Magnolia Bakery To Begin Selling Cannabis Edibles 

Famous New York City-based Magnolia Bakery is venturing into a new version of some of their most iconic desserts: cannabis edibles. 

Magnolia Bakery will be transforming some of their most popular desserts, such as their banana pudding and red velvet cake, into THC-infused edibles in the form of limited-edition bars. This marks the bakery’s first venture into the cannabis market. 

According to the bakery, they’re planning to “celebrate the brand’s most iconic, fan-favorite flavors in a new light.”

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Both bars will contain tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, the part of cannabis’ chemical makeup that produces the “high” when ingested. 

One of the iconic bakery desserts being made into a bar is the “Swirled Famous Banana Pudding,” which contains a dollop of Magnolia’s creamy vanilla pudding, crunchy vanilla cookies, and freeze-dried bananas. The bar is 10 small pieces containing 10mg of THC per piece. 

The other bar is a take on their “Red Velvet Piece Ahh Cake,” which will have flavors of their “moist, crimson-colored cake, a cream cheese flavor and rich chocolate.” This bar is also 10 pieces, and contains 10mg of THC as well as 10mg of CBD per piece. 

The prices of the bar will range from $18 to $30 depending on the flavor and state in which the bar is sold. As of this week, the bars are only being sold in three states; Illinois, Nevada, and Massachusetts. The bars will be sold through Rise Dispensaries, as Magnolia worked with Green Thumb Industries to make the bars. 

Green Thumb Industries is known for their production of Incredibles Edibles. While marijuana is still illegal on a federal level, around two dozen US states have legalized it for adult medical and recreational use. 

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With these legalizations, the edible market in general has grown exponentially, with products such as gummies, mints, brownies, cookies, and candy bars being sold under hundreds of brands. 

According to Headset, a cannabis research firm, edibles account for 12% of the total weed sales in the US, trailing behind actual flower, vapor pens, and pre-rolls. 

Every three of every four edibles sold are gummies. 

“Gummies are easier to travel with and carry around in your pocket versus a bunch of chocolates, fruity or sour flavors probably mask the weedy taste of edibles better,” Headset cofounder Scott Vickers told CNN.

Edibles generated about $2 billion in sales last year, which is a 6% increase from the year before. For Magnolia specifically, the edibles could bring a new wave of popularity to the bakery. 

“There is no real downside to Magnolia, as consumer opinions on cannabis are now relatively liberal. Moreover, these products will be sold through dispensaries rather than being available in mainstream retailers, so people not interested in marijuana will not be exposed to them,” he said to CNN.

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DJ Khaled Announces Collaboration With Major CBD Lifestyle Brand

Music mogul and Grammy award winning artist DJ Khaled has announced that he’s stepping into the CBD industry. Khaled has been keeping his fans updated with his own personal wellness journey throughout the past few months, and as a part of that he’s now partnered with Endexx, a leading producer and manufacturer of CBD wellness products. 

For those who don’t know, CBD is a chemical compound that is found in marijuana and hemp plants. However, unlike marijuana, CBD is fully legal due to the fact that it’s not psychoactive; meaning it won’t get you high. Instead it has a multitude of health benefits and is mainly known for being an amazing relaxer for individuals. 

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Khaled and Endexx claim that their new collaboration company and products will debut its first collection in 2021. While the DJ is most well-known for his major contributions to the music industry as a producer, writer, performer, etc. Khaled has taken his time in quarantine to focus on his family and his own health; a journey he obviously is keeping his followers updated on through his iconic Instagram.

CBD has become a part of my daily routine and allows me to focus myself and my energies, while striving to better myself every day.”

Khaled continued on that “as a father, an entrepreneur, a music exec and visionary I am blessed with daily inspiration, a drive to work hard and a passion for success. I was drawn to Endexx Corporation because they’re an innovative company that has proven they have the keys to deliver consistent, top of the line, high-quality products.”

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Todd Davis is the CEO of Endexx Corporation, and he recently spoke with the media about the upcoming collaboration with Khaled and how excited the company is as a whole to have such a prominent public figure interested in diving into the CBD lifestyle and wellness sector. 

“We are excited to announce our partnership with DJ Khaled. Khaled’s knowledge and passion for CBD is bountiful and we realized we are aligned in our approach towards product quality and business acumen. We understand and share the values that a brand goes beyond physical products; it needs to help people feel good about themselves and be part of a day-to-day lifestyle.”

IMPACT Brokers is a Miami based third party investor involved in the collaboration, and they will focus on spearheading sales and working on marketing strategy on behalf of the brand. It’s expected that Khaled himself will be the face of the company considering his following and notable personality. 

“We are committed to accelerating innovation and diversity throughout this developing industry while offering strategic guidance to best-in-class CBD suppliers. IMPACT Brokers sits at the forefront of culture and has the ability to predict industry trends. We look forward to taking this newest business nationwide,” says Ryan Stender, CEO of IMPACT Brokers.The CBD collaboration between Endexx and DJ Khaled is expected to launch in early 2021, keep up with the music mogul on his Instagram for any further updates!

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Marijuana Use Linked with Heart Problems and Increased Risk of Stroke

Marijuana has long been one of the world’s most frequently used recreational drugs, and the public perceives the drug to be relatively safe, leading to its legalization in several US states as well as Canada. However, due in large part to its federal classification as a schedule I substance, available research on the health effects of the drug is limited, as scientists have long had severely restricted access to the substance. As its use continues to develop across multiple demographics, however, scientists are escalating their research of marijuana and its effects. It’s long been understood that marijuana use during adolescence can lead to lifelong psychological problems, including problems with memory and diminished IQ. However, recent research is uncovering marijuana’s negative effects on other parts of the body including the lungs, and surprisingly, the heart.

