Serena Williams Speaks Up In Support Of Caitlin Clark 

Serena Williams has spoken up in support of Caitlin Clark after the WNBA star has been criticized by both fans and fellow players.


Scientists Developing Glowing Dye To Identify Cancer Cells In New Study

In a new study from the University of Oxford and California biotech company ImaginAb Inc, experts have found that fluorescent dye can be used to identify and spotlight cancerous tissues and cells otherwise invisible to the naked eye. This technique could reduce the risk of cancer returning.

US Government Issues Proposal To Boost Electric Vehicle Sales And Change Auto Emissions Standards

The US government is trying to change auto emissions standards so that automakers sell more electric vehicles, combatting the high levels of fossil fuel emissions in our atmosphere. With this new plan, the government is hoping that electric vehicles will make up two-thirds of all new car sales by 2032. 

Residents Of The Bronx Claim Their ‘Childhood’s Are Being Erased’ With Only One Movie Theater Left In The Borough

Movie lovers throughout the Bronx are disappointed with the fact that the borough now only has one remaining movie theater. Many residents are claiming that they’re sad to see a fun childhood staple being taken away from not only them, but the younger generation to experience.

Remembering Bette Nash, The World’s Longest-Serving Flight Attendant 

Bette Nash has become an icon in the world of air travel. She holds the Guinness World Record for being the longest-serving flight attendant in the world. She unfortunately recently passed away at the age of 88, but her legacy will live on among her peers, and in the world of aviation.


Break Dancers Ready To Bring The Culture Of The Sport To The Paris Olympics This Year

Break dancing is making its Olympic debut this summer in Paris. Break dancers everywhere are excited to bring the community and culture of the sport to the biggest sports stage in the world.


Australia Planning To Target Current Housing Crisis In National Budget

Australia is planning to address their climbing home prices in its national budget, as many citizens are currently struggling with the lack of affordable homes on the market.


Target Reducing The Number Of Stores Selling LGBT+ Pride Merchandise After Backlash

Target announced on Friday that it won’t be carrying Pride Month merchandise in all of their stores this year due to the backlash they received last year, and a decline in sales.

Black Women In England Experience More Serious Birth Complications, According To New Data Analysis 

Pregnant Black women in England are six times more likely to suffer from preeclampsia and other serious birth complications when compared to their white counterparts, according to data from the National Health Service.


Underwater Drones To Be Used To Monitor Data In Earth’s Waters Amid Climate Change 

The company Aquaai has used its underwater drone technology to monitor water quality, fish health, and more in fresh and saltwater resources throughout California and Norway. Now, it’s hoping to utilize similar technology to take in water data in the Middle East amid the ongoing impacts of climate change on our planet and its vast water supply.