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Alexa Chung Announces The Closing Of Her Fashion Label Due To ‘Challenging’ Conditions 

Celebrity TV presenter and influencer Alexa Chung has announced that she is closing her fashion label of the same name after five years. She stated the closing is due to economic pressures caused by the pandemic. 

The label itself was shown twice during London fashion week, and just recently collaborated with the brand Barbour. Chung stated that the label “is not going into administration but is winding down.”

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Items from the recent Barbour collection will still be available on the brand’s official site until the end of the month. 

Chung noted on Instagram that “the decision to stop wasn’t taken lightly, the experience of setting up and being at the helm of my own company has been rewarding and frequently joyful, but the last couple of years have been challenging for small independent businesses and ours is no exception”.

According to Women’s Wear Daily, Chung was reluctant to embrace the e-commerce branch of her label, a move that she claims she would do differently if she were to start over again. 

Chung originally was known as a model and presenter on the UK’s Channel 4 Popworld, making her a major influencer of the new rave scene. She launched her fashion label in 2017. 

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Chung’s first show at London fashion week was deemed a major success, with reports of the designs being “London tomboy meets Parisian chic.” After that the label was really known for its outerwear.

“Fashion in particular unfortunately suffers from a quite high rate of people really struggling. So more than ever it’s important to have people around supporting you.”

Chung isn’t the only celebrity with a fashion brand that has seen better days in the past. Rihanna closed her ready-to-wear branch of her Fenty line last year while Victoria Beckham has also been financially struggling to upkeep her brand. 

While other celebrities have found major commercial success with their fashion lines, Kim Kardashian with Skims or Kanye West with Yeezy, the pandemic has made retail an incredibly difficult field to be successful in, especially as an entrepreneur.