Sleep Scientists Say Sleeping Apart Due To Snoring Could Improve Relationships

New research shows that when couples move into separate rooms due to one, or both, individuals snoring, it can lead to the two being more well rested and happier, improving the overall relationship.

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5 Unique Date Ideas To Spice Up Your Relationship

Candlelit dinners, red roses, and a perfect sunset with a perfect person. When dates are right, they’re really right and can make or break the future of a relationship; depending on what stage of the relationship a couple is in. So instead of making another reservation at the same restaurant, or going to see a movie at the same theater, try to spice up your next date with your significant other and discover things about yourselves you’d never even think to ask about if you were just sitting at a table together.  

Getting some physical activity is a great way to not only gage each others interests, but steer away from the regular ways of talking to our partners. Bowling, for example, is a relaxed and pressure-free “sport” that is just as fun as it can be romantic. If you’re doing any kind of sports outing, you need to ensure that your partner and you are on the same page about being playful and just having a good time with one another. Bowling is perfect for that as you’ll likely be surrounded by other couples and teens who are there for the same reason, to have some fun with some loved ones. 

Other dates that would require just the right amount of physical activity include mini golfing, going on a hike/nature walk in a new town, going to a batting cage, or even laser tagging!

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If you’re more so feeling a casual and intimate approach, look no further than your parents answer to a night of fun, and have a game night with your boo! That’s right, something you would think could only be fun for individuals above the age of 50, makes a great date night. Get a big bottle of your partner’s favorite wine with some other appetizers and set up at least three different board games, the more childish the better. Adding adult elements into family-friendly activities is extremely entertaining. So find a way to turn ‘Chutes and Ladders’ into a drinking game and have at it!

Have you ever considered role playing as a way of spicing up your dating life? Don’t be dirty, I mean role-playing as a tour guide, obviously. In all seriousness a fun, and definitely unique, idea for your next date should involve some sort of museum outing. By that I mean going somewhere that would already have a tour guide or expert to answer any questions you would have regarding the contents of whatever establishment you find yourselves at. 

Once at the museum, or wherever, you and your partner should both choose some specific pieces for one another to become “experts” on, but instead of actually asking a tour guide, or looking up a certain piece of art on your phone, you’re going to improvise. Pretend to be a tour guide genius who knows about the ins and outs of the work you’ve been given. Then, give your partner a “tour” of the pieces and deal out all your newly created knowledge on them, you’d be surprised at the things you’d come up with on the spot. 

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We all love the Food Network and the many food creations we watch professional chefs and bakers alike whip up in a matter of minutes through our screens. Well, why can’t you be Bobby Flay for the evening? Host your own version of a cooking show with your partner and give amateur chef advice on a brand new dish that you just created. Better yet, you and your partner can have your own “Iron Chef” battle and make the same dish, but in your own unique way. Then at the end of the night you can both eat your specific creations and tell your “audience” who you guys believe the winner is. 

Finally, we’ve all heard of the “paint and sip” classes that have taken over the nation. These classes aren’t for couples specifically, although some are, but are still a great outing for you and any of your wine loving creative pals to do. However, to go even further than that, there’s a multitude of arts and craft dates that you and your significant other can go on, and don’t worry, you can still drink wine regardless of which craft you choose!

Go to Michaels or any other crafting supply store together and pick out something you each want to do either together, or separately but still in the same space obviously. Some additional ideas could be finger painting (remember what I said about adding adult elements, wine, to children’s activities), chalk drawing if you have a space for it, sculpting Model Magic statues, or you could even buy one of those fancy relaxing adult coloring books and some coloring pencils and call it a night!

Regardless of what you decide, there’s no reason to stay stuck in a dating routine if you don’t want to. We only have one life to live, and if we’re lucky enough to find a partner who wants to live that life, or part of it, with us, then we might as well have the most fun possible for the time being.