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The Advantages Of Digitizing Your Workplace Culture

Businesses are constantly growing and changing with the times. Demographics change, consumer habits and wants shift, employee’s take on more or less of one job to make room for others, etc. One of the major shifts in business culture that pretty much everyone can relate to, is the implementation of advanced technology. Technology has grown and advanced a substantial amount within the past year alone, but in the past decade especially. More traditional ways of thinking have allowed some businesses to remain “old fashioned” in the way they run their operations and communicate with their customers, however, for the most part the digital transformation is taking over business culture.

Christian Hutter, a principal for RSM (a major tax/consulting firm) recently wrote for Denver Business Journal (DBJ) about the importance of digitizing your business and the main reasons why companies often embark on the digital transformation. 

“The three core goals of a digital transformation should be to; Enhance the customer experience, engage your employees, and increase operational efficiency. With a culture of innovation, your organization will more readily seek new ways to achieve your goals by leveraging technology. You may explore AI-powered social listening to help you better understand your clients, or internet devices to help you gain key insights to improve the efficiency of your production processes, for example,” (Hutter). 

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As stated by Hutter above, efficiency is the main goal for any business and incorporating technology can help you and your team be as productive as possible. It’s important to remember that just because you’re changing aspects of how your business is operated, that doesn’t mean the core values of what your business is, is changing. You can still maintain your same standards, reputation, employee’s and expectations all while embracing the digital change. 

To make this transition a little easier, start by creating a positive narrative surrounding digitization, and your work culture in general with your employees. Open up meetings and discussions more often for new ideas and methods of operation. Introduce the idea of newer technologies that can help run things smoother, but ensure to your employee’s that embracing new technology doesn’t mean that anyone’s job is at risk. Employee’s can be the most hesitant when it comes to embracing new technology due to the fact that so many jobs are currently being replaced by machines that can do the job faster and more efficiently. If that’s the case for your business, this might not be the article for you, as we’re discussing incorporating a digitized world to further grow your business, not break it down. 

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Through open and honest discussion with your employee’s, you’ll be able to come to an easier conclusion as to what type of technology would be the best for everyone in terms of efficiency. Whether it be a credit card reader for the company tablet to make transactions easier, new software to more easily create spreadsheets, advanced organizational methods, etc. you want your employees to feel just as benefited by this change as you are, and if you’re discussing the change with them every step of the way, not only will they embrace it more easily, but they’ll respect your authority as a boss who takes his employee’s suggestions seriously, even though you are the one who makes the final call. 

The next step would be to actually implement the new technology into your business. Depending on how intense of a digital transformation you’re implementing, you may have to think of this transition as a serious investment.

Identifying your needs through an innovative mindset and culture helps you find the right tools to bring ideas to life that enhance customer experience, engage employees, or increase operational efficiencies, rather than trying to make technology work on its own,” (Hutter).

Embrace this change and encourage the employee’s who helped you make the jump. If you want your company to succeed and rise above its competitors it’s best to stay as up to date as you possible can in regard to digitizing your workplace’s culture. There’s so many digital tools available that are business specific that can help advance your operations, customer engagement, consumer review, employee efficiency, and more. If this is the type of transformation you want for your business, start with the current culture in your workplace surrounding change and discussion. Like most successful transformations, you have to start with what you already have to work with. So call a meeting, take everyone’s ideas seriously, and move your business up a level.