Top Fashion Trends Of 2019

Every year, trends in fashion shift and evolve. Modernization in terms of clothing and fashion is an industry that runs the world and the way in which people choose to present themselves. While some aspects of the industry remain rather timeless, there’s always something new and “in season” that anyone with an Instagram account has seen and wants to own for themselves. This expands beyond just what’s hot off the runway from Paris Fashion Week, we’re talking about what high schoolers are wearing, business individuals, stay at home parents, etc. Fashion is known to break barriers and demographics; there is no one specific type of person who can wear black jeans, knee-high boots, wide-brim hats, etc. 

Every year, Google compiles a list of “most searched for” terms, and they include a multitude of categories regarding style and fashion trends from the past year. In 2018, the Duchesses, and vintage royal fashion in general, dominated the search lists with more refined, classically European styles. This year, however, the trends show a massive amount of diversity in terms of style icons, trends, looks, and outfit inspirations. Many of which are inspired by icons for the younger generations. 

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Speaking of younger generations, the top trending searched for celebrity styles this year involved the looks of Billie Eilish, Ariana Grande, and Kylie Jenner, all young women under the age of 26 inspiring hundreds of thousands of individuals fashion choices. Eilish was the number one search and understandably so. The 17 year old singer/songwriter brings her alternative and darkly rooted musical style into her fashion as well. She’s known for wearing over-sized designer clothing with bold patterns/colors, massive amounts of chain link jewelry and diamonds, as well as classic sneakers to complete the looks. Ariana Grande coined her signature over-sized sweatshirt with designer boots look, and Kylie Jenner brings the monochromatic high end sleek looks from the runway into her casual everyday attire. Over-sized clothing and monochromatic ensembles seem to be a common trend throughout these threads. 

In terms of outfit inspiration, the top Google searches revealed that social media has had a major impact in defining style trends this year. The top searches included EGirl/Eboy outfits,VSCO girl outfits, White jeans/Fila/Champion/biker short outfits. If you are unaware of what an Eboy or VSCO girl is, they’re both brands of “personality” based on the social media apps Tik Tok and VSCO. Eboy’s and girls are the modern day “scene” or goth kids but with a major Billie Eilish twist. Black clothing, heavy silver jewelry, haircuts parted down the middle, and dangly earrings. The Eboy is the modern day Magcon boy that birthed internet celebrities like Nash Grier, Cameron Dallas, and Shawn Mendes. VSCO girl’s have a brand that, style wise, is stereotyped by leggings, baggy crew-necks, simple scrunchies, and a puka shell necklace accompanied by a hydro flask water bottle to accessorize.  The other outfit inspirations stem from the growing love of street wear pieces that have become widely popularized within the last five years. 

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For the top searches for “fashion style” in 2019, the list doesn’t stray that far from the outfit inspirations. VSCO and Eboy/girl style were on the list, as well as vintage, preppy, emo, and camp style’s. Vintage styling has long been popularized, with brands like Urban Outfitters who mainstream vintage looks with modern flares. Preppy and emo looks go along with the modern day trends that stem from social media exposure and celebrity wear. Camp is a rather surprising one for the list, however, it also makes perfect sense considering it was the theme of the Met Gala this year, sparking a major interest in the history behind camp and the true meaning of the word in terms of fashion.

Trends come and go, while some live to stand the test of time. Regardless of how much your personal style does or doesn’t fit into these categories, 2019 has taught us that fashion is forever changing and evolving into something new. So wear what makes you comfortable, and don’t be afraid to use Google as an inspiration.