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Hard Rock Opens First Ever Guitar Shaped Hotel In Hollywood, Florida

The Hard Rock Cafe has taken having a “rockin’ vacation” to a whole new level with their new guitar shaped hotel in Hollywood, Florida. This fall Hard Rock will open the first ever Guitar shaped hotel as part of a $2.2 billion project that will expand two Florida Hard Rock Hotels and Casinos, this one in Hollywood and one in Tampa. The Guitar Hotel piece of the property is taking $1.5 billion of that budget alone. 

The hotel will officially open October 24th but Hard Rock is already taking reservations and has been for the past couple of months, so now’s a better time than ever to jump on the opportunity to be one of the first individuals to vacation in a guitar! The guitar building itself will be about 400 feet tall, tickets for musical performances also are already on sale as well for artists such as Andrea Bocelli. 

“The Hard Rock brand is stronger today than it ever has been, it represents more than food, beverage and a place to stay. The musical element is an enormous part of what defines the Hard Rock hotels, restaurants and entertainment properties around the world,” says Jim Allen, chairman of Hard Rock International, at a press event regarding the new guitar hotel, in New York City’s Hard Rock Cafe.

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The corporate workers of Hard Rock International want their overall brand to be about the experience that one endures while staying at one of its locations, or goes to one of its restaurants. It’s not just about how good the food is, or nice the rooms are, it’s about all of it coming together to give every vacationer a specifically “Hard Rock” experience. This is one of the reasons the company has introduced “The Oculus” to its Hollywood location. 

“The Oculus” is a show free to hotel guests that involves sound, light, a major water feature, projections and choreography all working with the sounds of music. The real star, additionally, is the “Hard Rock Live” venue set up inside the guitar, which will be set to host around 100 events a year. The venue was built as a multipurpose space, this way Hard Rock can host a variety of special events such as concerts, boxing, stand up comedy, theater entertainment, and maybe even an award show or two. More than $120 million has been spent of the budget on this space alone. 

All of this is in the greater effort to provide an unforgettable experience to tourists and locals alike. The Oculus, and Hard Rock Live are just the cherries on top of a much larger and luxurious hotel. The property will also include a large day pool that converts to a club atmosphere as a greater attempt to rival any other hotels pool parties. A family friendly man-made lake fully equipped with paddle boats and lazy river will keep the kids entertained while the parents can also enjoy a 12,000 square foot rooftop bar and lounge area. Other areas include a multitude of retail stores, a comedy theater, and casino, which includes 3,000 slot machines and 230 game tables. Large spaces for conventions and business events are also located in Hard Rock, and after those business meetings individuals can choose from 14 on site restaurants.

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The goal is to give guests a full vacation resort experience without having to leave the large and diverse premises. The guitar alone has 638 rooms and suites which, size wise, start at a standard 515 square feet and only go up from there. The Oculus area even includes “swim-up” suites that includes tons of amenities. 

Allen stated at the New York press event that he really wanted to give guests the “Bora Bora” experience but in Florida. Offering a luxury experience within the United States will certainly attract tourists everywhere trying to plan a warm and unique getaway. 

“With villas (ranging in size from 450 to 800 square feet) submerged in water, personal butler service and more, guests can experience the ultimate in luxury with next to no effort. The VIP villas are intended to offer guests a private and exclusive pool experience.”

The hotel also includes a full indoor and outdoor spa, fitness center, and hair salon. The franchise is also upgrading its Tampa location to keep up with all the amenities that the Hollywood location is now acquiring. Allen and Hard Rock International are all about selling the vacation as a total package experience, get your luxury getaway all without having to leave the resort.