The Dresden Castle

Priceless Treasures Stolen In German Castle Vault Heist

The Green Vault is the Dresden Castle in Germany has become synonymously known as “Europe’s Treasure Chest” as it houses one of the largest collections of treasures in all of Europe. However, this week, several robbers have stolen over 100 pieces of “priceless” jewels and treasures from the establishment. 

According to Roland Woeller, a local politician, and State Police who spoke with several news sources Monday morning after it was discovered the castle had been robbed, several thieves broke into the vault early in the morning, around 4:50 a.m to be specific. Police announced that two thieves were visibly seen on security cameras after the attack, however, it’s being assumed that many more were involved in the robbery.

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“[We] received a call at 4.59 a.m. on Monday, saying that a break-in was taking place “Two suspects were seen on CCTV. After cutting through a grille and breaking a window, the suspects came in … walked towards a glass vitrine, smashed it and left, they disappeared,” Dresden police Chief Criminal Director Volkertold told reporters at a press conference.

“This is an attack on the cultural identity of all Saxons and the state of Saxony,” Woeller added

Police also discussed how a nearby electrical fire was occurring at the same time as the robbery, and they are currently investigating if those two incidents were connected to one another as the fire caused several street lights in the surrounding area to go out during the time of the crime. However, it’s unconfirmed as to if these two events had anything to do with one another, and Police aren’t unconvinced that it was just an unrelated technical issue, since it affected a larger area than just around the castle. 

There’s no concrete value of how much was stolen, because most of the items in the Green Vault hold “incalculable” value. Pieces of fine diamonds, rubies, and pearls were taken along with treasured pieces of crystal bowls and other fine dining ware made from high end jewels and stones, according to police. However, the estimated current value of stolen goods well exceeds the billion range. 

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The Director of Dresden’s State Art Collection, Marion Ackermann, also spoke to the press and stated that her hope, along with the police, is that there is no black market for the stolen pieces due to their popularity. Their hopes are that since the Green Vault is such a well-known exhibit, and their treasures are so well-known due to their exquisite nature, there will be no way to sell since everyone recognizes the items taken. 

The Museum itself is remaining closed for the remainder of the day to perform an extensive investigation of the property. According to Ackermann, the castle is under 24 hour surveillance which includes live security personnel monitoring the castle, so police are first looking into an insider job approach with the investigation, and working from there. It would take a real expert on the castle’s inner workings and location of all the real valuable goods, which were stolen, to successfully pull of a robbery of this degree; think Ocean’s 12, but real life.

The Green Vault was first established in the early 18th Century by Augustus the Strong, the ruler of Saxony at the time. His main goal during his leadership was to turn Dresden into one of the biggest centers for the arts and culture in general. 

He worked to establish Dresden as a major center for the arts, inviting talented sculptors, goldsmiths and painters to take up residence and commissioned a series of magnificent rooms to showcase his valuables as a way of advertising the city’s cultural prominence in addition to its wealth,” (CNN).