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Marijuana is well-known for causing among its effects changes in heart rhythm. As the drug’s effects are felt for roughly three hours when smoked, these changes are temporary, and heart function returns to normal after the drug wears off. However, arrhythmia experienced during marijuana use can cause greater circulatory problems afterwards, particularly in heavy users. As such, sufferers of cannabis use disorder, who use the drug frequently and compulsively, are at increased risk of being hospitalized for arrhythmia. Though arrhythmia, a condition in which the heart’s rhythm is disturbed and irregular, is often benign, it can also lead to life-threatening complications. Lower doses of marijuana are associated with a too-fast heartbeat, whereas higher doses are linked with a too-slow heartbeat. The concern about the link between arrhythmia and marijuana use is particularly strong for young people, who in the study were shown to have the greatest risk of hospitalization.

While some methods of consuming marijuana are less dangerous than others, the safest and healthiest option is to avoid using recreational drugs altogether.

In addition to being linked with heart rhythm problems, marijuana use has also been shown to be linked with an increased risk of stroke, with frequent marijuana users being more than twice as likely to suffer a stroke compared to non-users. Again, this is true even in young people, who normally are much less likely to suffer a stroke than older people. This risk is compounded among people who use marijuana in addition to tobacco and have other health problems, including high blood pressure, that are known to increase one’s risk of stroke. Though the study does not establish a direct causal relationship between using marijuana and suffering a stroke, previous studies have shown that marijuana use leads to increased blood clotting and a narrowing of the arteries, suggesting a likely explanation.

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Researchers behind both studies, which are scheduled to be presented at a meeting of the American Heart Association this Saturday, November 16th, conclude that doctors should ask patients who have suffered a stroke or have heart problems whether they use marijuana so as to better prepare treatment options. As the studies have not yet been published in a peer-reviewed journal, their findings are considered preliminary. Though the American Heart Association takes no position on the legalization of marijuana, it recommends that public health protections such as age restrictions on purchasing the drug and smoke-free air laws be put into place.

Disturbing evidence about the negative health effects of marijuana also recently arose in the aftermath of a spate of hospitalizations in connection with a series of mysterious vaping-related lung injuries, some of which lead to death. Recently, the CDC revealed that the ingredient believed to cause these emergencies is Vitamin E acetate, a chemical sometimes added to THC vape products to change the consistency of the oil, particularly on the black market. Of course, smoking marijuana also harms the respiratory system, as tar accumulates inside the lungs and carcinogens enter the body. While some methods of consuming marijuana are less dangerous than others, the safest and healthiest option is to avoid using recreational drugs altogether.


Why Athletes Are Using CBD Instead Of Advil

CBD, or cannabidiol, has been rising in popularity within the past few years. CBD is found in marijuana plants, however, doesn’t get you high, and is totally legal to sell anywhere, it’s basically like any other herb but with so many more benefits. CBD is constantly being researched and has proven to help individuals with soreness, stress, anxiety, and has been known to improve rest and relaxation. So it’s no wonder the product of a plant otherwise made illegal for athletes to ingest, is their newest secret to improving their overall health. 

CBD has become more trendy due to the diversity it holds. You can take it as a pill, rub it on as a lotion, drink it in an iced tea, eat it as a gummy, and more! More times than not individuals begin taking CBD for one particular reason, and begin to notice a ton of other benefits. Athletes are starting to realize the benefits of CBD lotion that helps with muscle soreness and overall physical relaxation. They also are noticing that when they have a really grueling day of physical training, CBD helps maintain focus and strength to finish the work out for the best results. 

Normally athletes reach for non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs known as NSAIDs for improvement to muscle function and soreness, however, many hate how the drugs hinder their overall performance, and post-workout recovery. Many also report having gut and digestive issues as a result of taking the NSAIDs that continue even if they stop taking them. Luckily, athletes who have had this issue and switched to CBD have noticed their bodies systems beginning to stabilize. That’s because CBD has been known to act as a reset button for some individuals as it’s helped balance out any abnormalities within the bodies physical systems. 

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Athletes also know that a good night’s rest is essential for them to perform to the best of their ability. CBD has helped athletes not only fall asleep easier and for longer, but also leaves them feeling more refreshed and energized in the morning. The cannabidiol stabilizes and regenerates with your body through its natural sleep cycle, guaranteeing you won’t feel fatigued and foggy in the morning. 

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Emotional fatigue is also a major roadblock for athletes. Stress and emotions alike cause athletes to perform at a lower caliber, and also makes them more prone to injury due to an overall lack of focus. CBD is also known to work with emotional/mental health by providing a natural caffeine-esque focus and relaxation, thus increasing focus. In addition any muscle soreness, or discomfort can improve monumentally when you add a CBD topical lotion to the area as you go through any standard athletic muscle relief tricks such as stretching, massage, yoga, etc. 

Sports doctors have recommended starting small when an athlete decides to try CBD for relief. While it’s not a drug like THC (its chemical counterpart in marijuana that does cause a “high” to occur), CBD like any medication, natural or not, reacts differently with everybody. Topical lotions are more of an immediate and direct solution, whereas a digested option will take longer and react at the same rate in your body as an ibuprofen would. 

According to Gear Junkie Magazine, an online athletic publication about the best products for athletes/gym bodies alike, most athletes are recommended to start with a CBD infused bath bomb. These baths are meant to give you the same result that you’d get from taking an ice bath, but without all the discomfort of being engulfed in a tub full of ice chunks. The bath bomb’s are said to help with muscle soreness and relaxation, and are said to be a very calming and centering experience. “Athletes trust and rely on cbdMD, which stands out as a premium CBD company” according to Gear Junkie, so make sure to check out their website of products to make sure you’re getting the highest quality product with a 100% guarantee that the product won’t contain any traces of the banned chemical THC.