Kids on Smartphones

Utah Tech Company Creates ‘Kid-Safe’ Smartphone To Help Combat Excessive Screen Time

Gabb Wireless is a company based in Lehi, Utah that wants to give parents an easy way to satisfy their kids desire for a cell phone, while giving them the peace of mind that their children are staying safe from things like cyber-bullying or online child predators. Gabb has released a kid-safe phone before, but in their new second-generation smartphone for children the company tried to implement even more security measures and new features that will limit screen time. 

The Z2 Gabb Phone, according to Gabb’s Vice President of marketing Lance Black, was developed to protect kids and minimize the amount of time they spend on their devices. Black claims that they are the first company to tackle the issue of kids and cell phones head-on by offering a cell phone specifically for them. 

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“We’ve got data to show that kids who have Gabb phones spend 80%, less time on screens. We’re a strong believer that the thief of opportunity is distraction. If we’re less distracted, we can accomplish great things. So (have) less screen time and do more cool stuff.”

The phone itself has Bluetooth capabilities and 14 pre-downloaded standard apps that are designed to motivate kids to step away from the world of the internet, video games and social media. The Z2 Gabb phone retails for about $100 with monthly plans that range from $20-$25, so parents aren’t breaking their banks paying for $900+ smartphones and data plans. 

Like regular smartphones, however, the Gabb phone has fingerprint security and GPS capabilities to help kids track down their phones if they lose it and so parents can also locate where the phone is. The company is also gearing up to release even more kid-friendly products that parents will love too. One of these projects includes a potential smartwatch launch that will implement the same message to kids; that they should be living their life beyond just a screen. 

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“We protect kids on a safe phone, we connect families, we empower parents and we live beyond the screen.”

Black also claims that Gabb partners will local organizations to help spread this message as well. Most recently the company partnered with Defend Innocence, an organization that’s working to end child sexual abuse, as well as the Gabb Ambassadors, an organization of young people who act as role models for what kids can accomplish when they limit their screen time. 

The presence of social media has become a major point of contention for young people especially. With technology and influencer culture being what it is today, there’s so many unhealthy beauty and living standards that circulate throughout the internet. These trends of living standards are indirectly telling kids that they should aspire to be like all the other young people on apps like Instagram and TikTok, instead of motivating them to explore their own individuality beyond what’s considered standard in the eyes of society. 

Gabb Wireless is essentially rebranding the idea of a cell phone to be more like what it was in the early 2000s, before smartphones became the norm for everyone. Give kids the opportunity to have their own phone and feel that independence, but restrict access to platforms that they have no business being on as a child anyway. This way, life is able to keep moving forward, and kids will be able to explore their own outlets for creativity.