingle with your friends, and battle your enemies. The Nintendo Switch version of Minecraft is currently on sale for $30.