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How To Take A Virtual Tour Of Israel While Quarantined

As the world continues to endure quarantining themselves while we wait for the Covid-19 curve to flatten, there’s a multitude of online virtual tours/attractions/shows that cultural institutions from all over have created to entertain us while we wait. Israel as a whole has decided that they want to give travelers everywhere a special gift and has created dozens of digital offerings that allows anyone to explore almost the entire country from the comfort of their own home.

A company called Sygic Travel Virtual Reality has created a 360-degree virtual tour of Jerusalem’s Old City. In a mission statement, a spokesperson for the group stated: “Holy to Jews, Christians, and Muslims, Jerusalem is one of the world’s foremost pilgrimage destinations. You may feel moved, energized, or swept into the maelstrom of contemporary issues — but the city will not leave you unaffected.” You can participate in the tour via the Sygic Travel VR website.

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The Israel Museum is a cultural hub for the nation. The museum is offering a virtual tour experience of its many historical exhibits, as well as a ton of virtual activities for children if you’re kids are home from school and often running out of things to do everyday. The activities themselves are both online, as well as printable, and include things like coloring sheets of famous exhibits. 

Speaking of museums, the Tel Aviv Museum of Art is one of Israel’s most popular destinations for tourists and citizens alike. The museum itself is also offering virtual tours of its most famous exhibits, as well as pre-recorded video footage from older exhibits that are no longer on display. 

Beyond just virtual museum tours and online activity books that one could do with their child, Israel really wanted to offer up a true digital experience of what it would be like to travel to the nation if we had the ability to do so right now. So, the country has created a whole slew of 360-degree videos that are meant to “cater to a variety of interests,” for different types of tourists. 

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Israel knows that certain tourists visit certain places for a whole variety of reasons, so they wanted to offer up digital experiences for as many of those reasons as possible. The virtual tours that are uploaded to the official YouTube page for Israel includes some of Tel Aviv’s most famous beaches, as well as a hot air balloon ride overlooking the entire city. Additionally, there are also tours of the famous Dead Sea, the Tower of David in Jerusalem, Independence hall, and much more. 

Our mission is to give you a tour of Israel using our ultra high definition panoramas of Israeli hotels, cities, attractions, holy places, and to help you understand Israel and plan your vacation, for the future. View everything from Haifa in the north to Eilat in the south,” according to 3D Israel, the company responsible for a lot of the content involved in this project. 

Beyond just 3D Israel, other third-party users on YouTube have offered up their own personal footage from past trips to Israel to create even more virtual adventures for the tortured traveler stuck in quarantine. Some of these online experiences include a trip through the Western Wall tunnels, the Via Dolorosa, the Sea of Galilee, and even Tel Aviv Pride.

While it may be awhile before you’re actually able to get on a plane and explore the real beauty of Israel, the nation wants to keep their culture alive, so they offered these amazing virtual experiences to keep us all a little more sane as we make it through the next few months.