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Airports Around The Nation That Offer On-Site Covid-19 Testing For Travelers 

Domestic and international airports throughout the US are adjusting to the new normal’s the Covid-19 pandemic has forced upon all of us. While traveling in an airplane may seem like the last thing any of us wants to do, the reality is many individuals need to travel via aircraft for their work, to see their sick family, or to move to a safer location to wait out the rest of this crisis. 

Regardless of why one may travel now, some airlines are providing a little more peace of mind for nervous travelers worried about contracting Covid-19. While there are now a multitude of new health and safety procedures being implemented in airports everywhere, that have already proven to help curb the rate of infection, some airports are taking it even further and offering on-site testing for Covid-19 for anyone who wants it. Here’s a list of some of the international and domestic airlines offering such services: 

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Alaska: Alaska in general requires any out-of-state visitor to either arrive with proof that they’re negative and have been quarantining, or they can get tested upon arrival and self-quarantine until they receive their results. Tests typically cost $250 but are free for Alaska residents, and these testing sites are not implemented throughout all airports in the state. 

Some specific examples include the Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport which has set up a testing site right next to baggage claim for any incoming travelers. No appointment necessary, just register online and arrive!

California: California has been a major hotspot for the Covid-19 pandemic, so much so that a multitude of airlines throughout the state are taking testing matters into their own hands. For example, at the Oakland International Airport, on-site rapid testing is available for travelers heading to Hawaii. The San Francisco National Airport has on-site rapid testing as well for United Airlines passengers who are also heading to Hawaii. 

Connecticut: Connecticut already requires any visitors from a majority of states in the US to self-quarantine for 14 days upon arrival, or arrive with a negative Covid-19 test. The Bradley International Airport in Windsor Locks offers tests for $125, but they also accept insurance. Passengers simply show their boarding pass and they’ll be able to get tested. 

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Florida: The Tampa International Airport has recently expanded it’s Covid-19 protection program and extended it through the end of 2020. Testing is available for all passengers, arriving or departing, and cost $150 for a PCR test, and $60 for a rapid test. 

Massachusetts: The Logan International Airport in Boston recently opened an XpresCheck Covid testing facility to it’s airport. Individuals can go and get a rapid test, PCR test, and blood antibody tests as well. Massachusetts in general requires a 14 day quarantine for any visitors or a negative Covid-19 test result that was taken within 72 hours of arrival. 

New Jersey: The Newark Liberty International Airport also recently opened an XpresCheck location that provides all the same testing! Additionally, United Airlines will begin offering on-site testing at the Newark International Airport starting November 16th. 

New York: The John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York was one of the first locations to receive an XpresCheck location offering rapid, PCR, and antibody testing. The same testing is available at Laguardia as well. 

Vermont: Vermont’s Burlington International Airport now offers rapid Covid testing as well as ddPCR (Droplet Digital Polymerase Chain Reaction) testing that is able to run a full flu diagnosis on the body as well.