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Tesla’s “Cyber Truck’s” Are Almost Here; Here’s What Fans Are Expecting

Tesla has become one of the most well-known vehicle brands within the past few years. With their advanced self-driving technology, sleek modern design, and quiet electric engines, there’s been no stopping the growth of this business. Now, Tesla is ready to drop their next line of vehicles and this time, they’re going pick-up. That’s right, Tesla pick-up trucks are almost ready to hit the market and change the entire discussion surrounding modern truck technology. Fans of Tesla and pick-up trucks alike have nicknamed the new vehicles as “cyber trucks,” the question is what’s the difference between these vehicles and the already released models of Tesla vehicles. 

Like any pick-up truck, these vehicles need to be able to withstand a little more wear and tear compared to their sports car like counterparts. Tesla can’t just release a pick up shaped vehicle that doesn’t perform at the same level as other high quality trucks on the market. Their needs to be an industrial strength bed, and the ability to tow and haul large loads. Tesla is attempting to release their trucks as soon as possible, as Rivian, an automotive technology company, is nearing the launch of their electric trucks, according to TechCrunch Magazine. Electric pick-ups are really rare at the moment, however, companies like Rivian and Ford has both announced their futures in electric trucks to take over the roads. With more and more advances from multiple corporations in their electric vehicle developments, Tesla enthusiasts are expecting quite a bit from the launch of these “cyber trucks.” TechCrunch Magazine recently surveyed and interviewed many individuals on what they expect to be featured in these trucks based on the little information Tesla has given, and internet leaks. 

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As stated above, all of these features are compilations of theories and predictions based on the little information Tesla has given to the public, however, in the past, these predictions have been seen out in other Tesla models. One of the biggest features that has truckers the most curious is the towing capability of the truck. The Model X from Tesla has been criticized for having a weak towing ability, as it can only tow around 5,000 pounds, however, the Model X is an SUV and not a car that’s main feature is its towing capability. For comparison, most Ford trucks can tow around 10,000 pounds or more (TechCrunch), and Rivian has projected its new line of electric pickups to be able to carry 11,000 pounds. 

The bed of the truck is the next major concern, as the Model X in comparison can only support about 280 pounds in its back deck, and a total of 800 pounds in the car in general, relatively light in the realm of all SUV vehicles. Pickup trucks can, on average, hold up to 2,000 pounds in it’s bed. Additionally, Tesla is known for being quite difficult when it comes to making repairs to its vehicles. Because Tesla is sort of in a league of its own in regards to the parts that make up the vehicles, if something is damaged or broken, the parts for repair need to be Tesla parts. It’s predicted that this will be the same for the cyber trucks, which is already posing as an issue for truck enthusiasts everywhere. 

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Trucks are susceptible to a higher rate and level of damage due to the heavy duty work that they endure. Brakes often wear out quicker due to the additional heavy weight that trucks carry when coming to a stop, same deal with the tires and joints of the vehicle. Enthusiasts are just hoping that the cars are made with the highest quality parts, much like the cars, so that issues and part replacements don’t become a huge issue. Luckily, with electric vehicles in general, there’s less internal mechanics and less parts that are likely to become damaged. 

The electric power, off-roading capabilities, and price point are the last three major items that any truck enthusiast is gonna worry about. If Tesla follows along Rivian’s basic model for pricing and features, as it’s predicted to, than the trucks should start around the $70,000 range. However, it would not be surprising if the cyber trucks are more, as Tesla has become one of the highest quality and upscale vehicle brands out there today, their regular vehicles often go for triple digits, so the price point could really be anything. The upscale nature of Tesla’s vehicles also poses concern for its  off-roading capabilities. Is this really just going to be a truck shaped Tesla? Or will it be able to endure the many elements that a standard pickup can? It most likely will be able to endure it and do it while looking sleek and modern.