Coronavirus Virus

19 States Report Spikes In New Covid-19 Cases

Health experts and government officials have been fearful of a second wave of Covid-19 cases since the virus first entered America. Now, with 19 states reporting a spike in new cases, their fears are becoming a reality.

24 states are reporting a downward trend in new cases, and the remaining seven states have held steady with their case numbers. According to the constant live updates from Johns Hopkins University, more than 1.9 million Americans have been infected with the virus and more than 112,000 have died. 

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Arizona is one of the 19 states that’s enduring a second spike in new cases. At their initial peak Arizona’s intensive care unit beds were 78% in use, according to reports, and now about 76% are in use. In response Arizona’s Department of Health Services is calling for hospitals to “be judicious” with what elective surgeries they perform to keep as many beds open as possible. 

Bed capacity and medical resources in general have been top priority in America, as many healthcare facilities have been struggling to stay completely stocked up on all things needed for Covid-19. Health experts have already confirmed that a second-wave is going to happen based on the trends we’re seeing in these 19 states now, and the casual reopening of multiple states and metropolitans across the country. 

With no vaccine or solid drug treatment available, health experts have criticized the federal government for its lack of action in combating this virus from the moment it appeared in America. These new cases are likely a result of the multiple Memorial Day weekend outings that many citizens attended despite experts and government warnings against doing so. Public health experts are also urging everyone who’s been attending a protest within the past few weeks/in the future to stay diligent about wearing a mask and protecting yourself, and to also monitor yourself for symptoms two weeks after attending. 

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“Though disease experts at the FDA expect there will be multiple coronavirus vaccines in the future, the amount of people who will not take advantage of it puts herd immunity at risk. Remember that it is 30% or 40% of the population will not take this vaccine, even if the vaccine effectiveness is 70 or 80%. We will not be in a position to have herd immunity,” Dr. Peter Marks, the director of the US Food and Drug Administration’s Centers for Biologics Evaluation and Research, said.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, recently said that the road to medical intervention for Covid-19 will be a long one, as “providing billions of doses of potential vaccines to everyone around the world will take the work of researchers around the world.”

As of March over 200 Covid-19 vaccine clinical trials have been occurring. Johns Hopkins has claimed that many of the vaccine plans are lacking important scientific components, however, given the urgency of the pandemic, this is an instance in which “further research” isn’t fully required. Creating at least a solid drug treatment plan is also top priority. 

For now, the future of this pandemic is still unknown, however, regardless of your state’s restrictions, you should still be taking the coronavirus as seriously as you were a few months ago. In order to truly stop the spread it’s up to all of us joining together, staying indoors, and waiting for a vaccine to appear.