Two Positive Covid Tests

New Study Shows Covid-19 Immunity Wearing Off In Patients Who Were Positive

A study of hundreds of thousands of individuals in the United Kingdom suggests that immunity to the coronavirus is gradually wearing off in some individuals. Researchers sent out finger-prick tests to more than 365,000 randomly selected households in England and found that over the course of three months, Covid-19 antibody presence in the UK decreased by more than 26%. 

The research team behind the study recently spoke to the press about the findings that were taken after three-rounds of national surveillance. They sent out the tests 12, 18, and 24 weeks after the first peak of infections in England and observed a significant decline in detectable antibodies as time progressed. 

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“This is consistent with evidence that immunity to seasonal coronaviruses declines over 6 to 12 months after infection and emerging data that also detected a decrease over time in antibody levels in individuals followed in longitudinal studies.”

The study was published on Monday by Imperial College London and Ipsos Mori, a market research company. The initial data in the study was recorded in June, and found that 6% of individuals who took the tests had an antibody response to the coronavirus. By September that percentage had dropped down to 4.4%.

Antibodies are the proteins in your body that are created to fight infection. The type of test the group used to find these antibodies is called an IgG test, and they’re specially designed to only detect one kind of antibody; the coronavirus. This way if the test detects one of the other antibodies your body just naturally produces it won’t flag it for the study. 

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The results also confirm that asymptomatic individuals are likely to lose their detectable antibodies sooner when compared to symptomatic individuals who had more severe infections. Younger people who have recovered from the virus had a slower loss of antibodies compared to individuals aged 75 or older. 

It’s important to note also that even if an individual has Covid-19 antibodies in their system, it’s still unknown how immune an individual will be from potential reinfection and how long that immunity will last. The study also had its limits as well, as the samples weren’t taken from the same individuals every time, but instead just focused on the UK population in general. 

“This very large study has shown that the proportion of people with detectable antibodies is falling over time. It is essential that everyone continues to follow guidance to reduce the risk to themselves and others.”

Immune responses are being heavily studied as well throughout the world. This study is showing that the virus acts like a cold, in the sense that once an individual is infected they’re not immune from getting a cold again, however, they’re body will have a stronger immune response the next time they’re infected. Also like a cold, individuals with more robust immune systems will likely have a quicker response time and are more likely to carry antibodies after the fact. 

If anything, the researchers behind this study want the world to realize that if you get the virus and survive, you are not in the clear yet, and we all must remain diligent in the way we protect ourselves and our loved ones from potential infection.

Polio Vaccine

Polio Vaccine Could Provide Temporary Relief For Covid-19 Patients

A vaccine to cure the Covid-19 virus has been health officials number one priority since this pandemic initially began a few months ago. Now, some experts are looking at polio vaccines as a baseline for providing temporary protection against the coronavirus. 

There’s already a slew of research and evidence that supports certain vaccines protect children against a wide range of infections, even beyond what the creators of the vaccine are even aware of; hence the desire to try it as a protection from Covid-19. According to a team of experts who recently discussed this option in Science Magazine, an oral polio vaccine is safe, cheap and already widely available. 

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Over 1 billion polio vaccines are produced every year, and they’re used in over 140 countries throughout the world. The vaccine alone has essentially eradicated polio as a disease, so there’s hope that it could help lead scientists to a Covid breakthrough. Like most vaccines, the polio one uses a weakened version of the polio virus itself to allow the body’s immune system to properly respond to/kill the infection. 

When vaccines contain a live-version of the virus within it, no matter how weakened, they typically are much stronger than annual vaccines, like the flu shot, and are much more long-lasting, which is why most of us barely remember even getting the polio vaccine. This is why scientists are hoping this particular vaccine could lead to one for the coronavirus, as a one-and-done vaccine would be the most ideal way to contain and eradicate the virus. 

“We propose the use of OPV (oral poliovirus vaccine ) to ameliorate or prevent COVID-19. Both poliovirus and coronavirus are positive-strand RNA viruses; therefore, it is likely that they may induce and be affected by common innate immunity mechanisms … Oral poliovirus vaccine in particular, could provide temporary protection against coronavirus disease,” said Konstantin Chumakov of the FDA and Dr. Robert Gallo of the Institute of Human Virology at the University of Maryland, of the research team. 

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Dr. Gallo is famous for co-discovering the virus that causes AIDS and Chumakov has been working in the FDA’s vaccine division for years. The oral polio vaccine that these two are suggesting will also create something known as the “herd effect.” Herd “immunity” in the science community is when a majority of a given population (about 70%-90%) becomes immune from an infectious disease thanks to a vaccination. 

When new vaccines are created, it can be difficult to get the “herd effect,” or a majority of the population to get behind a vaccine that’s new to the market, however, based on the severity of the coronavirus and rate in which its been spreading, most individuals will likely want a vaccine the second it becomes available. 

Currently, the coronavirus has infected more than 2 million individuals in the United States alone. 114,000 Americans have died so far due to complications brought on by the coronavirus, and while not even experts are sure when a vaccine will become available, they’re hopeful that one of the hundreds of vaccine options out there will be ready by the beginning of 2021. 

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Bill Gates Has Given Over $100 Million To Fund COVID-19 Treatments

The focus on the foundation has always been to improve on impoverished individuals health and wellbeing in order to lift them out of a life of danger that stripped them of any access to basic human needs.