Frozen The Movie

Frozen 2 Expected To Smash Box Office Records

The long awaited release of Frozen 2 has seen families across America head to the theater to settle down and catch up with what has been happening in the lives of our beloved heroes since we last saw them six years ago.

Continuing from the celebrations at the end of Frozen, Princess Anna and Queen Elsa – alongside Kristoff and Olaf – head to an ancient forest, leaving their beloved Arendelle behind, in an attempt to find the origin for Elsa’s powers and saving their kingdom. Obviously there will be some drama along the way however the sisters’ bond shines throughout the movie.

And with Disney at the helm it looks set to be yet another record-breaking movie for the studio giants.

Disney is known for magical movies and this is reflected in the takings. 2016 saw the studio achieve its highest-grossing year, a first not just for Disney but also for all studios, with over $7 billion taken at the box office. However this record has already been smashed with more than $8 billion already accrued since January, and Frozen can only add to that.

It seems the studio can do no wrong at the moment with five ‘billion-dollar’ movies this year alone – yet another record it has achieved in 2019. These include Toy Story 4 ($1 billion), Aladdin ($1.04 billion) Captain Marvel ($1.13 billion), The Lion King ($1.34 billion) and the current highest grossing movie Avengers: Endgame ($2.76 billion).

And it seems Frozen 2 will be the sixth billion-dollar movie this year, with Fandango’s managing editor, Erik Davis commenting, “I think a lot of kids are realizing how much nostalgia they have for Frozen. It’s the first film for that generation they can be nostalgic for.”

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In 2013 Frozen was the surprise hit of the year for Disney Animation, attracting over $400 million at the domestic box office alone. It went on to earn over $1.2 billion worldwide as well as win the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature Film.

Part of the success was the introduction of sisters Elsa and Anna who, along with Olaf the Snowman, took us on a journey of fear and fun and reminded us that a sibling’s love is one of the strongest loves of all. A stark contrast to other Princess movies where it is usually the good looking prince who’s love conquers all – something that was mocked mercilessly in the movie, especially by ice harvester Kristoff.

Since 2013 Disney have continued to have success with sequels including Finding Dory ($1.03 billion) so the sequel to Frozen was always guaranteed.

Opening weekend figures are estimated at between $120 – $140 million although there are some that believe Frozen 2 should earn even more thanks to the continued sale of advanced tickets.

Co-Founder and Chairman of Atom Tickets, Matthew Bakal, confirmed that tickets for the film had already sold more tickets that Toy Story 4 and Incredibles 2 combined during the same time period. In his recent statement to CNBC he stated “Disney now holds the record for top three animated movie pre-sales on Atom, for Frozen 2, Toy Story 4 and Incredibles 2.”

Currently Incredibles 2 holds the record for the all time highest animated movie opening in North America, taking $182.6 million in the first three days of its release, however Frozen 2 is expected to surpass this considerably.

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It is worth recognizing that this year’s The Lion King was considered a ‘live-action’ film rather than an animated feature, although one of the scenes of the movie was digitally rendered. Shawn Robbins, Chief Analyst at describes the appeal behind Frozen saying, “Disney captured lightning in a bottle with [Frozen], which is a hard precedent to live up to.”

Although this is true it is also true that Disney has made many great attempts to surpass the magic created by Frozen. And although there is a six year gap between Frozen and its sequel, Robbins confirms “it’s not like it has transitioned to a new generation. The intended generation grew up.”

With this theory in mind, it is clear to understand why the plot of Frozen 2 is more grown up than the original movie. As Davis explains, “It’s more of a coming-of-age film.”

Another factor for Frozen 2’s potential success is the fact that there were few animated films aimed at the preteen audience this year, with most animated movies often receiving attention from younger children, therefore more people will head to the theaters to see this movie.

As Davis acknowledges, “it’s just going to do fantastic business and do a lot of repeat business. There isn’t another significant family movie until you get near Christmas.”

And being released just in time for Thanksgiving gives families more time to head out to watch the movie together, providing much needed family time in an often-busy world.