Nest Home Speaker

Everything You Need To Know About Google’s New Home Speaker, Nest Audio

Google is no stranger to creating smart home technology that anyone can use to make their at-home life a little more luxurious. Now, they’ve released their new Nest Audio smart speaker system, which is their next generation of full-size smart speaker for everyday use. The new speaker promises to improve upon speaker volume by an “astounding percentage.” 

Nest Audio is going to replace the original Google Home line of smart speakers, but it will not be replacing the Google Nest, despite their similar names. Google Home Max, Nest Mini, Nest Hub, and Nest Hub Max smart displays will all also remain available as a part of Google’s smart home technology. 

As of right now the Google Store is taking pre-orders for the Nest Audio for $100, but will discount that price by $20 for every two you buy; so if you bought two they would technically cost $90 each. Orders for Nest Audio will begin shipping out in the US, Canada, and India on October 5th and will be available in physical retail establishments starting October 15th. 

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The Nest Audio comes in five pastel colors; chalk, charcoal, sage, sand, and sky blue. The speaker itself is covered in a fabric-like mesh material that is made of 70% recycled plastic. Most tech experts, however, are more concerned about what’s actually different between the Nest Audio and previous Google Home speaker models that it will be replacing. 

The Nest Audio has a 3-inch woofer speaker system, which when compared to Google Home’s single 2-inch model gives off a better bass control with the ability to hit cleaner, higher notes. The quad-core processor internally also gives Nest Audio a much quicker response time and aids the device in emitting a rich, crisp sound. 

The Nest Audio also has a dedicated machine learning chip within it that performs on-device processing when it comes to privacy and response time. Aesthetically, focus groups are obsessing over the “loaf-like” design of the new speakers, claiming it looks sleek and less like an air freshener when compared to previous Google models. 

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One of the major points of contention over this “re-branding” of sorts from Google is whether or not all Google Home speakers will be Nest Audio now or not. As of right now, it’s looking like Google will stick with their tradition of clear branding by embracing the name “Nest across more of their smart home devices in the future.

This renaming has also confused current Google Home speaker users on whether or not they’ll need a new app to control the newer speakers. As of right now Google has two apps that connect to their home technology, one for nest and one for Google Home. The names of the devices have ever matched up with the applications, the Nest app is used mainly for security cameras, and thermostats while Google Home’s app controls the speakers, so Nest Audio will likely sync up with that app. 

There’s no word on any new Google Assistant commands that will be made available with the Nest Audio launch, however the company has claimed that the speaker in general has easier to use controls and sound quality that will work enough to separate it from its predecessors.