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Why The Travel Industry Thinks Glamping Will Save The Tourism Sector This Summer

Bookings for camping and glamping locations all around the nation have been reaching record levels, as more people are ready to get back to some level of safe travel this summer now that more people are being vaccinated. 

Mike Bevens is an MD at glamping specialist company Canopy and Stars; a glamping business that assists travelers with all their travel needs and luxury wants. Bevens recently spoke about the increase in business that he’s endured, along with the rest of the industry. 

“We’ve had the busiest winter in terms of bookings, but there’s also been a huge increase in the number of new sites wanting to advertise. We’re up 200% on bookings from last year and have around 100 new sites coming online for this summer.”

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Derry Green is a UK resident who spoke with the local press about how he knew he had to do something to motivate his kids to leave the house with restrictions easing up this summer, however, he didn’t think his personal quarantine project would lead to a great new business opportunity.

“My kids were watching Love Island all the time, so when I got done building my back deck (my personal quarantine project) I put up a pod with a fire pit and lights, inspired by the show. Then people started asking me if they could come and stay in it so I put it on Airbnb and it sold out for two years in advance in five days,” he boasted.

Green quickly went viral on Facebook, so much so that now he has six more glamping units currently under construction that will be made available in the coming months. He personally owns four acres of woodland, so there’s plenty of room for his new business to thrive. 

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Green is not the only one who’s taking advantage of this new glamping trend. For those who are able to set up camp sites on their larger properties, renting out these spaces on Airbnb, and other rental services, have helped them immensely in terms of making an income during the past year of economic turmoil.  

“I believe in the transformative power of camping. It’s perfect for the situation we are in. Campsites can appear quickly in a way that cottages and hotels can’t, and they tend to benefit other businesses around them.”

Mojo and Kizzy Fell joined the glamping industry by necessity, after the pandemic halted all business for them last year. Originally, the two ran a successful rental business for Airsteam caravans that they would use mainly for film locations and music festivals. So when the pandemic shut down all of those activities, they needed to rethink their business model. 

“Our income just disappeared. We had to diversify, so we put five Airstreams on our 40-acre farm and called it The Wells Glamping. The caravans sold out immediately and now we have applied to increase the number to 12, hoping to be ready for bookings by the end of April. Luxurious vans that used to accommodate stars such as Will Ferrell and Kenneth Branagh will be repurposed for family holidays – and create up to 20 new jobs at the same time,” Mojo explained.

Glamping’s Rise In Popularity Could Be The Answer To Vacationing This Summer 

Glamping and camping endeavors have increased greatly within the past year thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic. Due to the fact that the virus forces all of us to stay a part, camping has given people the perfect opportunity to get out of their house and travel while remaining safe and healthy. 

James Warner Smith is the founder of Cool Camping, a glamping service that helps individuals fulfill their most luxurious camping desires. Smith claims that his company has had the busiest January and February yet in terms of new bookings, but has also noted the increase in new sites and services that are appearing throughout the nation. 

Mike Bevens is also a glamping specialist working for Canopy and Stars who discussed how bookings for his company are up by 200% when compared to the numbers last year. When more campsites appear it benefits individuals who are looking to break out of their houses and experience some new scenery.

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 Unlike hotels, AirBnB’s, and any other rented home service, camping is really all about the individual and it puts them in control of their own vacation. Glamping allows for an even more relaxing experience as it brings hotel amenities to the great outdoors. 

Dan Yates is the founder of, a booking site specifically designed to show individuals the transformative power of camping and all of the luxury that can come with it. 

“Campsites can appear quickly in a way that cottages and hotels can’t. And they tend to benefit other businesses around them. It’s perfect for the pandemic situation we are in.” 

“Our income just disappeared, we had to diversify, so we put five Airstreams on our 40-acre farm and called it The Wells Glamping,” said Mojo and Kizzy Fell, a couple who before the pandemic were renting out caravans to film locations and festivals to be used. Now, the two run their own glamping business which has been booming since its launch. 

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The Fell’s claim all of the caravan glamping rentals sold out within minutes when they first launched and while they’ve been able to purchase two more to keep up with business, bookings keep on coming. 

Yate’s Pitchup business has taken on 250 additional campsites since the start of the pandemic and his team is expecting that they’ll need a lot more based on the way bookings keep increasing as time goes on. In fact, Yate’s has been compiling personal data on his businesses success as it parallels the release of multiple Covid-19 vaccines. 

“The two lines are just following each other upwards. There’s no doubt in my mind: 2021 will be the year of the pop-up campsite.”

With so many people ready to break out of their house and get back to their normal lives, glamping is providing that transition from lockdown, to normalcy, and the smores are a nice added bonus.