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Friday Morning Election Update: Biden Closing In On 270 As He Takes The Lead In Pennsylvania 

(9:30 a.m.) As of this morning Joe Biden has taken the lead in Pennsylvania over President Trump. The state is now reporting that 95% of their votes are counted, and if Biden holds his lead this win would give him the 2020 presidential election. Without the 20 electoral votes in Pennsylvania Trump would never be able to reach the 270 votes he needs to be reelected. 

Philadelphia specifically updated their numbers this morning showing Biden having over 550,000 votes with Trump at around 125,000, meaning overnight Biden was able to gain over 27,000 votes in the city while Trump gained around 3700. In terms of the other remaining states — Alaska, Arizona, Georgia, Nevada and North Carolina – the votes are still yet to be projected. Trump currently has leads in both Alaska and North Carolina, while Biden has leads in Arizona, Georgia and Nevada.

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The race, however, will likely be over by the end of the day with Pennsylvania nearing in on their final votes. Overall in the state, according to official reports, Biden has 3,295,304 votes, 49.4%, while Trump has 3,289,717 votes, or 49.3%. CNN’s John King recently discussed how crucial this development in Pennsylvania is. 

“The President cannot win reelection without Pennsylvania and without Georgia. Overnight, Georgia flipped blue. Seconds ago, Pennsylvania flipped to the blue. We cannot understate this moment.”

A national defense airspace has now also been placed over the Democratic nominee’s home in Wilmington, Delaware as the results get closer. Additionally, members of Biden’s camp have announced that he is preparing to move quickly to deliver an address to the nation at some point today or tonight. 

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Obviously, we won’t be getting an official address from Biden until the numbers are official, however, his team has made it clear that should he be chosen as the winner they will be moving quickly to announce more “substantial pieces of his transition” into the White House. 

According to a spokesperson from Biden’s transition team, the group has been working tirelessly behind-the-scenes for months to prepare for the moment that Biden would be given the presidency (all presidential candidates hire a transition team while campaigning for this purpose). However, for Biden’s team the sense of urgency to address the nation is now being fueled by the current president’s constant questioning of the legitimacy of the election, in which he has made countless baseless claims that the election isn’t being counted legally. 

If the call is made earlier in the day Biden’s team claims that he will address the nation not only regarding the election but what he will be doing within his initial weeks as the 46th President of the United States.